Ron Wencer


After HHS, I got a B.A., graduating as a major in Writing, with a minor in Fine Arts (i.e., writing things and making art).  I went on to get a degree in Architecture.  For various reasons, I then began a career in Information Technology.  In New York , I worked primarily in the financial district.

In the 1970s, my wife, Janet - not from Hicksville - and I decided to relocate.  Our first son was still small; we wanted to raise our family in a city, but one which worked well (alas, that could not be said of NYC at the time).  We moved to Toronto , where our second son was born.  We all remain there today.

With the move, I began working as a consultant, at first helping businesses develop better computer systems (think "apps" on a grand scale), then consulting with large organizations on the strategic use of their IT resources and budgets.  The latter, and strategic business planning, were pretty much what I did until I retired.  From time to time, my Writing studies got put to good use, when I published articles in technical journals.

Since retiring, I've been doing a number of things.  I earned a certificate in digital drafting and 3D design, and afterward tutored Architecture and Engineering students in the use of design software.  In addition, I lecture genealogy groups on effective ways to do research into one's Eastern European family roots, and I teach them about the typical lives and experiences of immigrant ancestors who came from that region.

Since my wife retired, we've traveled more.  This year, we were fortunate enough to visit the ruins of Carthage , of several early Carthaginian and Greek settlements in the Mediterranean, and of Pompeii .

I've continued creating art over the years, studying new techniques, and working in various media: sculpture, photography, digital design, oil painting, and different printmaking methods.  I've recently been working in traditional Japanese technique, carving woodblocks, and using pigments in rice paste to print on handmade mulberry papers