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February 2003, Volume 3 - Issue 5

Pat Koziuk DriscollDear Friends,

By now, you should have received the change of address notice for the newsletter. That is, except for a few of you who do not check your mail and delete stuff on a regular basis. The reason for the new address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is that Netscape has changed again. I spent all morning sending out the special edition because Netscape no longer allows me to send something to 100 people.

After some experimenting, I found that I could send to 30 addresses. Since there were 369 (now 389) addresses on our distribution list, I had to send it out 13 times! That means 12 times I had to move the message (special edition) from the sent folder to the drafts folder. Then I removed all the addresses and the propaganda at the bottom that Netscape attaches. Then I waited for the address list to open before I could select the next 30 names and send it out again.

I really have enjoyed the last 2.5 years of working on the HICKSVILLE NEWSLETTER and thanks to a suggestion from Arline Barna (1956), I can now send out the newsletter with just one click. So please keep the news coming!

Pat Koziuk Driscoll

June, 2005, Volume 5 - Issue 8

Maddy (Bianco) De Louisa '60Hi Guys . . . . .I'd like to relate a story to you about just how small a world we live in . I'm a grad of '60 and have gotten around to becoming a bus driver in my later years. I was attending a defensive driving class conducted by my new employer along with some other co-workers. During a break, we talked about things like birthdays and hometowns, and come to find out one of the people there was also from Hicksville , AND he graduated in 1960 also. His name is Phil Bowdler. I went home and got out the old yearbook and sure enough, he was on page 20 and I was on page 18. What a way to run into another classmate!! I'd also be interested in purchasing a T-shirt or other item to help offset the cost of HixNews.




Phyllis JacksonJudy Marcus 1964I want to thank Phyllis Jackson for finding me. If it were not for HixNews I wouldn't have been found. I guess It would be a good idea to give a brief synopsis of my life since graduating in '64. I became an L.P.N. and then went on to college to finish my R.N. I graduated  Stony Brook University  with my B.S. degree, and for the next thirty years I practiced nursing until retiring. My husband and I live in Aquebogue, which is on the North Fork of Long Island. I'm very interested in gardening, and became a Master Gardner a few years ago through the Cornell Extension Program. I have three beautiful cats, and for exercise I walk and swim. I'm an avid reader and occasionally take adult educational courses in forensics, computers, and even taught English as a second language for several years.


Judy Marcus 1964

p.s... I'd love to hear from my old classmates and friends.

Class of '55 Reunion


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