Roger was not part of the Hixnews founding team; his involvement began with a website he built for the 50th-anniversary reunion of the HHS Class ofRoger Whitaker, webmaster extraordinaire, courtesy of Vicky Whitaker Victoria Penner Whitaker1958, of which his wife Vicky Penner Whitaker is a member. As that website took shape, it became clear that Roger’s skills and technical knowledge could serve Hixnews well, and he soon became our volunteer webmaster. He served in that capacity from 2008 until the original “Newsletter” ceased publication following the death of Bob Casale. Even then, Roger continued to serve, assisting the team that built Hixnews anew, so that it could reappear in 2024.

It is all too common to hear about people who take their knowledge and computer data to the grave – well, that will never be said of Roger Whitaker. With the passing of Buffalo Bob, for a time, it seemed likely that there would be no future issues of the Newsletter and that the archive of past issues, wherever it existed in cyberspace, would perish – but Roger knew how to prevent that. He had retained digital copies of all the past issues. He alerted the new volunteers to the upcoming expiration of the contracts, which was essential to keep the old issues online and accessible. Equally important, he allowed the new Hixnews team to tap into his wealth of experience, even when we besieged him with “newbie” questions.

Vicky and Roger have each “worn many hats” and won many accolades throughout their lifetimes. In addition to their individual careers, at times, they have worked together, both in business and for charity. I find it impossible to write about Roger’s life without also writing about Vicky’s – which is, I believe, the way that they like things to be.

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