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This is a tribute to Hicksville's Unsung Hero

Being a teenager growing up in Hicksville in the sixties was a truly, unforgettable experience. You could stand on the corner and marvel at the sound of basement bands doing their thing. Most of us, and me included, were Wannabe rock and roll stars. Our affiliations at the time were limited but there always was a group that was the 'leader of the pack.' One such band was the Commandoes. The leader of that pack was Howie Blauvelt and his group of young, teenage musicians were way ahead of surrounding bands. They were so good, they won the Nassau County Battle of the Bands and made a guest appearance at the New York World's Fair.

Unique talent has a way of circumventing the average and such a talent was Howie Blauvelt. His musical career began in Hicksville but took a road most only envision while asleep and dreaming. His musical ability and command of playing bass was unparalleled and it was his vision of something great that culminated in the formation of the Hassles. Many watched with envy when Howie performed and time spent watching his performance was infectuous.

The Hassles were a rock group in the 1960s, most notable for recording the first releases to feature Billy Joel. The group released two full-length albums and a number of singles. They were very established and played various hot spots in the metro New York area; The Eye in the Hamptons and Steve Paul's Scene in the city.

The original line-up of the group was John Dizek (vocals), Billy Joel (Keyboards), Jon Small (drums), Howie Blauvelt (bass) and Richard McKenner (guitar). Dizek left some time after their first album, at which point Joel took over on vocal duties. Joel and Small eventually formed Attila while Blauvelt later joined Ram Jam. The group toured our great country and published two albums and had two 'hit' singles.

Spending time on the road comes with many penalties. It's a tough life being away from family and that is one major reason why the Hassles disbanded in 1968.

Howie persevered and went on to play with many top-notch musicians and performers such as Billy Joel and Ram Jam.
His untimely death on October 25, 1993 ended the 'tribute to our unsung hero.'
To this day, I drive past the Hicksville Middle School and reminisce. I can still hear the percussive bass riffs pounding through the gymnasium doors. On the other side of the doors is Howie just 'doing his thing.'
His life of music really began when he was playing on Friday nights for the Junior High dances in the 60's.
Is there someone out there who had the same pleasure I had from seeing Howie perform?
I'm certain they will understand what I'm saying!!!

Howie is certainly missed by me and all those who watched with awe when he was on stage.
He is missed by many but not forgotten.
Howie had all the notes of life tucked away and it's our loss that we never heard them all.

Paul ' Coney Island ' Korman

Coney and I have been friends for years. We used to get together on Sunday mornings and have our own doo wop shop. We would play many songs from the Motown era and Paul always expressed a desire to create his own band that would highlight the Motown sound.
Might I say that dream is a reality. Paul is the founder and bassist for Dr. K's Motown Review. They are a class act that performs on the island and in the metro area and they do a gig at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut .
Check them out at

This is one venue you won't want to miss.
Buffalo Bob Casale  

Class of 1937

Fran (Lovett) Velsor (2008) 
John Velsor (2004)

Class of 1938

Fred Fluckiger

Class of 1940

William Voorhest (2009) 

Class of 1943

Adeline Brigandi (2001)
Ray Rusch 
John Uss

Class of 1944

George Lehmann (Dec. 8, 2016)

Class of 1947

Irwin Botto

Class of 1948

Phyllis Hicks (2005)

Class of 1949

Austin, James
Barshai, Norman
Bergmann, Ralph
Bergold, Frederick
Cardella, Jean
Clegg, Edmund
Dexter, Valentine (Val) 
Di Pietro, Rosemarie
Fellenz, Thomas
Funfgeld, Joseph 
Gianetti, Helen
Garbarino, William
Gouse, Charles F.
Halleran, Martin
Healy, Lawrence
Homire, Lewis
Kellner, Murray (2003)
Koehler, Mary Lou
Langan, Roberta (Dec. 2004)
Levitt, Milton
Marrs, Roberta
Thomas Meier (June 2019)
Miron, Josphine
Minerva (Moddle) Kassinger
Norman, Joan
Panaseny, John
Parr, Leroy
Pohlman, Wilbur
Prohinsie, William
Redding, Ellen
Roewer, Joan
Smith, Gertrude
Soave, David
Anita Stamos Tarantino (7 Oct 2020)
Steihler, Kenneth
Stepkowski, Eugene
Stepkowski, Louis
Thomas, Richard
Vermette, Margaret
Weiss. Miriam
Wesnofski, William
Willis, Charlie

