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The Editors: Buffalo Bob Casale, '61
Contributing Editors:  Ron Wencer, '64 & Carol McCormick Konen '73
Webmaster:  Roger Whitaker
Editors Emeritus: David J. Rubin - '82, Elliot Gorlin - '63, 
Valerie Pakaluk - '51,
Henry Lichtenstein - '59
Founding Editors: 
Pat (Koziuk) Driscoll - '56 & Linda (Piccerelli) Hayden - '60

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HixNews is announcing that Ron Wencer from the class of 1964 is now part of the newsletter as an Associate Editor. 
We welcome Ron and look forward to his input. There is a new item in the menu "Ancient Hixtory" and Ron has made the first contribution. 
He presents some very interesting background information about the new Hicksville High School.
Buffalo Bob Casale

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Nine years ago, May of 2009,  Hicksville  Newsletter, and the community lost a true friend who worked diligently on providing former alumni with much sought after nostalgia. Pat, who graduated Hicksville High in 1956, was affectionately known as an editor of the  Hicksville  Newsletter. She compiled most of the material that was included in each issue of HixNews and spent countless hours copying and pasting information on multiple pages.


 HixNews started out as a two or three page email that was sent to some 100 or so readers. Eventually, it evolved into a multi-page newsletter that placed onto its own website and was supported with many special features. It was fortunate that Pat saw many of the changes that surfaced over the years.

Most probably never knew Pat was not in the best of health because she was never looking for sympathy or an "attaboy!" She didn't complain but just kept going like the energizer bunny. Pat shared time with her  Florida  pals shopping and fraternizing despite needing special consideration over the years. Pat spent most of her last year on oxygen 24/7.

She loved her portable transportation (a golf cart) that provided the mobility she lacked because of her dependence on oxygen. Her death created a void that exists today.

Pat's efforts brought many hours of joy to HixNews readers who waited patiently each month for tidbits of information. Pat, along with Linda Piccerelli Hayden, a 1960 graduate, were the pioneers of HixNews. They spent many hours scouring through emails from former students gathering  information that was typed into an email and sent out the beginning of each month.


Pat was surrounded by family when she was summoned by a higher authority. This was not at all unusual because family was her life. She spent many hours enjoying those she loved most.  

One repeat donor in April brings our donation total to $34,713!
If you have yet to donate and would still like to participate in this project, it's not too late!  Please see our March Update in the Honoring Our Veterans tab of this newsletter for details. 
We are concentrating our efforts to get the Memorial constructed for dedication and unveiling to the public on Veteran's Day this year!  A number of Project Team members, local to Hicksville, are participating in this effort.  Price quotes on granite and other stone materials are taking more time than was expected, but we should have these soon.  As always, should you have any new information to report for either the Confirmed or Unconfirmed Lists of Names, particularly to fill in missing data on the Confirmed List, please email me at
On behalf of the Project Team,
Joe Carfora
HHS 1962                           

Each month, we profile a former student that has submitted a biographical sketch of their life. This month we have highlighted Ron Wencer from the class of 1964  . Many of you have not used the opportunity of sharing precious moments with other classmates. It's not too late to submit a sketch to be included in the Alumni Bio Section (click the link on the left to go to the bios section) of the newsletter. We are including a writeable document that you can fill in on you computer and, after completing the document, forward to

 "An Appeal to HHS Graduates"
John Maniec, President, HHS Alumni Foundation, Inc."
Recently, the HHS Alumni Foundation contacted the office of the Superintendent for Hicksville Public Schools asking them to reach out to their various principals about a "Wish List" for each of the elementary and secondary schools that can't be funded by public levy money. There always will  be unmet educational needs that arise within each school that if somehow funded could improve the lives of the children who attend these schools.

The Foundation now has those specific "Wish Lists" and it is appealing to HHS Graduates to seriously consider donating money to pay for those items on various lists. Many requests center around book sets for elementary school libraries; indoor games/materials for the children during recess when weather prevents them from being outdoors. One elementary school is looking for a flagpole to be placed in the lobby.


At the High School, we received a request to fund the purchase of student lanyards embossed with HHS logo. The high school principal, Ray Williams, plans to distribute new ID's and require his students to wear them.
The HHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 ( c ) 3 charitable organization so any donation given to us can be taken off the donor's future federal tax return as a charitable gift.


The Foundation will serve as a vehicle to collect donations from HHS graduates and pass the money collected to the Hicksville Public School District which in turn will pay for specific school "wish list" requests. There will be a clear transparency paper trail including the names of the graduates who generously donated the funds.


Each of the current "wish lists" that we possess now with the exception of the high school's ID lanyard request will probably cost in the $150 to $300 price range.


We at the Foundation hope that HHS graduates that regularly read newsletters will remember with fondness when they attended specific elementary and secondary public schools in Hicksville and seriously consider financially supporting our "Wish List" project. It isn't necessary that one contributor fund the entire portion of each wish list. Whatever amount each individual can donate will be deeply appreciated and will be added to other donations to cover the full cost of these requested items.


Donations can be made payable to the HHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. and mailed to our Hicksville address:  P.O. Box 302, Hicksville, New York 11802.


If you have any questions or wish to know what a particular school's wish list is, either email John Maniec at, or call his cell phone number at (917) 750-7842.