Class of 1964 Fifty Year Reunion

Dear Class of 1964,

Many have said they would be interested in a Fifty Year Reunion. Maureen Uss created a page on Facebook asking who was interested but has not had much response. This note from me is to ask who would be interested in a reunion? Who would be interested in forming a committee and serving on such a committee? Because of the internet, it doesn't really matter where you live. Anyone who can communicate is a candidate. 

Most Important...if you are in touch with other 1964 classmates, please send me a list of their email addresses. Unfortunately the note I sent out yesterday had 15 emails thrown back as not valid. Please help me expand the email list for the class of 1964.

  • When should the reunion be held?
  • Where should the reunion be held (location)?
  • What should it include??? Sit down dinner??? Buffet??? Open Bar???
  • And anything else that might be relevant to a reunion.

Please send a note back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will act as a temporary contact.

Below is a list of notes I've received from other classmates...


buffalo bob casale

This is what has been compiled so far for the Class of 1964 Fifty Year reunion. Please give me some additional feedback. Who wants to be the Chairperson that will coordinate the Reunion Committee?

(see the following note...)

Buffalo Bob Casale



Added on Monday 24 March 2014

If no one else wants to volunteer, I'm willing to be chairperson of reunion committee.

John Maniec, 917-750-7842, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I'd (Buffalo Bob Casale) like to do a presentation for the class of 1964. Please look through your photo albums and find me some pictures of when you were attending Hicksville High. Especially neat would be pictures from your sophomore hop, junior prom, senior ball, sox hops, parties you attended with friends, the Senior Trip, school functions, plays, musicals, sports, the innish dance, Sadie Hawkins day and any other photos that would highlight that special time of your lives. Send them to me electronically if you can. If you need to send via snail mail, I can give you my address and I guarantee to return them as soon as I get them scanned.

I would like to open a website for your reunion but don't want to jump the gun. Check out the following that we set up for the class of 1963...

Also what would be neat is to fill out a sorta biographical sketch that consists of a form with questions about you. For example...

Where do you currently live?

Known In Hicksville High as...


Were you classmates at HHS?

Where did you meet?


How long ago?

Married How Long?


Date Married:

Children (names)


Grandchildren (names)


Education Beyond High School :

Military Service:


Now, the hard one. Tell us what we need to know. Give us 50 years in the space below:

Finally, if you had to do it all over again, I would...



Those who said they would help with the Reunion Committee.

Maureen Uss

John Maniec

Claire Gross Ceravino said would help if push came to shove

Roy Eismann (but not until June)

Harvey Goldstein

Peggy Maier

Judy Marcus

Those who said they would attend.

Gerard "Gerri" Alfano

Dr. Arlene Cain (Depends on when)

Claire Gross Ceravino and John Ceravino

Deborah Clinton

Gerry Dizzino (depends on professional commitments).

Roy Eismann

Arnie Fox

June Fyfe (I would be interested if it is held near an airport and held in the summer so we don't have to deal with snow, ice, etc. )

Harvey Goldstein

Arnie Gould

Charlie Henningsen

Bob Karen

Lorraine Kirwin

Tom Larkin

Peggy Maier

John Maniec

Judy Marcus

Judy Obrist

Paulette Paul

Steve Schaiman

Larry Senn

Jesse Treu

Maureen Uss

Mike Wallach


There is a 50 year reunion page on Facebook. I will invite you to the page.

Donna Alu 1964


Please do. Would you attend a 50 year reunion??? I went to mine and so glad I did. Lost two more alumni after the reunion.


buffalo bob casale

Hi Guys,

I was just taking with my brother (Jack Gould, 1960), and he asked if I had heard anything about a 50th reunion for the class of 1964.  I said, "No", but that I would check in the latest HixNews newsletter.  Unfortunately there was nothing there to report.  He had a great time at his 50th, and I was hoping that there might be one for my class.  Any word out there about one?


Arnie Gould

Class of 1964


We've had no information from anyone in your class about a reunion.

I'm posting your note and we can see if anyone responds


A follow up note by Arnie...

