Niagara University and ROTC

After graduation from Chaminade in 1965, Bill attended Niagara University in Lewiston, NY, where he roomed with my husband Phil all four years. There, he studied accounting and took part in ROTC.  In 1967, he had a choice: he could opt out of ROTC or continue and enter the military as an officer after graduation.  Bill was sure his number would eventually be up, draft number that is, so he decided to continue with ROTC.  Since Bill decided to continue with ROTC, he attended an ROTC Summer Boot Camp between his Junior and Senior years.  While there, he became friends with another ROTC cadet from a rival school who happened to be in the same platoon as Bill.  They made a pact that they would make sure that their platoon would be the best and would support whoever was platoon leader. They did such a good job that they both received the Distinguished Military Student Award, which allowed them to pick where they wanted to serve.  Bill and the other student both picked the Finance Corps. 

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