Here are some interesting and informative sites that we thought you'd be interested in.  Some of the sites are from HHS Alumni, so check them out if you'd like.  If you know of an interesting site you'd like to add to the list, just send it to editors@hixnews.com and we'll add it to the list.

Check Out That Rumor Before You Forward The Mail



Pat Koziuk's albums with photos of the class of 1956 and Hicksville, as it looks today.

Hi, the site below has some excellent old pics of Mid Island Plaza, Mid Island Bowl, 
Times Square, Happyland/Jolly Rogers and more.  -John Ebbecke 1972

http://www1.snapfish.com/home/t_=38860875 (Bob Casale '61)


The following are links to albums of former students and special events. We will continue to add additional Portrait Albums as they are created. We encourage our readers to submit their own albums for inclusion on this page. You can send the pictures electronically or snail mail to Bob Casale and he will create your album.

For those not familiar with viewing photos at Webshots, after you select the album you want to view and click the hyperlink, a series of thumbnails are displayed. The name of the album appears at the top left. On the right you'll see the numbers 1-2-3-4-next and directly below, views. If you click the first icon, the thumbnails are displayed in groups of fours....the second icon displays the photos in four strips of seven pictures.

To view a slideshow, click on the first picture in the album and the thumbnail now fills a screen. Below the picture is a Toolbar and the center icon looks like a slide...click on the slide icon and you are able to view a slideshow of all the pictures in the album.

April 2010 Mini Reunion Class of 1961  
http://good-times.webshots. com/album/577482816IbbEPb

Birthday Bash Class of 1967 held at Holiday Inn, Plainview August 8th, 2009

Judy Marcus Shivers, class of 1964, Family Portraits

Karaoke at Delaneys Featuring Hicksville Graduates & Friends

Hicksville High Class of 1961 Mini Reunion October 14, 2009

Hicksville High School Class of 1959 Fifty Year Reunion
October 3, 2009    The Holiday Inn at Islip Airport

Received some pictures from Tina Gardner Kwiatkowski that were taken during the summer of 2009. It's the Gardner family at the Bar Mitzvah of Ronni's grandson with additional pictures of some now grown up children.

See also Bob's newer site: http://community.webshots.com /user/robertcasale
You can click on the albums that are highlighted or click on go to photos then select view all by date...
that will bring up all available albums.
Then you can enjoy the photos!!!

Lois Chaber (class of 1960) and Neil have posted pictures that were taken at the fabulous 50th Reunion for the Class of 1960.
Click on the hyperlink provided below and you can view those photos...

Alumni Sites

http://blackfirecavaliers.com (Katie kennedy '62)
http://didley-squat.com/  (Walter Allan '60)
http://www.judywyatt.com/  Judith A. Wyatt Grand Floridian Estate Realty
http://hl98.blogspot.com/  (Henry Lichtenstein, '59)
http://dougrickmeyer.com/  (Doug Rickmeyer, '67)
http://dennytillman.com/  (Denny Tillman '60)
http://buffalobobcasale.com  ("Buffalo" Bob Casale '61)
http://www.judymorganart.com - (Judy De Vincentis Morgan '58)
http://ravensintheskypub.com/ - (Edward Zivica '58)
http://collectiblemetal.net - (R. Brent Walker AKA Richard Sneckenberg '58)
http://www.photosbyrochelle.com/ - (Rochelle Riservato '67)
http://www.dropdeadcomedy.com/ - (Tony Walker '88)
http://www.rwhit.com - (Vicky Penner '58 & Roger Whitaker)
http://forums.delphiforums.com/HicksvilleNY/start/ - (Frank DiGiorgio)
(Frank has brought back the old 'Message Board' format)
http://debbydoll.com  -  (DebraAnn Kasimakis '71)
(Assorted artistic stuff & things about the Gregory Museum)
http://mchealthymatters.com  (Ricki McKenna)

Anyone interested in moving to the Augusta, Georgia area, send a note to Bob Casale 
who can also provide useful information about the area... bufbob@juno.com 


Historical & Informative Sites

The Hicksville Historical Society has started a Blog, http://hicksvillehistoricalsocietyny.blogspot.com/ 
The Hicksville Gregory Museum  http://www.gregorymuseum.org/
http://Gradfinders.com (A new site like Classmates, but they're free)
http://antonnews.com (A local L.I. newspaper)
(If you know the address, you can find out about a particular property)
(Hicksville Illustrated Website--Up to the minute Hicksville news)
Hicksville Fire Department
You might be from Suffolk County if---

Odds and Ends

http://www.forgotten-ny.com/ Forgotten New York
(Ya gotta check this site out - it's c-o-o-o-o-o-o-l)
http://www.tropicalglen.com Online Jukebox.. Pick your year.
(A great way to correspond with our service personnel overseas)
http://www.ichiban1.org/html/music.htm  Vietnam Era Music - Top Ten Hits from each year of the war  
http://carolynspreciousmemories.com/50s/sitemap.html  Check this link out. It is to a nice 50's jukebox. 

Juke Box  Click on a year and a juke box with the top 20 hits will pop up.
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1976 JuKeBoX 
1977 JuKeBoX 
1978 JuKeBoX 
1979 JuKeBoX

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Old Time TV  Online old TV shows from the 50s and 60s.