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As I reread the 1960 issue of The Comet many wonderful memories came flooding back. Not only did I remember graduation and how giddy we all were, but the Winter Carnival, Spring Concert, Sports Night, the Sophomore Hop, the Senior Ball, The Daisy Chain in my Junior Year and of course the Senior Trip. To those of you that shared that with me my profound thank you. To those of you that I knew in the classes ahead of me and the ones that came after 1960, it was a privilege to know you all, as you are the ones that put together all the wonderful memories.

Last weekend I attended the graduation of my Cousin Barbara at South Hampton College. I think this is an inspiration to all. Barbara completed two years of college before marriage and went back in her 40's to complete her studies. Besides running a business and a home she made the time to obtain her degree. Barbara graduated last weekend, with honors, and will be attending law school shortly. Congratulations Barbara Scelzi Schmidt, I am so proud of you.

Decoration Day - Memorial Day. Seems to me many years ago this was called Decoration Day. I wonder why or when we changed the name and actual date of it. Back then it wasn't a 3-day weekend. The stores all closed and I think we took more time to reflect on what the day really meant.
(• Today's Fact: On May 5, 1868, General John Logan proclaimed this day a holiday through his General Order no. 11. The day was entitled Decoration Day. Decoration day was first observed on May 30, 1868. The northern states celebrated this day every year, but the southern states celebrated a day similar to this on a different day until sometime after World War I. In 1882, the name Decoration day was changed to Memorial Day, and in 1971, Memorial Day was declared a national holiday to be held on the last Monday of May every year.

So how come we were still using the term Decoration Day when we were kids?


We had parades and I remember the cemeteries had flags at the graves of fallen soldiers or those that had served. I also remember the family getting together and hearing stories of neighbors or relatives that had fought in one battle or another, some were Missing in Action.

As I got older I remember driving by the Main Gate of the Roosevelt Field Army Air Force Base and remember thinking, Please God, keep them all safe".

I would like to pay homage to all that served by repeating the last verse of a poem written by a dear friend, now gone.

A Prayer For A Soldier

My brother lies in an unmarked grave,
In the meadowlands out there.
No taps did blow, no rifles fire,
No flag at half-mast flew.
Memorial Day has come again,
And we must honor them,
Who shed their blood, and cried to God:
"Please let this horror end".
So one day we'll never have to kneel
To say a silent prayer,
A prayer for a soldier

1995 James P. Flanagan, Sr.

The Comet: June 1960
Memories and Comments
Looking for Old Friends
Household Hints


The Comet: June 1960

  • LOIS CHABER, VALEDICTORIAN & JANIS PUTNINS, SALUTATORIAN; - At the Senior Assembly, June 8th Lois Chaber was named Valedictorian of the Graduating Class of 1960. Janis Putnins was named Salutatorian of the Graduating Class of 1960. This is a record to be proud of and worthy of sincere commendation.

  • MITCHELL FREEDMAN WINS NEWSDAY JOURNALISM AWARD - Newsday has just announced that Mitchell Freedman has won top honors for the best feature story appearing in high school newspapers this year. Mitchell is a journalism student and a member of this years graduating class.

  • A Gold Key was presented to Edith Bianco, Editor of the Comet, and a plaque was given to Hicksville High School that signified excellence in journalism.

  • BEAUTY CULTURE STUDENTS OBTAIN TEMPORARY LICENSES - Ten students graduating this year have completed 1,000 clock hours in the practice of hair dressing and cosmetology. They have also passed school examinations in both areas and now meet the standards set by the State of New York, Div of Licenses. They are issued a temporary license to work for six months prior to taking a final examination given by the State of New York.

    They are as follows; Diane Burke, Maureen Conlin, Rita Cuccaro, Margit Emerson, JoAnn Gorman, Dot Haggerty, Jeannette Ladoto, Linda Plotsky, Dot Perone and Judy Reid.

  • LOCAL AUTO DEALER PRESENTS ENGINE - On May 24th, Mr. John Wright, Service Manager at Arnold Rambler presented HHS's Auto Shop with a demonstrational "short block" engine. This engine will enable future vocational students to be familiarized with the internal construction of the American Motors engine block.

  • SPRING CONCERT WINS ACCLAIM by Jill Altman - On Friday Night, May 20th, The HHS Music Department presented its annual spring concert in the high school auditorium. The Band was under the direction of Mr. R. Gerard Pellerin. The Boys' Glee Club, Girls' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus were under the direction of Mr. William Goleeke. The Orchestra was under the direction of Mr. Thomas A. Buttice. The Spring Concert can certainly be considered another feather in the cap of the HHS Music Department.

