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Volume 3 Number 1

October Birthdays

HICKSVILLE NEWSLETTER, OCT. 2000, Happy Birthday to us!


Dana Hayden Jackson, 1962


Connie Baboukis, 1959 (NJ)


Nancy North-Park, 1961 (FL)


20 - Jim Thompson, 1961


Ginny Elwood Bowen, 1956 (FL)

Belated birthday wishes:
Sept.14th - Joe Carfora, 1962 (MI)
Sept 18th - Karen Hubner Jankins, 1962 (L.I.)


Belated wishes:

Sept. 4th - Karen (Hubner) and Myron Jenkins, 37 years

Sept. 8th - Barbara (Fellows) and Charlie Cava, 46 years. Barbara and Charlie celebrated with friends on a trip to Branson, MO

Sandi [Olsen - 1955] and Bob Trenka celebrated their 42nd anniversary on August 6th, at home in Denver, Colorado. Sandi retired from the University of Colorado, got her Colorado real estate license and joined Trenka & Associates, Inc. When Sandi and Bob are not selling real estate, primarily condominium conversions, they enjoy time with their sons and families in the suburbs of Denver and their daughter and family in Houston, Texas.

The four kids of Audrey [Olsen 1951] and Bill Lent [1951] surprised them with a 50th wedding anniversary celebration this past June. It was held in Port Jefferson, NY.

A Piece of Long Island History
News and Notes


A Piece of Long Island History
A feature article by Bob Casale

Approximately a year had passed from that day in 1903 when Orville and Wilbur Wright were flying their aircraft at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina until the day Ford Motor Company approved construction of a New England, mill-style building on the corner of Piquette and Beaubien Streets in Detroit.

This was done to help fulfill the dream of Henry Ford who, marveling at his relatively new automobile, vowed to create an affordable car for the masses. The Model "T" Ford assembly line had its beginning.

Country roads of dirt dotted the map from coast to coast. Slow moving, horse drawn wagons went agonizingly slow and didn't create a problem of throwing clouds of dust and dirt into the atmosphere. The quicker moving automobiles did and created dust and destruction of unparalleled proportions.

The brainchild of Scottish born Thomas Telford was a roadway constructed of stones placed at a certain thickness in accordance with the weight and volume of traffic. Another Scot, John Loudon McAdam, designed roads using broken stones laid evenly and tightly so they covered the soil and formed a hard surface.

The idea, naturally, was to reduce the residue that was the creation of the faster moving vehicles. The more even surface, too, would aid in reducing the maintenance that was an unavoidable part of the rapid growth in use of these horseless carriages.
A natural outgrowth of the automobile was competition not only in design and construction, but also in deciding who manufactured the best in deference to speed and reliability. The end result was the First International Competition for the William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. Cup, held on October 8, 1904.

On June 8, 1904, a memorandum of conditions governing competition for the trophy to be presented by VANDERBILT through the American Automobile Association was released.

Vanderbilt Cup Race Rules and Instructions to Participants and Officials as they originally appeared for the first race in 1904. (6/17/01)
Click on for a complete listing of conditions governing the race, then click on to see conditions for participants and officials. The course was 30.24 miles long and was covered ten times. The cars started from a standing still posture in front of a grandstand that was constructed in Westbury.

- More Next Month -

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News and Notes

  • Suzanne Garrett Cullen, 1956 sent the following after she read the airport trivia:

    My mom always called it the Hicksville Aviation Country Club. I never was there so I am no expert but apparently she and my dad used to go up in the open-cockpit jobs when they were young. It must have been a bad experience for dad cause he wouldn't set foot in an airplane to go to my daughter's wedding in California. Mom had no problem with flying so I guess her experiences were somewhat better.


    (Editors note: Suzanne's mother was correct according to the Cradle of Aviation Museum site:

  • Then Charlie Cava, 1955 added:


    In your newsletter you mentioned the Hicksville Airpark on Jerusalem Ave.

    We moved to Hicksville in 1949, but I do remember there was a airport not too far from us. We moved into the Frank Homes on Lee Ave., which runs along Jerusalem Ave. I believe the airport moved to Robbins Lane area soon after we moved in. Does this sound about right?

