January 2005
Volume 5 Number 4

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Jim Mattis, 1971
Bill Powers, 1963
William Rogan, 1965
Ken Doris, 1963
Greg & Noel Heinz, 1958
Bob Steedman, 1958
Joan Perduto Koudakis, 1957
John Grillo, 1962
Maria Coppola, 1983
Carol Tavormina Nill, 1960

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January Birthdays and Anniversaries
Welcome to Our New Readers
In Memory
News, Notes and Memories
Critic's Corner

January Birthdays


Jim Rubins, 1967 (CA)


Robert Starke, 1972 (GA)


Tony Toscano, 1959
Eileen Walter Toscano, 1959


Robert Spector, 197? (HX)


Jack Bellan, 1973
Muriel Maas Froehlich, 1955 (L.I.)


Gwendolyn McCue Schaaf, 1955 (FL)


Karen Taylor Keegan, 1969


Jan Greenberg Dickelman, 1974 (VA)
Elizabeth Tucker, 1983


David Teitel, 1968
Lisa Calma Fritz, 1970


Walt Weller, 1971 (TN)


Arlene Andrade Sahadachny, 1957 (MD)


Frank Anderson


Jack DeVaul, 1956 (L.I.)


Mary O’Shaughnessey Cleary, 1961 (L.I)
Mary Ann Walkowski Westervelt, 1976 (WA)


James Carpinone, 1972 (L.I.)
Eileen Casale Mahan (NV)
Robert McCotter, 1962 (HX)


Vinny Leippert


JoAnn Gorman, 1960
Susan Spector, 1962 (CA)
David Spector, 1966 (FL)


Roy Schaaf, 1950 (FL)

Belated wishes to Bob Wesley, 1961 on Dec. 9th.


January Anniversaries

1/?/1979 – Paul and Sharon Korman (L.I.)
1/6/1968 – Joe and Sharon Carfora (NC)
1/13/1968 – Eileen (Casale) and Jim Mahan (NV)
1/27/???? – Mark and Marian Leippert (L.I.)

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Welcome to Our New Readers

  • Susan Lipschutz Epstein, 1957 (HX)

  • Joan Malfatti Morgan, 1960 (GA)

  • Virginia Wills Pearson, 1963

  • Eileen Moore Wieditz, 1963

  • P Backman, 1967

  • Matthew Donovan, 1971

  • Connie Blesi Schipani, 1972 (GA)

  • Tom Fellenz

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In Memory

Roberta Langan

LANGAN-Roberta, (HHS Class of 1949) of Freeport, on December 24, 2004.
Beloved mother of Guy Von der Esch, Gary Von der Esch, Janice Seeley, and Tracy Osband. Dear grandmother of 7. Family will receive friends at Hungerford & Clark, Inc. Funeral Home, 110 Pine St. (cor. S. Ocean Ave.), Freeport. Funeral Mass, Monday, 10 AM, Church of the Ascension, Rockville Centre. Interment, Pinelawn Memorial Park. Visiting, Sunday, 2-4 and 7-9 PM.
Published in Newsday on 12/26/2004.

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News, Notes and Memories

  • Re: Ken Marcus (Class of '67)
    Mid Island Plaza

    Wow Ken, you hit a few notes there about Mid-Island Plaza that was like chewing Thanksgiving leftovers and hitting a piece of tin foil. I still remember the smell of the hot dogs in Kresgees and they served them on the buns that looked like a folded piece of white bread.
    But the one classic you forgot...when you ran from Gertz to Newberry's in wind blown snow and ice, who was sitting there out in the middle between the two stores ? ... the little old man that sold the big pretzels. His big ashen hands were cracked from the cold. The only thing that used to keep them warm was when ] he handed you a bag of three. ($ .10 each / 3 for $ .25) now we don't even have the symbol for "cents" on our keyboards.

