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  • April 2024: Volume 24 - Issue 4

    newHickLogoNewsletter for the Alumni and Friends of Hicksville High School - Hicksville, New York

    Dear Readers,
    We hope you enjoy our latest issue. Thanks to our Webmasters,  Bruce Scherzinger and Gail Schwartzman Mayer, for their work on the time-consuming process, photo galleries from the old site can now be found on this new site. Look at the top navigation bar to locate Old Galleries. You will find the photos from old newsletters. Casale's Corner can now be located in the navigation bar. For car enthusiasts, there is a section of car photos that were embedded in previous newsletters. Memory Lane's migration is being processed, and the old newsletters will follow. Thank you for being so patient as we work to bring you the news while preserving the history of HixNews. We thank all of our volunteers for the hours they devote to bringing HixNews to you each month. Article contributions, suggestions, and news are always welcome! We would love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
     - Your HixNews Team

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  • Scholars Dinner 2024

    Hicksville Public Schools 36th Annual Scholars Dinner

    Class of 2024

    Gail Schwartzman Mayer     by, Gail Schwartzman Mayer, HHS Class of 1973

    The 36th Annual Scholars Dinner was held on April 11, 2024, at the Crest Hollow Country Club to honor 91 students from Hicksville High School’s Class of 2024.  The graduating seniors distinguished themselves through their academic performance, ranking in the top 20% of their graduating class.  Each student received an award, a cord to wear on their graduation gown, and a box containing a beautiful golden apple.  In addition, the valedictorian and salutatorian received special awards.  It was a beautiful evening, and the dinner was delicious!

    The distinguished seniors continued a 36-year tradition by selecting one teacher to be honored from each of the district’s schools. This was the most favorite part of the evening. The students were grouped according to the first Hicksville school they attended and chose the honored teacher from this school.  The chosen honored teachers were the most influential and inspiring teachers the students encountered during their time enrolled in Hicksville’s schools.

    The school administration attended the event, along with the Board of Education, department supervisors, building principals, Parent-Teacher Association presidents, just to list a few, and of course, the proud parents and family members of the scholars.

    An interesting fact: This tradition continued even during the Covid lockdown when Mr. Williams, the High School Principal, hand-delivered golden apples to the homes of the honored students!

    Congratulations to the graduating class of 2024!

    • scholars dinner1
    • Scholars Dinner 2Crest Hollow Country Club
    • Scholars Dinner 2Golden Apple and Scholars Medal
  • PIXville Social

    PIXville Social

    Wayne Sternbergerby, 

    Wayne Sternberger,  Class of 1971



    Editors' Note: What follows is the history of PIXville in the words and pictures of Wayne Sternberger in what he has called Hicksville High School Behind the Camera. Special thanks to Wayne for sharing all his photos with us. This is the last group in the series...until he finds more (we hope).

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  • Memories of Sears in Hicksville

    Memories of Sears in Hicksville

    The editors put out a call on Facebook for memories of working at the Sears in Hicksville. What follows is a compilation of those memories.

    Sears pic

    Frank Walker HHS Class of 1985Submitted by Frank Walker, HHS Class of 1985

    I worked in the Catalog Department at Sears from 1984-1986.

    A few stories:

    1. When Cabbage Patch Dolls were big, 2 grown men almost had a fistfight over the last one we had in stock.
    2. The day after Christmas 1984, we had to get there extra early to prepare for taking returns. We were on the lower level & we could hear the stampede of people running to the stairs when they opened the doors! One woman returned an electric toy organ & was visibly upset. I asked for the reason of return & she said it wouldn't play unless you turned it upside down. I stopped & started to smile & she said "It's NOT FUNNY!!!!" I imagined her nailing it to the ceiling & saying, "Oh there it goes!"
    3. One woman ordered a washing machine to be delivered to her. She came to Returns with a curtain rod, saying this is what was sent to her. I helped her order a new one & a few days later, she came back with another curtain rod! We tried it again & it happened a 3rd time! She said, "Forget it!" I guess the computer had its own idea of what the catalog item number was!

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