Class of 1950

Arthur G. Foster (October 16, 1992)
Edwin Funfgeld
Charles Rosengren (Sept. 2016)

Class of 1952

Nancy McFadden Moshier (12-27-2014)
Janet Terrell Palmese
Ralph North (May, 2016)
Robert North (July, 2016)

Class of 1953

Albrecht, Imogene
Bauer, Mary
Brandis, Edward
Aramilda Gerry Callejas 08/19/17
Anthony (Tony) Celentano Oct 2016
Church, Janet
Krummenacker, John
Enos, Patrick
Fedor, Michael
Funfgeld, Robert
Harrigan, Mildred
Heppell, John (Jack)
Hogan, Robert
Jud, Arlene
Kunz, Lillian
Latham, Glen
Lenzner, Robert
Patricia A. Lynch (3-6-2016)
McCann, Judith McCann Fedor (Aug 2011)
Meilinger, Arthur
Milford, Miriam
Joan Olsen Forrester (October 3, 2015)
Rossner, Morton
Rusch, Donald
Schneider, Allen
Slavek, Claudette (Meier)
Loretta (Stetz) Tewalt (Jan. 15, 2015)
Stewart, Valeria
Stiehler, Robert
Sullo, Louis
Taormina, Anthony
Thomas, Robert
Tymeck, Joseph
Zilm, Charles
George Zulkofske

Class of 1954

Carole (Goettelmann) Cocheo (Jan 2003)
Conrad Thomas Fellenz
Tamara Sahaidachny Strehl

Class of 1955

Richard William Adams
Francis W. Barton, 11-7-15, in Syracuse, NY.
Ronald Boos, 08-12-2017
Henry George Chupka
Kenneth Connor
Michael M. Contant
Carol DeJohn DeLorenzo
Robert Frazer
Gordon W. Hammond (Dec 5, 2016)
Richard G. Hogan
Donald G Huffstutler
Joseph G. Kasten
Martin F. Katz
Bruce Leach
Bernice T. Marcus
John Martarella
James P. McQuirk
Raymond Muller (VA 1-25-2018)
Jay H. Poggiali
Albert M. Rife
S. Oshi Sada
Jerome A. Siegler
Eloise C. Smith
Joan T. Sullo
James Walter Tweedale

Class of 1956

Dave Baldwin (Jan 2013)
Cathleen (Iller) Byrne (March 2010)
Martha Canham Donlon
Bill Donlon

Pat (Koziuk) Driscoll (2009)
Edward Mauro
Gail Grupp Stemper
Patricia McCarthy Schwalbach
Jean Neumann
Robert Ernest Rausch (Vietnam Oct 9, 1973)
Barbara Steck Bennett
Charles "Chuck" Wilson (2003)

Class of 1957

Jule Santacroce 
(Died in an auto accident before graduation in '57.)
Agnes Arthofer Tessitore
Rita Bianchi
Harry Borley
Michael Campanelli
June Conner
John Dounelis
Harold "Hal" Frischman Eisenberg
Katherine Judge
Barry Kleiss
John Magee
Peter Nygren 
Joseph Reinhardt (1976)
William Reinhardt
Jack Roberts
Victor Sahaidachny
Betty Ann Sherin Trapani
Edward Sneckenberg
Marylin Wencer Hazel (June 21, 2020)
Eugene Zaza

Class of 1958

Acito, Anthony (Tony)(29 May 2012)
Adams, Dana May
Amodeo, Marie Ann 
Andriani, Paul Joseph
Belford, Barbara Louise 
Blue, Michael Kent
Botto, Barbara Lois 
Brennan, Robert (May 17, 2010)
Clare, Charles
Collins, Donald Richard
Dagna, Marion Louise
Dietrich, Robert (Bobby) (6 Nov 2022)
Dylewski, Barbara Mallett
Fallon, Patricia June 
Ferber, William Howard
Fiore, Ronald 
Glaser, Charles W. III (Sept 14 2016)
Grosso, Jim Grosso  (April 2021)
Hendry, Barbara Joan 
Patricia Heney (September 1, 2016)
Joosten, Joseph Michael 
Kershow, Richard (2008)
Krabbeler, William Peon 
Krieb, Kenneth
Loughlin, Carole Ann
McCarthy, Thomas Daniel
Murgola, Richard John 
Panich, Ann Jacqueline 
Plate, Gunther Otto 
Ritter, Edna Henrietta 
Roche, Raymond Joseph 
Schlicting, Alan Walter 
Sealey, Ronald William 
Seide, Thelma Julia 
Stupplebeen, Sandra Lynne 
VanWart, David Fred 
Walsh, Nancy Sue
Watkins, Kathryn Mary 
Ziegler, Florence Genevieve
Zivica, Edward J. (Sept 2015)

