Flashbacks to 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2008.

Flashback to August of 2007

A wonderful issue!! Thanks so much for all the work you do.

Two quick questions: does HixNews have a PayPal account? If so, I'd be glad to send in a donation for your hard work. Also, my family lived at 199 Seventh Street , just off Division Avenue , in Hicksville, a stone's throw from the High School and Administration Building.

Is there any possibility of seeing what the old homestead looks like now? I was heartbroken to hear the next owners took down the beautiful big old oak tree on our front lawn. That beautiful tree shaded my bedroom window for years and made looking at full moons through the branches a magical experience!

My mother, Stella, who will be 87 in December, would love to see it I'm sure, as well as my brother, Jim Thompson, Class of '61.

Oh, and my husband and I will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary on July 12.
Pat (Thompson) and Richard Dumas, 7/12/80, Red Lion, PA.

Many, many thanks!
Pat 1975

Editor Note...Unfortunately, Stella passed away earlier this year.

Flashback to March of 2008

Hello. Great newsletter. Thank you.

Kevin Keyer, Charles Hearon, John FlynnAttached is a picture of new EMT paramedics for for our Hicksville volunteer fire department. I attended the ceremony. In the middle is Fire Commissioner Charles Hearon Class of '71. EMT-paramedics are John Flynn and Kevin Keyer. Thanks to both.

Even though I have never moved from Hicksville your paper is still a lot fun to read. I, of course, still run into a lot of people from Hicksville . What I hate to see is guards at the front of the school, where we played hand ball before going in.

I took great pleasure in swearing in Chief Lang. I lived on Georgia Street then moved to Fireplace Lane Commissioner Charles Hearon, 1971.

Hicksville Fire Engines

Station #2

Station two is on Briggs street . This is the one that is scheduled to be knocked down this June 08 and rebuilt to hold bigger trucks and more room for the firemen. It is to take about a year to build.

Flashback to September of 2005

Editor Linda (Piccerelli) Hayden '61 writes to Frank Scarangella:

Dear Frank - The story you wrote in last months HixNews brought back so many happy memories. I remember Miss Farley, and you were right, "she seemed to be everywhere." Also, you're right about how wonderful it was there - and then. I graduated in 1960, and have many of the same opinions as you.
Do you remember "Duck & Cover?" Somehow that didn't scar us and we didn't need a team of psychological counselors. Does that mean we're all nuts? I also played Cowboys & Indians with a cap gun circa Hopalong Cassidy. Somehow I've never shot anyone driving by or killed a schoolmate or my parents. It never crossed my mind to be politically correct and play Cowgirls, Cowboys & Indians.
Last but not least, when I was fidgety in school, I never received drugs for some syndrome that had initials - I was told to behave and that was embarrassing enough to desist whatever foolishness I was doing. Guess I respected authority, teachers, and adults. You mentioned minorities, and I remember some of my classmates at Lee Ave and later at Jr. High and my 1st year at HHS that there were children from migrant farm workers helping to pick potatoes for the summer. They usually went South in October. To me they were just other classmates and friends. Your article was a breath of fresh air. Thank you soooooooo much!

Linda (Piccerelli) Hayden '60

Flashbacks to May of 2004

To All Hicksville High School Alumni:

I find it hard to begin this long overdue letter to all of you. First of all, I want to thank everyone for the many cards, letters and concern for me and my family on the passing of my husband, Ray Rusch, in January of last year.

Ray loved all his students and always spoke about "his kids". He was at Hicksville High from 1949 through 1981, starting as a teacher, then Assistant Principal and then as Principal for his last sixteen years.I never realized how many lives Ray touched until I read the many cards and letters he received during his illness. I saved each and every one of them and re-read them over and over again. I loved him very much. His whole family was so proud of him.
He taught so much to so many people, and gave them so much love - this was his greatest gift! I am sure all of you have experienced this in your own way. Ray always wanted everyone to be the best person they could be and he was always the best he could be for them. We are all sad because we lost him, but we should be happy we had a man like him in our lives. I know I am. He had a full life with no room for regrets. We will all meet again.

Thank you all so much. I love all of you. God Bless!

Mrs. Raymond L. Rusch

Hello To Everyone At Hicksville Newsletter:

What a great website you have put together. There's not much covering the time I graduated (1988) but it didn't matter. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading about good old Hicksville . The reason for this email is to tell everyone about a fun and inexpensive night out.
My dinner theatre company, Drop Dead Comedy, performs murder mysteries and variety shows all over Nassau and Suffolk . Come on out for a night of great food and unforgettable laughter. If you know of a restaurant or club looking to bring in some entertainment, or a firehouse or organization looking for a fundraiser, contact Drop Dead Comedy and you won't be disappointed. Check out www.dropdeadcomedy.com for all the info you need. If you could put our link on your site, we will do the same for you.


Tony Walter

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