Dear Bob,
Since I am one of the people who asked you about the existence of a reunion for the class of 1964, I am obviously interested in attending one.  Unfortunately, I have not been very good a keeping in touch with my classmates.  One is Joe Hill in the Atlanta region.  I may have a conflict myself, and despite the lack of an obvious reason, I would prefer to have any reunion sooner rather than later - maybe mid- September.  I live in the Boston area with my wife - 2 grown kids also live up here.  I would think that any reunion should be near an airport for those coming from far away, and a long pre-buffet - appetizers - with a table-hopping dinner would be great.  Maybe just appetizers so we could circulate at will. I have not found any of the mentioned Facebook pages yet - I will keep on trying.  This could be fun.
Best regards,

p.s... just found another 1964 classmate...Jeff Altman Last I knew he lived in Albany, NY.

Dear Bob

Don't know about Gail. I was also wondering if anything was going on for our 50th reunion? I created a page on Facebook to see if we could get something going. Me and a few of my friends organized and put together our 10th reunion. So, 40 years later with people being all over and not really knowing what to do. Any suggestions? Thanks. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Maureen Uss Bensen 1964

Have you seen this Facebook page: 50TH REUNION CLASS OF 64 ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING?

Mike Wallach 1964

Follow up from Mike on the 24th of March... Buffalo Bob- Thanks for the response and in answer to your questions-- It doesn't matter to me where or when nor the format.  I will get on a plane and fly a few hours to get there.  I won't be of much use in arranging anything but should a reunion come about, I will attend.

Bob, I don't know the whereabouts of Gail Schaal. As far as our fiftieth reunion I can't help with that either. The last reunion I recall was in 1989 which was our 25th. Guess we haven't done a very good job staying in touch. John Ciarelli was our class president. Sorry I can't be much help. 


Santo Carfora 1964

I'm very sorry however I do not have any information about Gail. There are several Gail Schalls on Facebook. I have not heard of any plans for a 50 year reunion,   I would be interested if you hear anything.

Deborah Clinton-Eden 1964

Deborah...thanks for mentioning the reunion issue. I'd be interested in knowing of any plans, as well.

Bob Karen 1964

Buffalo Bob
Although I have no information re: Gail Schaal, I would very much like to hear if there might be a 50th reunion for the 1964 class of which I was one.  If there is one I will attend.

After graduation I attended and graduated from the Univ. of Colorado (The Buffalos) and then kept going west where I graduated from the Univ. of Calif. Hastings College of Law in 1971 and have been a criminal defense lawyer in San Mateo County (just south of San Francisco) ever since.

I am married (my wife is an RN) with 2 kids and a couple of grandchildren and very much enjoy northern California.   I live in San Carlos and still play ice hockey, work part time, and keep busy.  Henry Lichtenstein was a classmate of my brother's (Jed Schaiman 1959) and I remember him as tall and quite thin.  I would hop on a plane and get back to Hicksville in a flash if a reunion was taking place.

I appreciate all the work you and others do to keep us informed via the newsletter!!!!!



Steve Schaiman '64

Buffalo Bob-  Thanks for the response and in answer to your doesn't matter to me where or when nor the format.  I will get on a plane and fly a few hours to get there.  I won't be of much use in arranging anything but should a reunion come about, I will attend.

Follow up from Steve on 23 March 2014...

Buffalo Bob, Since I have been back to Hicksville about twice in 50 years, (I have lived in Northern California since 1968) I would probably not be helpful in helping with the logistics of a re-union as many of the places I remembered no longer exist!!

I think Larry Senn who remained in New York, would be a fountain of information as to email addresses for many classmates, including Rob Roehrig, Joan Lawlor (Rob's wife) and Rick Cierski, the latter of whom would still be the life of the party.

Sorry to hear about Jeff Altman who was one of the smartest and likeable people in our class!  I have not kept up with classmates due in large part to my being on the left coast all these years.

I'd love to attend a 50 year reunion for Hix High 1964

Peggy Maier 1964

PS...I don't know where Gail is at this time. I think the reunion could be in October, on Long Island somewhere with open bar & buffet. I would be interested in being "part" of a committee not running the whole show. Let me know where and who to begin with. I just joined Facebook so I can look for Maureen Uss

Bob and my 1964 Classmates

I'm willing to help organize that reunion.  Would be nice to have some help so hope others respond as well.

