Thanks to Ken Foran for submitting the picture posted below. Carl Probst provided the list of names.

1947 - East Stree School (Mrs. Landon's Kindergarten)
1st Row L to R: Judy Huttle - Bruce Mentech - John Holst - Vicki Barlow - Roy Fricke Mark Finkelstein - Barbara Weil
2nd Row L to R: John McGoldrick - John Tedesco - Jean Goettelmann - Ken Foran Nancy Greig - Teddy O'Mack
3rd Row L to R: Wesley Hulse - Larry Slofkin - Marshall McIntosh - Warren Carpenter

  • Mark Finkelstein
  • Ken Foran
  • Roy Fricke
  • Jean Goettelmann
  • John Holst
  • Judy Huttle
  • Bruce Mentnech
  • Larry Slofkin
  • Warren Carpenter

The following was written up by Howie Finnegan and used in a December issue of the Hicksville Illustrated News in 1995. Howie was a friend to the many athletes who played sport at Hicksville High. His reporting of their individual feats was always exciting and brought many memories into proper perspective.

The team shown below is the inaugural football team for Hicksville High from the Class of 1925. There are still many descendants. Family names have appeared again and again in athletic, civic, business, cultural and educational life over the 70-year period from 1925 to 1995. Members of the team were captain Walter Schlicting, Louis Millevolte, Thomas Morselli, Abraham Isrelowitz, Edward Donati, Stanley Bergold, Ralph Heberer and Joseph Baurer. The long passage of time has lost some first names. However, listed are last names and they include letter winners Heidtman, Guyer, Kearney , Heller and Graff. The team struggled in the opening season. Lone victory was recorded over Westbury 13-0. That ignited a bitter series between the two villages that for 31 years was acrimonious and colorful. Upon its termination in 1957, the volatile history was 15 wins for Hicksville 13 for Westbury and there were 3 ties. Losses were sustained at the hands of Manhasset 56-0, Great Neck 6-0, Friends Academy 6-0, Malverne 6-0 and Huntington 32-0. However, in the ensuing 1927-1928-1929 seasons, many players returned to help the black and orange rack up 16 wins, two defeats and two ties. The banner year was 1929 when the Comets record was 7-1.

Hicksville High Inaugural Football Team - Class of 1925

1932 Hicksville High School Comets Baseball Team

Check out this 1947-1948 School Tax Bill for Town of Oyster Bay
$11.83 and that was after a 5 cent discount for paying the entire year before November 10th

...and the Property Tax Bill

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