Class of 1959

Michael Anglim
James Armstrong
Catherine Arnau Milton
Donald Baillie
Joyce Baldwin Kneisel
Elizabeth Berning
Theodore Biniewicz
David Bourque
Susanne Brandt Almer
Michael Burnside
Alice Davidson Foster
Michael Donovan 12-17-2012
Joan Drutman Murphy
Judy Engel Lombardi
Edward Federowicz
Johanna Filardo Hansen
William "Billy" Fink (2016)
Steven Finkelstein
Sue Flanagan Meza
Ken Foran
Veronica Frech Trinkle
Roy Fricke
Patricia Fuchs
Richard Gillette
Jeff Goldstone
Frances Grillo Fortunato
Shirley Hackmack Gould
Robert Healy
Christine Heidt Beasey
Elizabeth Herzog Conrad
Virginia Howell Poynter
Barbara Jones Leedy
Patricia Labanowski Loder
Harry Larkin
Jacci LaSalle Galucci 10-27-2016
Joel Lasky
Henry Lichtenstein
John Lorenzo
William Lyman
John McHugh
Bruce Mentnech
Daniel Moscato (November 7, 2020)
Alice Mitchell
Henry O'Brien
Fritz Pawlitschek
Stephen Peschel
James Poitras 7-04-2015
Carl Probst 11-4-2018
Cathy (Proctor) Howland
Joseph Pugarelli
Willian Queen
Patricia Romaine
Jeanne Russo
Constance Santacroce Velez
Carol-Lynn Schaff
Richard Schefano
Paul Seith
Mike Shura
Robert Simpson
Raymond Sitler
Lawrence Slofkin
Patricia Smith
Elaine Sotis Koehler
Robert Stermer
Tony Toscano 10/10/2016
Celia Verde Davis
Peter Vita
Robert Wilson
Robert Zeltmann

Class of 1960

Jill Altman
Pat Armstrong (June 2011)
Janet Beinert
Carole Bianchi
Robert Birkel
Carol Boyce
Thomas Bucco
Gaspar Buscarino
Tommy Carlucci
Ann Carmody
Marie Catrone
Arthur Center
John Joseph Cubow
Dennis Cuti (October 5, 2016)
Noel Dennis
Dick DiLeo
Gail Ann Erhardt Isaksen
Robert A. Farrell
Pete Gaffney
Susan Gilbert Finder
Arlene Gertzen (2018)
Fred Goldman
Joann Gorman
Lenny Grumo
Elizabeth Hardick
Dottie Keegan
Kelly (Barbara Kellman) Lark (June 10th 2022)
Patricia Kelly (May 12, 2018)
Thomas Kowalski
Rosemary Krabbler Berger
Neil Lensky
Carl Margolis
Billy Matthews
Tom Manaskie, May 10, 2015
Helen Mangialomini Coulmas
Doug Moran
Dave McCoy
John Muldoon (Nov 2019)
Jeff Muller
Robert Nadell
Barbara Peat
Barbara Pesta Muller
John Petree
Martin Puccio
Fran Reganato
Judy Richards
Henry Ristow
Steve Ruggiero
Carolyn Ruiz
Mabel Ann Sassatelli
Karen Ann Savino Walsh (2009)
Ralph Schiavone (Vietnam Oct 3, 1968)
Lee Schneider
William "Bill" Schrimpe (2011)
Eileen Scott
Thomas Sherry
George Smith
Barbara Staker Jacquemin
Diane Marie Telesky
Mary Jane Walsh (1999)
Peter Wells (2016)
Roy Zolnoski