John Maniec 1964

Hi Bob,

Both my husband and I graduated in '64 and would be interested in attending a reunion.  I was sort of invisible in high school and don't know how many people would remember me, but I do remember quite a few of the people I went to elementary school with at Old Country Rd. School,

as we moved as a class and spent 6 years together.  In fact, another grad, Sid Weiss, was instrumental in my husband and me getting together. I would try to help if needed.


Claire (Claramae Gross) Ceravino 1964 & John Ceravino 1964

Bob & I would like to plan to attend. We live 40 miles north of San Antonio, TX. Maureen Uss Benson and Bette Harrison Germain try to get mini-reunions for lunch when we drive up.

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.

Lorraine Kirwan Cheeseman 1964

Hi Bob,
 I am a graduate of the HHS class of '64 and would be interested in a reunion event.  Like many others, I am busier in retirement than when I was working so I cannot offer to contribute.  Just add me to the list of those interested in attending any sort of activity.  Thanks for all the work you and your staff do to keep us connected to Hicksville HS.

Arnie Fox '64

Hi Bob,

I'm interested in helping out but not until June when my time is more available.  Also, I'm not a Facebook user so if that is the only means to find people, you may miss some, or a lot!!!

Give me a head up...


Roy Eismann

Dear Bob,

Where did 50 Years go !?    Your email got forwarded to me. Here's my email address -- I'd enjoy hearing about plans for a Reunion.

Jesse Treu 1964

Does anyone have an email address for the following classmates???

Gerard O'Brien * Donald Werkstell * Sandy Klausing * Mary Haas


Buffalo Bob Casale


Arnie mentions Jeff Altman.   He was a gynecologist, living in Albany, NY.   He died of colon cancer last year.
Jesse Treu


Jeff Altman passed away about a year and a half ago.  He had been living in Albany.  Please pass on to others.  Thanks.

Harvey Landress 1964

Seminole, FL


Jeffrey Altman Class of 1964


Altman, Jeffrey, M.D. GLENMONT Dr. Jeffrey Altman, 65, of Glenmont, an obstetrician, an avid and accomplished musician and photographer, and a devoted husband and father, died November 5, 2012 at St. Peter's Hospice after a long illness. Dr. Altman was born in New York City to the late Murray and Frances Altman. He is survived by his loving wife, Karen McCann; his three daughters, Abigail (Antoine Canonne) of Paris, France, Sarah (Eric Sloat) of Troy and Cassandra (Chad Caplan) of Albany; his son, Gabriel, of Gainesville, Florida; and his sister, Judith Davis, of Maui, Hawaii. He was predeceased by his stepmother, Barbara, and his siblings, Robert and Jill. Dr. Altman attended Hicksville High School, graduated from the NYU Film School, and received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Albany Medical College in 1983. He specialized in obstetric medicine and served at St. Peter's Hospital, Albany Medical Center, and the Whitney Young Health Center in Albany. He was well known as a sole practitioner, with a patient-centered philosophy that challenged more traditional practices. Jeff was a tinkerer and hobbyist who relished each new project. He played saxophone professionally in New York City and Albany with several bands and jazz groups. Most recently he returned to his original artistic passion, and was recognized as a skilled and creative photographer, winning several honors in regional shows. One of his greatest joys was sharing his photographs of family and friends. He was an excellent golfer and cyclist. Being a lifelong Mets fan contributed to his already sardonic sense of humor. In his medical practice and in all of his many other interests, Dr. Altman made hundreds of long-lasting friends who benefited from his care, compassion and insight and who shared his enthusiasm and joy in a creative life. The family wishes to thank friends, colleagues, and patients who expressed their warmest wishes during Jeff's illness, and St. Peter's Hospice for their care and support. In lieu of flowers, those wishing to honor Jeff's memory may make a Thanksgiving donation in his name to Capital City Rescue Mission A memorial service will be held at the Levine Memorial Chapel, 649 Washington Avenue, Albany, on Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 11a.m. Friends and relatives are respectfully invited to visit with the family at the chapel on Thursday commencing at 9:30 a.m. and all are welcome to remain for the memorial service. For directions or to sign the online guestbook, please visit,



I, too, would attend if at all possible. That would depend on when it is held and my teaching/research responsibilities here at The University of Texas at San Antonio. I've talked with a few other friends from the Class of 64, and some indicated the same willingness to attend if possible. I will let them respond to you individually. Unfortunately, given my full-time work and family responsibilities here in San Antonio, I can't help organize...thanks, though, for getting this started.

