John ManiecJohn Maniec, Class of 1964

Did you have a positive experience growing up in Hicksville and attending its public schools? Was there a teacher or administrator who had an important influence on the successful adult you eventually became? Why not now, "pay it forward" and help current and future HHS students become successful future adults?

We are asking HHS Alumni, local residents, and business owners to consider supporting the Hicksville High School Alumni Foundation, Inc. (HHSAF) mission, which funds HHS scholarships and worthy student-centered activities not funded by public tax levied money. HHSAF hopes that HHS alumni will consider donating to our scholarship fund and supporting worthy student activities and club events.  By watching the attached video and perusing the Playbill, you will see the high quality of HHS students and education that cross different educational fields (i.e. graphic design, video production, string and wind musical instruments).

The HHS Student Video Production Club produced the concert video below under the direction and guidance of HHS teacher, Adam Clive. These talented students created a highly professional-looking end product. It highlights talented HHS student musicians, video production, and graphic design students who donated their time along with their teachers to make the April 22, 2023, HHSAF scholarship fundraising concert with Dr. K's Mo Town Revue successful.

The IRS recognizes HHSAF, Inc. as a non-profit charitable organization. Donations can be sent payable HHSAF, Inc. to P.O. Box 302, Hicksville, New York 11802. We also seek paid and unpaid internships for HHS student musicians, video production, and graphic design students. If you can help in this regard, send us a note to the above P.O. Box 302. Now enjoy our musical gift.

In this video you will notice HHS music teacher, Mr. Shmuel's Wind Ensemble student musicians  on stage with Dr. K.'s professional entertainers.  These professionals were so impressed with these kids that they themselves called them "Downtown Horns" and music teacher Ms. Weiss' String Ensemble, they named repeatedly "Uptown Strings."

Feel free to browse the Playbill from this event. The goal was to publicly acknowledge the very talented and creative HHS students who created in a pre-concert 16 different promotional flyers advertising Dr. K's Mo Town Revue concert. Their teacher, Renee Andolina, teaches a graphic design class. She also did all the pages of this playbill.

Did you know Dr. K is Hicksville's own Paul Korman (Class of 1969)?   

Please take the time to "Pay it forward," remembering HHS teachers and staff in your past who sent you to be highly successful after graduation. 


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