    Thanks for the memories...
    Bill Alonge (Class of '72)

  • Thanks for the reply and for Bill's additional info regarding the pretzel man, whom I forgot. If we're going for completeness, there was also a decent NY deli further down past Gertz/Newberry’s toward the west end of the Plaza. Anyone recall any others?

    Ken Marcus, 1967

  • I enjoyed the article on Mid Island Plaza. If anyone is interested in seeing the Plaza again circa 1956, go to the web site www.loc.gov/ This will get u into the Library of Congress website. If u have trouble go to Google and type in " Library of Congress.” Click on the site and that should get u in. Once in click on " American Memory “, from there type in " Mid Island
    Plaza " in the top search box. This will bring up a page of photo listings. Go to the bottom of the
    page and click on " image Gallery " and this will bring up the pictures of the Plaza. Click on the individual pictures to bring them up one at a time. You can click on the picture again to enlarge it. This should bring back a flood of memories.

    Good Luck
    Bill Hackmack " 66 "

  • Does anyone know the where abouts of Lois Chamides? She was in the class of 63 or 64. What about Roesann Earhardt?

    Dennis Naso, 1961

  • Hi Hicksville High School Alumni,

    Hello to my ol' buddy Bob Leo class of 65 Hope yur reading this. I was known as Mark Leibowitz in High School but my real name is and always been Mark Leon drummer class of 65. Bob, email me at mujel@aol.com and or call at home in Los Angeles, Ca
    Home 818 897-0221. I moved here in 73 for the biz. I teach drums, do sessions, clinics, clubs, a day gig and more.
    I'll fill you in. I miss you.

    Some bad news: My best buddy Bob Rosenfeld class of 65 passed away on November 3rd of this year from complications from pancreatitis. Bob was one of my best friends, a fabulous bass player, and the first person I met at thirteen yrs old moving from Brooklyn to Hicksville June 61 Please pass this unfortunate news on to all who knew and loved Bob as I will forever.
    My heart is empty to say the least. Anyone who knew me, feel free to call me and or email me.

    Cail fur now, and keep on swingin',

    Mark aka "Mujel" Leon {Drums}
    12001 Foothill Blvd {space#24}
    Lake View Terrace, Ca 91342
    Home 818 897-0221
    email is mujel@aol.com

    PS I so miss the ol' times cherished in my mind and heart forever from my teen years growing up in Hicksville.

  • Hi There,

    My name is Bob (Gleason) Wesley from the class of 61. I've been receiving the newsletter for several years and have also contributed an article that was published in HixNews. YA FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY!! Hahahahahahahahaha.

    I was born on Dec. 9th, 1943 and I now live in Dannemora, NY in the NE corner of the state. If you talk to Bob Casale, please tell him I said 'Hi'.

    May you all have a joyous holiday season.

    Bob Wesley (Gleason)



    Anton Mure, 1968

  • At our graduation commencement in 1950, Joseph Kenneth Ryan was read out loud as Joseph KATHLEEN Ryan. This was funny for all of us but rather embarrassing for Joe.
    Joe Bausk, 1950

  • My most memorable moments were going to NY Rangers hockey games from 1966 through 1972 when I graduated Hicksville High School. Ticket prices were affordable (we had season tickets - imagine that today- my brother, who is only 6 years older than me (HHS 1966), was not by any means rich. But year after year he bought 2 season tickets and we went faithfully every Wednesday and Sunday (sometimes Saturdays, too). Yes, I neglected my studies and friends, I admit. High school life could have been much more rewarding for me. But I had so much fun routing for 'dose bums" at the Garden. And when you have season tickets you make friends with all the people around you, too.

    Before the new Madison Square Garden was built on 33rd Street, we went to the games at the old Garden on 59th Street, then had to catch a subway to Penn to take the train home I remember once we went to a fan club meeting at night to meet, Rod Gilbert, who was one of the best players. It was freezing outside (February) and the meeting ended late and no other trains were running. We had 6 minutes to make it from 59th Street to 34th (Penn) and we did it by foot! Believe it or not, we made the train, but I thought
    my lungs would burst.I remember we actually attended a hockey (Rangers), baseball (Yankees) and (I swear) basketball (Knicks) game all in one day. I can't imagine what that would cost today!

