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 First, let me congratulate you on a very interesting site. Reading about my HS Alma Mater is a blast from the past, no matter what years are mentioned. I really much appreciate what you are doing.

Let me introduce myself: I am Samuel (Sam) Levitt, HHS Class of 1942. This introduction would not be complete without mentioning my brother Eugene (Gene), Class of 1944 and my late brother, Milton (Milt), Class of 1949. We were all born and bred in Hicksville with a minor exception of my being born in Brooklyn. Our parents, Eva and Ben Levitt, began their residence in Hicksville in 1923. Our father, Ben, was the proprietor of a harness-making shop, which later developed into an auto upholstery shop and other items made for motorized vehicles when the horse-and-buggy trade started to disappear. Not only did our father repair and tailor harness, he sold ready-made harness items to the farms and estates near and not so near the hamlet (as it was officially known then) of Hicksville. Our mother, Eva, was a very active housewife, mother and participant in the family business.

The Hicksville Public Schools became an indelible part of out education, beginning for me in 1930 at the Nicholai Street School, which was one of only two elementary schools at the time; East Street School was the other. Gene started in 1932 and Milt in 1937. We all attended HJHS when it held grades 7 and 8, followed by grades 9-12. (Ed. Note: This is now the Jr. High School on Jerusalem Ave.)

I am happy to say that we were all active in various aspects of our school life, especially on the high school level. Briefly: Milt was the athlete of the family having participated in varsity track and basketball. He was a true track star with his winning of a sliver medal for long-jumping (21'3") in a New York State High School Tournament. He also played trumpet in both the band and orchestra. Gene was active in student government, the Comet (school newspaper) and played the English horn in both the orchestra and band. He was also active in a number of wartime projects sponsored by HHS. My own activities also included a number of wartime projects. I was a member of the Glee Club from grades 7-12, reporter, columnist and Editor-in-Chief of the Comet and the 1942 Comet Yearbook during my senior year. I also participated in student government with my last post being Vice President of the senior class. A highlight of that particular class, by the way, was that we were the last class to enjoy the legendary Washington, D.C. trip during wartime.

Okay, that's about it for now except to say, once again, congratulations on your efforts to keep the HHS of the past going on into the present. My late brother, Milt, would definitely say the same, as does my brother Gene. Let me say this again along with much appreciation to all you involved in this very important work.


Sam Levitt, HHS Class of '42

P.S. I would surely be interested to know if you have heard from any of the students in any of the classes from 1942 through 1949 (and even a bit before and after.)


(Pictures were copied from "Images of America—HICKSVILLE, by Richard E. and Anne Evers)