  • SPORTS DEPARTMENTS; FIALKOW RACKS - Senior Steven Fialkow, Senior of HHS announced officially today, in Mr. Munch's 4th period physics class, that he bowled a 124 last weekend. (Editors Note; you can't make this stuff up - Linda)

  • TRACK TEAM SHINES AT NORTH SHORE by Walter Pollack - May 25th - The North Shore Trials were held today. Bob Casale did very well in winning both the 100 and 200 yard dashes to qualify with ease. Roddy Clements, who seems to be getting faster every time he runs, came in fourth in the 100 to qualify also. Bob Schaal ran the 880 and easily notched the second place spot.

  • In the jumping events, only Brad Jaworski was able to qualify. In the broad jump he soared thru the air to leap a total distance of 20'8" from his launching pad. He did 41'11 &1/2" in the hop-step-jump.

  • REGENTS EXAMINATIONS - Friday, June 17th to Thursday, June 23rd the NYS Regents Examinations will be given. It is wise to check your schedules for time and place of your exams.

  • TO THE SENIORS OF 1960 - The day of departure from the familiar scenes of Hicksville is almost at hand. It is time you have looked forward to with great anticipation. It is a milestone in your career, a steeping stone in the path of your career. May many happy days be ahead for each and every one of you. We shall all miss you. May the best of everything come to you.

    To the students that will be with us next year A Happy Vacation.

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Plans are underway for a 45-year reunion of the Class of 1956. It will be Saturday, Nov. 10, 2001 at the K of C Hall on Heitz Place in Hicksville, NY. The cost is $40 per person. Dinner will be served and there will be soda and beer on the tables. A cash bar will be available.

If you know the whereabouts of any members of the class of 1956, please contact this newsletter or John Sherin at:

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  • Hi All,

    Thanks for all your prayers and support. We really appreciate the bi-coastal communications, as well as the phone calls. It is really comforting and important to us to hear familiar voices, even if it is only via voice mail. And please understand if we are not always able to return your calls.

    Thursday and Friday were very difficult days, in that Peter's responsiveness was minimal. I insisted on a CAT scan last night and the results, though not conclusive because he couldn't have a contrast CAT scan, reported that there was no neurological damage and no stroke. The docs keep saying that as soon as his kidneys are working properly and he is able to flush all the toxins out he should arouse more easily. Tonight I bought him a tape recorder and played the "stimulating" music of Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, and some show tunes; things that he likes and is familiar with. It did seem to arouse him in that he blinked a lot more, and squeezed my hand a few times when I would ask him to. Believe me that these baby steps seemed huge to us. The girls were feeling a bit under the weather today, so they were sequestered to the hotel. Hopefully tomorrow they will be up and back at the hospital.

    Tomorrow we are moving to our new apartment where we will have more room. The three of us will be very happy to have some breathing space. We have been in this very tiny room for 12 days, and since we have been told we will probably be here for another month, we opted for corporate housing, that will allow us more room, and to make some meals at "home." If you would like to contact us, please feel free to call my cell phone(s) @ 949-683-3726 or at 949-636-1966. Yes, I now have 2 phones. It seems that the 2nd number is able to receive more calls here. If you want to write, our mailing address is:
    12645 SW 191st Street #205
    Miami, Florida 33186
    Our phone number is 305-595-5861, and we will be most reachable either early in the morning (before 9:30AM eastern time) or after 10:30PM eastern time (7:30PM for you West Coasters!)

    Many of you have asked if Peter is able to receive cards, flowers or balloons. Well, he can receive cards and balloons (no flowers yet). His address is:
    Peter Sirkin
    Baptist Hospital
    Unit B
    Critical Care
    8900 N. Kendall Drive
    Miami, Florida 33176

    Well, all for now. Please pass this on to anyone who may want to know and whose e-mail address I don't have. Please forward my e-mail address to anyone if they would like to contact us this way.

    Again, thanks for your caring and continuing support, friendship, and most
    importantly, prayers.

    With deep appreciation,
    Debbie, Brianna, and Tovah
    Sunday, 5/27/2001, 4:13 pm

    Monday, May 28, 2001, 2:03am

    Hi once again to all,

    Sorry the news is later than 11(though will probably reach the West Coast by then!), but after the evening hospital visit which ends at 10PM, the move to the apartment was completed as well as grocery shopping and driving my sister in law back to the hotel. We didn't get home till about 11! And as you can see the time is now approaching 2AM on the East Coast!