    Charlie Cava

  • Hi,

    Received the September newsletter and sent it along to all the e-mail addresses we had compiled for the reunion.

    I guess with all the reunion stuff going on, I never actually registered or signed on as a person myself. Just wanted to be sure that you'll keep me on your mailing list. I love the newsletter.

    As Bob reported to you, the reunion was GREAT!!!! I can't believe how far so many people traveled to attend; England, Guatemala, Washington State, California, Texas, Nevada----- just to name a few. Now with friendships rekindled, people are staying in touch.
    The committee has already had requests to start planning the 45th!!! Thank-you for putting the information out there for us. We couldn't have done it without you!!!

    Karen Hubner Jenkins, 1962

  • I am from the Class of 1962 and would like to be put on your mailing list directly for the HHS newsletter. Right now I am getting it forwarded by Marcy Lipschutz Seuss. Thanks so much.

    I did attend the Class Reunion a few weeks ago and I concur with Bob - it was incredible. It was so wonderful to see all the old friends. Out class did not age - everyone looked fantastic. The band was superb and we all had a great time. Many of us got together for brunch the following morning at Delaneys - it was very difficult to say good-bye. I am sorry everyone from our class did not attend but those who did - thanks for coming and making it a great memory.

    Pat Appelman Levitin, 1962

    (Pat sent the following bio to share with those who were not able to attend the reunion)

    I live in North Carolina. I left Hicksville in 1966 and moved further south with each move! We have been here 25 years.
    You are welcome to share my comments on the reunion in the next newsletter. For another newsletter here is my "story":
    Pat Appelman Levitin '62, graduated Hofstra University with a BA in Economics 1966, graduated Univ. of Pennsylvania (Wharton School) in Economics 1967 and graduated University of North Carolina, Greensboro 1999 with a fine arts degree in metal sculpture. I have three children - boy/girl twins 32 years and a boy 26 years. The boy twin, Greg, lives in New York City, married with twin girls 20 months, is an ENT surgeon, the girl twin, Jennifer, lives in Atlanta, married with a year old boy and another boy due Thanksgiving and is an occupational therapist, The "baby" Stephen, lives in Chapel Hill, NC and is a full time musician with 5 bands. I am married to Peter, a rheumatologist, and am an artist, metal sculptor, teach, do calligraphy professionally and recruit for the art department at UNC Greensboro.

    Thanks, Pat Levitin

  • Mary O'Shaughnessy Cleary (1961) sent news of a few alumni in the following note:

    "I so enjoy this newsletter. I always feel I want to write something of value so I will pass on a wonderful restaurant that we went to last night. It is owned by Mike Scalley and Chris Roach both of Class of 74 and Gerry Suppa Class of 92. Gerry is the most wonderful chef. I know it is not in Hicksville, but there are enough Comets spread out over Long Island to support these guys. The restaurant is called "Butterfields" and it is on Old Willets Path in Happaugue. Gerry's Mom and Dad also are Hicksville Alumni.

    It is a small world out there guys and the Internet helps us keep in Touch with each other. Keep up the good work............I know a lot of people enjoy this newsletter."

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    This get together is meant to be a brainstorming session for a large multi-year reunion in the near future.


    October 12, 2002 - Tony Roma's Restaurant, 11:15am
    7015 South Semoran Boulevard (also known as SR 436)
    Orlando, FL 32822
    (407) 857-7244

    The restaurant "fronts" on Semoran, but you need to drive around behind it to get in. Please know the room is wheel-chair accessible, if this is necessary for anyone.

    Anyone coming from SR 528 (Bee Line Expressway) would exit at #11. It is approximately 0.5 mile on SR 436. Turn right on T.G. Lee Boulevard and left on Millcove. For those going south on 436, turn left on Hazeltine Drive and right on Millcove. This brings you into their parking lot.

    We have been offered (for a party of 10 or more): the banquet luncheon consisting of a BBQ sandwich (pork, beef, or chicken) plus two sides and beverage (soft drink). The price, before tax and gratuity, is $7.99 pp. They will accommodate us with separate checks, although they weren't thrilled by it as it takes extra time. Don't know how else to solve that problem at this time.