Gerry Dizzino 1964

Dear Bob,

Thank you so very much for your efforts on behalf of our Hicksville Class of 64.  Joe Platt and Mark Seybert recently contacted me regarding our 50 year reunion.  I will share your emails with them.  I would like to help in some way with the planning. I look forward to reconnecting to our friends and classmates.

As Sam Goldberg always reminded us "Tempus Fugit"


Harvey Goldstein 1964

A note from

Neil Barrocas...

Werkstell is on Facebook


September would be good for me as well.  I agree a long buffet and appetizers would work well.  Other clicking begins etc....I've stayed touch with just a few and mostly old neighborhood and church youth group friends.

Tom Larkin 1964

Port Hueneme, CA.

I would be interested if it is held near an airport and held in the summer so we don't have to deal with snow, ice, etc.  Should be very interesting...would there be a chance of a multi year reunion like last time?  62-65? 

June Fyfe Gatten 1964

Dear Bob,

Keep me informed what is going on.  I still live near Hicksville.  I would be happy to attend a 50 years reunion.


Gerard "Gerry" Alfani, 1964


I agree that Facebook may not be a great vehicle for contacting the class of 64...considering that there were over 800 of us it would be great to have some sort of reunion...but Pam Baker's attempt at forming a multi class reunion died the quick death of apathy...I too would be interested in attending but I have no contact with any of my class of 64 classmates...we had a reunion in 1989 that was well attended...hopefully one this year will get a good response

Larry Senn 1964

Follow up note from Larry on 23 March 2014...Bob, you might want to touch base with Pam Baker (65) who tried organizing a multi class I recall she had a list of several people from class of 64 who were interested in a reunion and they are not on the current list of people that you just sent to me.  Hopefully Pam has their contact info...please keep me on your list of people that can receive updates on the possible always...thank you for the outstanding efforts you put forth on our behalf...YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Buffalo Bob

I saw Sandy Klausing on Classmates or was a while ago.

Linda Gund Agers 1964

p.s. had a note back from Sandy Klausing Smith...thanks for the information.


I can find nothing on Classmates or Hix News concerning a class reunion.  Do you have any information.


Judy Obrist 1960

I received an email requesting my email address for any interest in a 50th class reunion.  

Please forward this email to Maureen Uss. I would be interested in attending a reunion.

Thank you...p.s. I would like to attend a reunion but will not be able to serve on a committee.  I think a fair weather date would encourage more participation.  

Thank you for helping with the alumni search. 

Paulette Paul Murphy 1964








Depending on when I would be interested in attending.

Dr. Arlene B. Cain Goodman

Buffalo Bob,

Thanks for the updates on the interest in a Class of '64 reunion. I now live in West Point, Virginia, where I retired in November 2012 after serving for more than 40 years as a Protestant clergyman. I keep busy these days with writing (working on my third book) and riding around on fire trucks as

Chaplain of our local volunteer fire department. My wife, Carolyn, and I have been married 45 years and have two daughters and four grandchildren. I still keep in touch fairly regularly with classmates Ron Wencer (in Toronto), Rich Garcia (in Boston), Maureen Uss Benson (Long Island and Florida), and Dolores Radov Murphy (not far from us in Virginia). I regret to report that our classmate Steve O'Brien succumbed to a stroke just a few weeks ago. I'm curious to learn where my classmates' paths have led them over the past fifty years and hope we can have an opportunity to share our stories--if not in person, at least in a forum such as HixNews.

Bill Palmer


Hi Bob:

Depending on the time of year, I have interest in attending a Class of '64 reunion. Would you please pass along my e-address to the planning committee.


Charlie Henningsen 1964

Dear Bob

Yes, I am interested in a 50 year reunion and would be willing to help out.

Add me to the list!

Judy Marcus 1964

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