    As stated earlier, Peter did wake up this morning; however his orientation is somewhat questionable at the moment. At this time, his lucidity is limited. We have been assured that this is due to the amount of medication (opiates) he has endured, and the fact that the more tissue you have, the longer you retain the meds. As soon as the meds are out of his system, the more responsive he will be and his awareness and memory will return.

    Many of you have asked what he has asked and what he knows. Though we have told him "the story" of how he got here, that he indeed is in Florida, he doesn't seem able to grasp and retain the information. Again, we have been reassured that this is temporary. This morning when he was finally awake, I think we were all so excited that we may have overwhelmed him with so much information and good wishes. There seemed to be a lot of recognition and many of his responses were appropriate; however as the day progressed, and he had to receive more meds for the pain, the disorientation increased. Again, within the next few days, we are hopeful, the lapses will dissipate. And yes, he knew who we all were. At one point, I asked him if he knew what state he was in, and he answered, "of course, I am in the state of confusion." Well said!

    Once again we thank for your continuing prayers and support. The E-mails and phone calls are greatly appreciated.

    With love, some relief, and deepest appreciation,
    Debbie, Brianna, and Tovah

    Thur., May 31, 2001

    Hi once again to all,

    According to the medical team, Peter continues to progress and improve. It has now been 5 days since he "woke up" and though he continues to be somewhat disoriented, he is having more moments of lucidity each day. The staff here is calling this condition ICU psychosis. This is a medical condition brought about from spending too much time in ICU as well as from all the meds he has been on, resulting in disorientation and hallucinations. The docs are confident that this shouldn't last too much longer (we hope so as well). At times he is most amusing, and joking with the medical staff, and at other times he is talking about events from the past and present and gets the facts confused. Most of the time he thinks he is in California and at brief moments can tell us that he is in Florida. There have been other times that he thinks he is either in NY or Philadelphia. A few nights ago, he demanded, "Get Roger on the phone!" So his awareness of people, places, and things does seem to be increasing. Yesterday morning he asked again and we did attempt to reach Roger, but there was no answer (sorry, Roger, I didn't leave a message). He also wanted to speak to his friend Jim Evans in Santa

    Barbara, and we were able to reach him, and they did speak for a few minutes.

    He has also asked to speak to his friend Jamie Coulter in Wichita, so we are hoping that phone call will also happen soon. He was able to speak to Tovah on the phone yesterday, as she flew back to California on Tuesday to try and complete the quarter as she has about 3 more weeks remaining of school.

    We have told him "the story" of how he got here over and over and there are times he is able to retain some of the facts, but for the most part needs to be reminded. We have mentioned all of you who have called, E-mailed or visited, and there is certainly name recognition. We know that because he will mention something about each of you from the past. This past weekend, Jack and Phyllis Levenson came down from the Boca area (Weston) to visit, and Peter recognized them and has talked about them through the week, especially noting how great Jack looked! Also, his friend, and colleague in the restaurant industry, Mark (the person who drove him to the hospital) came to visit, and Peter was able to recognize him as well. My cousin Emily and her husband Adrian who also live in the Boca area have come to visit and Peter knows them as well. Also, Debbie and Jaime Jusidman's cousin Adriana and her husband David and their son Sebastian came to visit on Sunday, but it was past visiting hours so Peter didn't get to meet them. They are both physicians in the area and it was nice to have them here for clarification and support. At times, Peter has called Brianna, Debbie or Tovah, but he knows we are here. He is still very weak, but they have begun PT and they have also gotten him up twice.

    This afternoon, before we left they told us they were trying to move him to a step down facility. Of course they have been trying to do that since Sunday, but they said he was on a waiting list. This seems to be a very busy place!

    Well, that is all for now. Once again, thanks for your continuing prayers
    and support. The E-mails and phone calls are greatly appreciated.

    With love and appreciation,

  • We receive the following letter from Tom just in time for this newsletter:

    Hello Pat & Linda,

    I came home from hospital, NY (Columbia) Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) on Tue 5/29/01 after being in there for two+ weeks. This time it all started on 5/8/01 when I had my 1st followup visit at NYPH, after surgery of 11/24/00 and being in a physical rehab hospital, Helen Hayes Hospital (HHH) for two+ months. I walked too much that day, I over exerted myself and I got worse as the week went on. Finally, on 5/11/01 I had to call 911 because of breathing problem. I was taken to Franklin Med Center Hospital
    here in Valley Stream, NY. I was moved, transferred to NYPH as soon as breathing was stabilized. I was told by the ICU people at NYPH that I kept trying to take the tube out of my throat used for breathing, that they finally had to tie me down. The tube was taken out about a week later before being moved to a med-surge floor/room.