    But one of my most memorable experiences were going home from a game and actually seeing the NY Rangers riding on the train with us (they lived in Long Beach so all trains left Penn and then switched at Jamaica). Unfortunately, they had lost the game. We sat right near Ed Giacomin, the goalie and his family and of course, I got his autograph. My brother kept cracking jokes at me and I couldn't stop laughing cause I was so nervous and excited, but didn't want Ed to see me laughing since they had just lost a

    After Madison Square moved to 33rd Street, the commute was a little easier. Usually, we'd go by LIRR from Hicksville, no matter what the weather, catch the 5:15 on Wednesdays to go to a 7:35 game. After it ended, we'd race to Penn Station, go to Nedick's and grab hotdogs and ice cold orange drinks, and catch the train home. On a good night when the Rangers won, my voice would be hoarse from yelling and screaming and that drink would be so good going down. When we'd get back to Hicksville, my brother and I would get in the car to go home but sometimes (especially if it was a holiday the next day and no school) we'd go to the diner on Broadway and get grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cold milk shakes made the old fashioned way and then go

    I will never forget these memories and neither will my brother. Although we're both married now with families of our own and he lives in California while I live in Alabama, we are only separated by time and space. As soon as we get on the phone, it's always down memory lane.
    Betty (Gardner) Brunell, Class of 1972

  • Chris Andersen, class of 1967, looking for Bob Habenicht. Chris has a tape of Bob towing his boat to Cold Spring Harbor circa 195? and would send him a copy if anyone knows how to contact Bob.

  • RE: My Most Memorable Experience by Bob Casale (Dec 2004)


    As I remember the incident you so graphically described in the latest newsletter we were being pursued by agents of some third world power, which you had managed to offend by beating their man at a track meet. We were forced to flee the scene of your victory amidst a hail of fire from Uzis and other automatic weapons. It was only through brilliant high speed driving and my ability to carefully place the tailgate of the truck we were following in the rear portion of the roof of that lime-green and white 1956 Oldsmobile (with no damage to the truck, mind you) that we were able to avoid certain capture and worse. It certainly was an adventure, no less memorable than me having to drive you and a certain KK around while you swapped body fluids. We sure have had some laughs. By the way don't forget our almost successful acquisition of a certain cannonball from Fort Mc Henry for the HHS trophy case!

    Chris Thiel, 1961

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Anthony Genovese
A Genuine Story (Not a Fairy Tale)
Told to Bob Casale

“It was September of 1960 when I pulled up in front of the high school,” says Anthony Genovese.
“ I hadn't been back since my departure in 1956,” he continues. “That was when I quit high school and joined the United States Air Force.”

Anthony told me that he wanted to make something of himself and decided the best way to accomplish this goal was to get out of town. He did just that. He went way away.

“ I was on leave from the military and in Hicksville. I just wanted to see what the old high school looked like,” Anthony confided. “It sure looked the same as it did when I left.”Anthony walked the halls all decked out in his Air Force uniform.“ I just wanted to show off a little,” he said, with the hint of a smile starting to show. “ You know, the girls looked at me kinda differently,” he said.

Off in the distance, he spotted a gray haired gentlemen walking toward him and recognized the figure as Mr. Leon J. Galloway.
Mr. Galloway didn't skip a beat when he belted out, “Hey, Genovese, you never finished high school. Give me the name of your commanding officer.” “ I always had a great deal of respect for this man,” he said to me.“ In conversation, I learned that Mr. Galloway was a retired full bird Colonel. He really wanted to talk with my CO.”