Class of 1961

Robert Aiello
Mary Allan
Barbara Allan
Robert Antonetti
Bonnie Auer
Mildred Baden
Joe Baumann
Helen Biser Villazon (2018)
Dan Burke (2017)
Eddie Caesar
Mary Calhoun
Joseph Carpenter
Stephen Chapen
William Chomyk (Vietnam April 22, 1968)
Artie Clemenz (April 2014)
Antoinette (Colascione) Fisher (January 24 2021)
Patricia Colvell
Sandra Cuttright
Catherine D'Angelo
Marty Diamond
Steve Dinora
James Edwardson
Pat Entenmann
Tommy Farrell
Joyce Gabrielsen Casale (2013)
Gerald Gilson (February 25, 2020)
Shari Gilbert
Diane Giordano
David Goldstein (May 31, 2020)
Margaret Gomez
David Goodrich (2016)
Ellen Gorenstein
Linda Gray
Peter Gregoritsch
Hank Guerra (March 14, 2016)
Carol Ann Heck (April 1994)
Ken Henkel (October 23, 2009)
Arlene Isaksen (May 31, 2004)
Peter Jonsson
Ruth Kapstatter
Barbara Kleiss
Arnie Klingenberg (2013)
Ronald LeBrecht (March 28, 2020)
George Leek
Vincent "Vinnie" Luna (2016)
Palmer Maas 11/08/16
Carol Matthews
Vincent McAvoy
Bill Moran
Pat Triolo Moran (April 2010)
Thomas Moran
Cynthia Moulton
Stephen "Skip" Murphy
Dennis Naso
Bernie Nygren
Joe Oddo
Eileen (O'Halloran) Holmes
John O'Hanley
Larry O'Shaughnessy
Joanne Pace
John Partheymuller
Diane Robb
Jeff Rock (December 17, 1995)
Neil Rosen
James Ross (2004)
Don Rowe
Artie Rutz
Joan Sabatella Plock (2011)
Howie E. Schack
Dave Sollod (August 17, 1998)
Barbara Solomon (2013)
Patricia Spinelli
Dennis Stillman
David Storch
Ronnie Strockbine
Ron Tabachnick
Judy Tisdale
Paul Douglas Walkowski (Vietnam May 21, 1966)
Lois Werneburg
Bob Gleason Wesley
Rosemary Wheeler
Tom Woodruff
Bob Zarczynski

Class of 1962

Abramowitz, Renee Nails
Emerson Ray (Kim)) Allen IV (May 4, 2018)
Armstrong, Merritt
Benedict, Mary
Benson, Virginia
Bergin, Mike
Berning, Herman
Bloom, Susan
Blum, Reynold (Ray)
Brophy, Tom
Brousseau, Francis
Bruwer, Barbara
Burke, Eugene
Caglione, Thomas
Capelli, Michael "Mike" (October 15, 2019)
Carlin, Seth (July 28, 2016 in France)
Cavaluzzo, Bernice
Chameides, Lois
Christ, Jeanette Ellen (Jeannie)
Christopher, Robert
Chupka, Kenneth
Clark, James
Cochran, Patricia
Dickerson, Warren
Dierker, Robert
Dowling, Rosemary
Duncan, Bruce
Dwyer, Elizabeth (Betty)
Dziegelewski, Steve (12/8/2019)
Louise Fandozzi Ross
Fetten, Gerald
Findlay, George 
Foster, Robert
Francis, Donna Dougherty
Gaffney, Patricia
Gallagher, Patrick
Gavril, Sally
Gerard, Florence
Giese, Wes
Gillette, MaryJane
Gruber, Gail Katala
Harding, Ruth
Heney, Mike
Hughes, William 'Bill'
Huttle, Jane
Kingsley, George
LaFeir, Ronald
Lambert, Peter
LaRocca, Joseph
Lodato, William 'Bill'
Marcheneck, Kenneth
Massielo, Marie Graham
Mondschein, Frank (2006)
Nave, Patricia
Newell, James
Poma, William
Przybyszewski, Barbara
Tanya Radgowski Hawrylowicz (4 August 2004)
Reimer, James
Rupply Rita
Saeger, Ray
Samberg, Norman
Saurer, Judy
Solonche, David
Spinner, George
Strickland, Lee
Sullivan, John
Wilenski, Stan, Jr. (Vietnam, April 19, 1970)
Winant, Marion (Sept. 21, 2013)
Wyer, Sharon

Class of 1963

Carolyn Bailey (May 2018)
Salvatore Barlotta
Larry Bartkus
Forest Beardale
Karen DeHart (Sept 7, 2022)
Frank DiMelfi
Robert Evaschuk
George Filippone
Bonnie Garrison
Merrill Goldstein (April 2008)
Richard Guljord
Dave Henry
Laura Hamma
Roger Hille
Joseph Horowitz
Nelson Kass (May 2018)
Robert Kiernan
Jeanne Kluepfel Scott