    I must tell you all, if you smoke, quit. NOW. I have been very, very lucky so far but going through what I've gone through, bi-lateral (double) lung transplant is not easy. Especially emotionally, when alone. Physically is another part too. From being in bed so long and the drugs I was on I had lost every muscle in my body from neck to feet and everything in between. This time, for being in hosp for 2 weeks I lost some muscle again but not as bad as before. Right now I have an Aide & Physical Therapist coming in every day. Also, I forgot to mention all the drugs (anti-rejection types) and a few others that I must take the rest of my life. They are not cheap either. I have been told that they can cost between $15,000 - $20,000 a year. That should be reason enough to quit. I could probably write either a short/long story about my experiences going through this over all the months. I was at NYPH from 11/24/00 to 2/13/01, then 4/1/01 to 4/18/01, then again 5/11/01 to 5/29/01. I was also at HHH for rehab from 2/13/01 to 4/1/01, then 4/18/01 to 4/27/01.

    Well, I guess I bored you all enough for now so I'll end it here. Say
    hello to all for me. Thanks.

    Tom Woodruff

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Memories and Comments

  • HI,

    Ray Muller Class of 55, anyone out there from my class? How about, Zuckers Shoes and the 5 and 10 store . Boslets Hobby Shop, Goldmans on the North side of the RR tracks, the Police booth on West John and Broadway, the Hicksville Hotel, Agway down where the post office is now located . There has to be someone out there .
    Enjoy your newsletter,


    (I remember the police booth. The sergeant in charge was Sgt. Looney. His daughter, Nancy, married my ex’s friend Dick Nagel. Nancy’s uncle was Police Commissioner Looney.
    Pat Koziuk ‘56)

  • Here's a question for all those out there.

    Directly behind what is now Trinity Lutheran was a piece of property that was a working farm. In the summer you could buy fruit and corn and vegetables. The father was a groundskeeper with the Yankees. One of the workers was the first African American at HHS. I don't remember the name of the people that owned this property. Does anyone out there?

    Just reading about 1960 I can see the faces of the Kiss Me Kate cast in the Yearbook. I remember being in awe of Bobby Casale because at 5'9" he could dunk a basketball. And I couldn't. Although I sure did try.

    Does anyone remember when trampolines were allowed in PE? I do. One time I was doing a forward flip when I over rotated. One of my "spotters" flinched and I went face first into the springs. That led to a memorable trip and brief stay at Meadow Brook Hospital where I had the pleasure of sharing a room with a 93 year old dying man suffering from severe jaundice. Isn't that special?

    Any news on a 40-year reunion?

    Mike Rosenwasser

  • I went on that Senior Trip of 60' remember that as the last one of that kind. What a time.

    Pat Kofahl De Maria

  • Love this newsletter, thank you for your efforts. My HHS "sweetheart" and I will be married 39 yrs this Sat. I remember the two of us walking everywhere; to and from school, the movies, Gertz etc. We still keep in touch with Bob Weidman whose family owned Peter and Wendy's on Broadway. Anyone remember that store? Tony and I still have the warm "fuzzies" attending our wonderful 40th HHS reunion in '99. Keep up the good work.

    Eileen Walter/Tony Toscano, Miller Place, NY

  • Here's a photo of Arleen Brigandi, Ginny (Frasier) Caliguri and Clem Moors (Carolyn Baldwin) Class of '61 at Karl Ehmer's Restaurant in Punta Gorda, FL. We used to get together at least once a month when we were still on LI. Now, Ginny and I are permanent residents of Florida and we're working on Arleen. She lives in Virginia when she's not traveling around the country with her job. Thanks for your time and effort on the HHS Newsletter.

    P.S. We've been friends for 45 years or so.

  • View photo at:

  • Hi,

    Does anyone remember the big hotel that stood on the corner of West John Street with the hitching rail in front of it and the Jones Institue for the old folks out on West John Street? That was when Hicksville was still country. Remember the big horse farm where the Sears store is now? I wish I had taken pictures of all these places when they were there. Who thought it would change so fast.

