Life after Mrs. Grumo

I remember moving onto 3rd, then 4th grade and so on, yearning to have a teacher like Mrs. Grumo again. It was Junior High School, and the years following that set me deeper into being an introvert. Finally, it was in high school that my love for art and history would serve as an avenue to learn more and be more outgoing. 

Fresh out of high school and into the working world,  joining the volunteer fire department would force me out of being an introvert.  I was meeting new friends and had more interests. I’d get married and have children.

One constant memory of my school days would be Mrs. Grumo and the caring person she was and the influence she had on me. It was time for my daughter to attend Burns Avenue School; luck would have it, her first-grade teacher was Mrs. Grumo. My daughter and I share the same sentiment for our first-grade teacher.

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