Jeanne Knight Faske
Richard Koebele (1997)
John Komar
Ed Kramer
Joe Kussoff
Rose Lacognata Yanez (2010)
Bruce Ladisic (1980)
Donna Lerner
Leigh Manelski
Carol Marsh (2003)
Joseph Mark Mazzone (Vietnam Sept 22, 1968)
William McCleneghen
Michael Monohan (1976)
Renee Moos
Tom Nelson
Arlene Osinski
Donald Otten (Aug 13, 2017)
Claire Provenzano
Hillary (Reda) Buzen Van-Scoy (2014)
William "Perry" Richmond
Delores Roman Arundel
Paul Sawtelle (Vietnam April 16, 1971)
Kenneth "Ken" Staker
Frank Stephan
Stan Switala
Paul Tava  (9/11 survivor)
Kevin Tisdell
Larry Trubinski
Ava Wrubel

Class of 1964

Altman, Jeffrey
Blust, Stuart (June 2007)
Onifrio Chicco
James J. Cooney (2010)
Diane Crews Ruhoy (2009)
Kathleen Jacob Curtin-Antoniades
Richard Dijulio
Richard Elfring
John David Faichney
Fargano, April (Kozak) (May 2012)
Volkert (Fred) Fruedden
Otto K. Gabrielsen, Jr. (Oct 13, 2014)
Allan Robert Gianelli (Vietnam Sept 14, 1968)
Goldmacher, Eddie
Guastella, Lawrence
Henningsen, Charles (2021)
Peggy Ingino (February 2015)
Jayne Kelleher
Robert Kofahl
Levine, Ken
Manny Loiacono (February 2020)
Linda Lorper Alfani
Diane Maynard
Donald A. McHugh
Howie Menzies (2008)
Nancy Kris Moran Bercov July 13, 2018
O'Brien, Stephen (2014)
Michael Oliva (May 2019)
Suzanne Pankoff (2020)
Mildred Polsenski (2012)
Robert Plonski
Linda Pozzuoli Sguigna (March 26, 2006)
Marcel (Marty) H. Reinhardt February 2, 2012
Virginia Reinhardt (3 Oct. 2020)
Rocco, Linda (January 2014)
Mark Rosenthal (2004)
Michael Samberg
Scanlan, Maureen
Charles Schuster
Bruce Sollod (1962)
Charles Triolo
Christine Whitehurst (October 2019)

Class of 1965

Barbara Macner Baker (2016)
Ronni Berger (2001)
William Calhoun
Doreen Cimmino-Zappala (02/16/2017)
Kathleen Colvell Kalogeras (March 12, 2012)
Cynthia Jane Colvett Evans (December 20, 2016)
Charlie Coney (05/11/2020)
Robert Cossin
Robert Doman
Robert Flashenberg (1961)
Warren Galke (2006)
Barbara Garner Cartwright (2009)
James A. Geiseking Jr (2012)
Joanne Goodman
Charlie Graham
Shelley Grether Evans
Dennis F. Gunnigle (March 9, 2018)
Joe Havlik
Judy Henry Falkowski (2009)
Ralph "Buddy" Heberer (May 15, 1986)
Fred William Hendrickson Jr (Skippy) Jan 2, 2015
John Henneberger (1988)
Barbara Hicks
Greg Hoberock
Bob Hoops
Mary Kathleen (HUBNER) Patwell (2006)
Judith Kellman
Barbara Koglin
Mark Horowitz (1991)
Marie Maliza
Anthony "Tony" Masi  (Sept 14, 2018)
Denise Mausolf Tackett
Charlie McCauley
Philip Mc Crea
Jeanne Iannuzzi McCue (1997)
Eileen McGreevey
Rita Barett McManomen (2015)
Shelly Menzin (2005)
Dianne Millett Giansante (December 11, 2014)
Lorraine Morseman
Pat Neder
Elizabeth Pelzar
Kit Penndorf
Mitchell Pollock (June 1974)
Grace Robbins
Mary Romano Williams
Robert Rosenfeld
Francis Rysanek
Phyllis Sakadinsky
Richard Shapiro
Sharon Shay Wallace ( February 2019)
Lloyd Shuvall
Jeanne Steinmann
James Edward Stolz, Jr. (Vietnam Nov 18,1970)
Phil Storch
Edward Sullivan
Patricia Swan
Stephen Swanson
Bill Telesky (Fl 2018)
Stanley Robert Tomasovic (Vietnam Oct 28, 1966)
Henry Treutler (Nov 11, 1984)
Henry Kolff Von Osterwyk
George Wafer (2015)
John Walker (1999)