    Their room can accommodate up to 50 people so this is on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is imperative that I have a head count so we don't wind up with well over 50 people (hope I am not dreaming!), but again, I have no idea of how many want to come. Please indicate in your e-mail subject "HHS Tony's" so I know immediately this is a response to the reunion luncheon. (I tend not to open messages when I cannot identify the sender) I told the manager I would let him know what our plans are a minimum of 10 days before the reunion.

    Also, as a courtesy to those who may be coming a distance and would like information as to hotels, please know there are many hotels within walking distance of Tony Roman's. Here are a few: Fairfield Inn by Marriott - rates: $79 - $104, phone 407-888-2666; Hawthorn Suites Orlando Airport - rates: $99 - $109, phone 407-351-6600; Hampton Inn Airport -
    rates: $89 - $119, phone 800-763-1100. I would certainly double-check these rates (these are taken from the AAA tour book 2002 edition) and I would also try to negotiate these rates, as this is the slow season!

    Hopefully everyone attending will have a great time rekindling old friendships and making new ones and will give consideration to working on a committee to have a bigger reunion - one that would not necessarily restrict us to a sit-down meal and somewhat restricted space.

    I am looking forward to this "mini" reunion being a "huge" success.
    Let's hear from you!

    May Horn (Mabel Perduto, 1958)


    Saturday, October 19, 2002 at the Islandia Marriott (exit 58 of the L.I.E.), cocktails at 7 p.m., dinner to follow. Cost is $65 per person. Hotel is giving us a discount rate for those who wish to stay there, including free transportation to and from MacArthur airport.

    We'll also be meeting for brunch on Sunday morning, before everyone heads home.


    Phil Fulco
    10 Kendall Green Drive
    Milford, CT 06460
    Phone: (203) 878-7154

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  • Dear Alumni
    Need a break from the ordinary??? Is life treating you badly today??? Do you need a good laugh??? Click on the below links..

  • Nassau County has just recently re-assessed all the property in the county
    and has made this information available at a special web site:

    If you know the address, you can find information about a particular property -- including a current picture -- at this web site.

  • Dear Alumni

    If you are not familiar with the site, and have never visited that location, take the time to do so, at your leisure...

    Click on the above link, and you will be transported electronically to a page that displays a window that says Hicksville. Click on Hicksville and you will be taken to another page that has several additional windows that you can open and they are... Welcome to Hicksville (View Your School List)

    Connect! Sound Off With Message Boards

    School Photo Albums (View Photos or Add Your Own) *** Currently, there are 20 albums there for you to view. You can start your own album and / or add your own pictures.

    1961 Favorite (Listen to an excerpt of a hit from 1961)

    There are many interesting features of this site and one of particular interest is the Message Boards. Opening that window can lead to hours of reading nostalgia that will take you back several years and will rekindle fond memories.

    My thought was to start our own Message Board via the newsletter. You, as readers and alumni of Hicksville, make a suggestion for a topic that is familiar to all and submit your response via an email to Pat, Linda or Bob. We can then post the responses.

    One particular board I always enjoy is my favorite teacher, so, to start the ball rolling, I will suggest that you respond about "My Favorite Teacher." Please, send your emails during the month of October so we can post in the next issue. When you respond, please suggest a topic for future boards.

    p.s. while you are visiting the site, please look at the following album and help name names...

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  • On October 1, 1908, Henry Ford introduced the Model T automobile, known affectionately as the Tin Lizzie. Manufacture of the Model T employed assembly lines, interchangeable parts, and mass production. Even though Ford borrowed some of his production methods from Eli Whitney and other inventors, he was the first to apply it to such a complex piece of machinery that appealed to so many people.

  • On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas. Today, Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October.

  • On October 26, 1881, the infamous shoot-out at the O.K. Corral took place. It was a high-noon confrontation between Sheriff Wyatt Earp--accompanied by his two brothers and Doc Holliday--and members of the Ike Clanton gang. The bloody incident in Tombstone, Arizona, left three men dead and two more wounded by gunshots.

  • On Black Friday, October 29, 1929, the Great Depression began when the U.S. stock market collapsed. The terrible financial repercussions would be felt until the beginning of World War II.

Pat Koziuk Driscoll, 1956, FL
Linda Piccerelli Hayden, 1960, NJ
Bob Casale, 1961, HX and PA

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