    Kurt Stietz
    PS I am hoping to get some pictures of Ninth Street next time I go down I will send them to you.

  • Just to let you know you are both doing a fantastic job! Linda, do you remember the senior trip to Washington DC via a boat? It was a blast!

    Cookie Koziuk 1960

  • From Bob Casale 1961

    I went to Bayside on Sunday...I posted the pictures I took to are pictures of the places we lived and then I have pictures of the high school that you may get a kick out of seeing...if you haven't seen the school for years, it looks the same except for the admin building being in the student parking lot and the big addition out the back...but I didn't take a picture of that...go to log onto pictures are at the end of 69ave/218st/Berry

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Looking for Old Friends

  • Hello, I have written to you once before. Is there any way that I could search for two Hicksville graduates through your newsletter? Their names are Bruce Paterno and Kerry Coburn both graduated in 1972. I am a Walt Whitman HS (Huntington Sta) 1972 grad. Kerry and Bruce are very old college friends of mine that I have lost touch with. My name is Donna Zaluska and email is Please feel free to publish my email address. Thank You.

    Bruce Paterno does have an older brother Phil and a younger one Ricky just in case that may help. Kerry Coburn has many
    siblings all younger, I think, Craig, Donna to name a few. Thanks again.

    1972 WWHS.
    Ironically enough Bruce's father and my father worked at Grumman together, we met upstate.

    Donna suggested a site, which I found interesting. Growing up on L.I. each of us had a family member, friend or maybe even ourselves employed by Grumman. Check out:


  • JoAnn Gorman is also searching for a friend:

    Hi her name was Margit Everson, graduated in 1960, from Hicksville H.S. I have been looking for her for such a long time, hope
    you can help. Thank you.
    JoAnn Gorman (maiden name)

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Household Hints

Bob Casale suggested sharing our household hints and has started us off with some of his:

  • To prevent slugs from getting into your potted plants, smear the outside of the planter with Vaseline!!!

  • A cup of vinegar in the refrigerator absorbs odors.

    (A painter told one of my personal favorites to me when our office was being repainted and we had to work with the smells. He said to place several paper cups with a little vanilla extract around the room. It worked and then when I threw away the cups the trash smelled great! Now I pour a small amount of vanilla extract on top of the garbage in my trash compactor to keep my kitchen smelling nice. PKD)

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Recipe Corner

It was a Wednesday afternoon and my day hadn't been going too smoothly. I opened my last can of tuna and put it into a strainer over the sink to drain while I went out of the kitchen for a few minutes. When I returned, my cat was washing her face and paws! You guessed it ... she ate the tuna in the sink. There was a trail of sticky cats prints going from the sink across my hunter green counter tops and my black ceramic stove. Boy was I mad! I thought that we had trained her not to go up onto the table and counters. I got out the bleach and washed down all the surfaces that she might have walked on to and from the sink. By that time my grandson had arrived on the school bus. He stays at my house after school until my daughter picks him up after work. He was tired and frustrated with his math homework. I tried to help him to understand retail price/discount rate/discount/sale price as I prepared a casserole for my husband’s early dinner. It was the final night of the bowling league and his team was in a tight race for first place.

I served my husband his dinner and he left for the bowling center. I said goodbye to my grandson and daughter and sat down to a quiet dinner alone. It was then that I noticed that there was something different about my beany weenie casserole. I had left out the hot dogs ..... and my husband hadn't even noticed! When my husband got home and I told him, we had a really good laugh at ourselves.

His team did take first place.

My recipe for Beany Weenie Casserole:

2 cans sliced white potatoes (16oz can), drained
1 pound hot dogs, sliced crosswise into circles [really not an option]
2 cans Bush's baked beans with onions (16 oz can)
1 to 2 tablespoons brown sugar
1/4 cup cold, brewed, black coffee
4 slices of bacon (thin slices)

Mix together sliced hot dogs, beans, brown sugar and coffee. Make layers of sliced potatoes and bean mixture in an ovenproof casserole dish, ending with bean mixture on top. Top with bacon slices and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 35-40 minutes or until bacon is done. Serve with a tossed salad and crusty bread.

This has always been a family favorite. Now that the kids are grown and gone it makes two meals for the two of us, with a little left over.


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Thanks to Diane Burke McGinn, 1960 for sending a link to

Go to the News 12 link above and click on archives, look for May 5th.

Pat Koziuk '56
Linda Piccerelli '60
Bob Casale '61

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