Class of 1966  

Hyperlink to In Memoriam video for class of 1966

Victor Brunette
Glenn Buechmann
James Conaghan (January 7, 2020)
Michaael Dantuono
Rose Marie Esposito
Stephen W. Francis
David Fyfe
Jerry Gardiner
Jim Genovese
Joe Guerra
Carol Gwiasda
Richard Felman (Dec 21, 2016)
Nancy Hellsten Schuster (March 4, 2017)
Donald Walter Hollenbach (Vietnam Nov 22, 1968)
Mike Knipper
Carl Noel Kozma (Vietnam Feb 22, 1969)
John Kulier
Jeannette Laplante (2003)
Martin "Marty" LoMonaco (Nov 2014)
James McGeever
Stephan Morris, MD
Joe Motylenski
Joseph J. Mure (2010)
Patricia, Oehler (Jan 19, 2013)
Kenneth Payne
Barnet Priceman (July 12, 2018)
Jim Quinlan (1980s)
Peter Rice (8/25/2020)
Charles Roby (Dec 2020)
Michael Secko
Charles W. Smith (2004)
Tom Thogode (Nov 23, 2019)
Lauretta Tranchina Thunnel Sept 27, 2015
John Uss (August 1, 2019)
Pennie Wilbur Lillis (2005)

Class of 1967

Kathy Adams
John Alex
Yvonne 'Bonni' Aronoff
Alex Artesani ( December 14, 2019)
Mark Bannon
William 'Billy' Barrett
Lucille Bartilucci
Paulette Beniamino Yarsinske
Howard Blauvelt
Jeff Bloom
Joyce Brown
Bob Capel
Joyce (Brown) Castaldo Feb. 16, 2016 Walden, NY.
Artie Catanzarita
Carey Chalmers
Ellen Chernow
Rose Marie Cillis
Connie DePaoli Hall Aguora, CA
Irene Doino Lien
Frank Dove
John Dowling
James 'Jim' Egan
Nancy Engleman Glick
Patricia Farnan (1975)
Michael Field
Steve Garb
Stephen Gay
James Giarraputo
Barbara Giel Wrobelwski
Ronald 'Ronnie' Giorlando
Gail Goodman
David Greene
Bill Griffin
Danny Grumo
Susan Heinz
Linda Hildebrandt Volo
Karen Kaitin
Deborah Keller
Eileen Kennedy
George Kist
Yvonne Kochman
Florence 'Flossi' Koziuk
Rick Kramer
Richard Labanowski Suffolk, NY
Irene Doino Lien
Vinnie Longo
Brian Low
Vincent Malizia
Thomas Manelski
Philip S. McCafferty (December 2006)
Christopher "Chris" McEntee 3 Aug. 2020)
Thomas H. McGowan
Patricia Molaro
Peter Monahan
Dennis J. Morrow (June 2018)
Steven Muller
James O'Regan
Peter O'Reilly
Joe Patalona
Maureen Payne
Cathy Phelan (1968)
Darelyn Poole
Eileen Quigley Stephan
Ronald Reinheimer
Lorraine Richards Fetten (2005)
James Riches
Doug Rickmeyer
Ruth Ellen Rogers
Andy Rosenblatt
Kevin 'Doc' Russell
David Rule
Richie Samuels
Lea Santos
Mike Sarluco
Paul Schult
Steve Sheppard
Bill Squire
Robert Taub
Robert Tillman
Audrey Traylor
John Trela
Christine Van Wagenen
Frank Waligora
Michele Williams
Kenneth Wright
Heidi Zoehfeld

Class of 1968

William Arthur Aldag (Vietnam Feb 24, 1970)
Gary Bannon
Jayne Berkowitz Ponton
Kevin Blochl
Ron Carman
Ben Cassmer (2022)
Bob Courtney
Isabel Doolittle
Jacqueline "Jackie" Eckler Bove
Gary Gabois
Diane Ghisone
John Gullo
John Hassler
Lorraine Heitshusen
Lola Herfel
Tom Koszalka
Charles H. Lamoureaux III
Richard Lederer (11/16/2010)
Bob Levy
Mary Jo Hemgen Livingston
Robert McAvoy
John McClain
Richard Midgett April 2011
Peter Monohan
Kathy O'Donnell
Bob Phelan
Christine Polidora
Steve Rickert
Richard T. Rowan (6/27/2012)
Ted Shapiro (2021)
Linda Soncini
Barbara Tedesco
Mike Vevante
Joseph Webb
Conrad Zink
Robert Zwirblis 