When Anthony returned to his base, his captain approached him and said, “You have a good friend in your home town, Mr. Galloway!”
“ He wants you to finish your last year of high school so you can get a diploma. If you're really interested,” the captain said, “I can arrange an early discharge. Then you should be able to graduate with the class of 1961.”

This was a no brainer for Anthony. He got his early out, went back to school and did graduate with the class of 1961. Congratulations, Anthony. We, your classmates, are proud of your accomplishments and we salute you. Anthony met Rosaria Marchese who was a senior at the time. They dated for several years, even beyond graduation and were eventually married in May of 1963. This beautiful couple has three beautiful daughters and three grand children. Both are successful business entrepreneurs and are happy living the country club life on the Gulf of Mexico in Fort Myers, Florida. They still make it a point to have a weekly date night. That’s why they're still married after 41 years…

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Critics Corner


I just have to tell you about my experience on Sunday. I went to the National Theatre in DC to see Billy Joel's Broadway Show "Movin' Out"

While waiting for the show to start I opened up the program and would you believe the show takes place in the 50's & 60's in Hicksville,
Long Island? That's a first for me.

Well the show started and out comes the cheerleaders wearing an " H" with orange & black and later on in the show, James (one of the dancers) comes out wearing an orange & black jacket. Bring back memories! It was a full house and the National Theatre was Rockin' all the way out into the lobby and I think on to Pennsylvania Ave.

You'd almost think it was Billy Joel singing and playing the piano, his voice was a little stronger, and of course he was a lot younger.

While talking to my lady friend sitting next to me, the man behind me said, Hi I'm from Floral Park. SMALL WORLD! I wonder how many more people from Long Island were in the audience?

If you like Billy Joel’s music& lyrics and high energy dancing by some real outstanding young talent, I think you'll love this show. Twyla
Tharp the Choreographer, I thought did an outstanding job.

Happy Holidays!
Art Lembke, 1949

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I just read the latest Newsletter and I noticed that there was a mistake in the date of the Class of 55’s 50th high school reunion. The date of the reunion is Saturday, October 15, 2005, not October 12th. Please put the correction in next month's Newsletter. The reunion will be held at Captain Bill's in Bay Shore.

By the way, it was nice to read the piece by Frank Scarangella in the newsletter. He mentioned a lot of good teachers. I think my favorites were Miss Healy and Mr. Raymond Rusch. And, who could ever forget Miss Mabel Farley. She commanded a lot of respect
Gail Fallon Hessel, 1955

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Trivia about chocolate

  • A 1.5 oz. milk chocolate bar has only 220 calories. A 1.75 oz. serving of potato chips has 230 calories.

  • A recent study indicates when men crave food; they tend to crave fat and salt. When women crave food, they tend to desire chocolate.

  • American and Russian space flights have always included chocolate.

  • American chocolate manufacturers use about 1.5 billion pounds of milk -- only surpassed by the cheese and ice cream industries.

  • Americans consumed over 3.1 billion pounds of chocolate in 2001, which is almost half of the total world's production.

  • Bittersweet chocolate is what is usually called for in baking. It contains more chocolate liquor (at least 35%) and less sugar than sweet chocolate. Semisweet chocolate contains 15% - 35% chocolate liquor.

  • Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), a natural substance that is reputed to stimulate the same reaction in the body as falling in love.

  • Chocolate manufacturers currently use 40 percent of the world's almonds and 20 percent of the world's peanuts.

  • Chocolate syrup was used for blood in the famous 45 second shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's movie, Psycho, which actually took 7 days to shoot.

  • Chocolate was introduced into the United States in 1765 when cocoa beans were brought from the West Indies to Dorchester, Massachusetts.

    For more trivia about chocolate, see: http://www.corsinet.com/trivia/vvv-triv.htm

Pat Koziuk Driscoll, 1956 (FL)
Linda Piccerelli Hayden, 1960 (NJ)
Bob Casale, 1961 (HX)

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