Class of 1969

Mary Jane (Alfo) Leo (2014)
Donald Anglin
Amy Blinderman
Joanne Alfano Brown
Douglas Browning
Jacqueline (Campolettano) Mahlstadt (2000)
Ron Carman
Carol Catanese
Thomas Cauley (May 18, 2008)
Carrie Clark
Marty Cohen
Lorraine Macchia Gensinger Jan 17, 2015
Antonio "Tony" Guerra, jr (August 2009)
Dennis Hand (July 16, 2021)
Lynne Harrison (Nov 23, 1951 - Nov 24, 2002)
Allison Hnatuk
William Ingino
Bernadette Jones
Jeffrey Kestel
Hope Lambert
Andrea Notaro
Robert Ohlhausen
Craig Peck
Michael J. Peterson
Ellen Petra
Roxanne Pfeiffer Carman
James Plaia April 21, 2019
Mary Ellen Porrazzo Feb. 2017
Jim Powers
Christine Rossini
Florence Russell
Kenneth Santipadri
Alfonso Squillante
Mary Stoneham
Karen Taylor
Dennis Ventura
Michael Vevante
Vicki Vrona (6-15-2015)
Donald Walters (February 21, 2008)
Richard "Rick" Zahora (Sept 5, 1984)
Edward Zawadski
Michael Zeussman

Class of 1970

Lloyd Binger
Beth Leon (April 1967)
Victoria Macukiewicz
Patricia (Trish) Medina
Barbara Michaels Jesselli
Andee Rappazzo
Henry Schein (1996)
Jeffrey Schlegel (2009 in Argentina)
David Spindel (Feb. 2013)

Class of 1971

Joseph P. Anello (10/18/1985)
Dale Balvin
Syndie Bender
Russell Bookstaver
Gwen Cobb
Martin D'Amico (8/28/2016)
Anthony "Tony" Esposito (Dec. 2001)
Elizabeth Gengler (1976)
Adam Geslak (8/22/2013)
Wayne Kendal
Patricia Leahy Callahan (Aug. 18, 2016)
Katherine "Kathy" Perkins
Steve Pollicino (September 11th, 2001)
John Anthony Romanelli (December 16, 2014)
Tom Sanderson
Warren Uss (February 23, 1952 - July 15, 2014)
Thomas Zwirblis

Class of 1972

Megan Bailey Palmer (October 8, 1954 - August 1994)
Douglas Brenton (December 31, 1953 - May 28, 2015)
Michael Cerlini (December 24, 1953 - August 29, 2017)
Stephen Choules (July 31, 1954 - December 4, 1990)
Gareth Christensen (February 11, 2017)
Lynn Foglia Hansford (September 29, 1954 - July 20, 2012)
Clifford Garone (March 17, 1954 - April 8, 2004)
William Glueckert (December 5, 1953 - April 8, 2016)
Allen Goodman (July 16, 1954 - July 13, 2005) 
Guy Carter Haesler (October 1, 1954 - September 20, 1988)
Kim Michael Holmes (November 21, 1954 - December 7, 1993)
Lori Kaufman Sachare (April 16, 1954 - August 14, 2015)
William Kelly (July 27, 1953 - June 11, 1994) 
William Koukos (July 12, 1954 ~ Feb. 8, 2010)
Donna McCaffrey Squigna (December 27, 1953 - March 28, 2014) 
Craig Mehler (November 8, 1953 - 
Alan Meltzer (April 12, 1954 - February 24, 2004)
Ray Mirro (October 12, 1954 - July 19, 2018)
Tom Monte (March 28, 1954 - December 13, 2000) 
Donald F. Moran Jr. (June 9, 1954 - September 24, 2003)
Jeffrey O'Brien (September 4, 1954 - 
Carla Patoka Cohen (June 24, 1954 - April 15, 2003)
Susan Pennesi Coscia (December 28, 1953 - October 12, 2002)
William Piccirilli (April 15, 1954 - November 8, 2016)
Kevin Rapp (June 30, 1954 - May 17, 2012) 
Diane Romano (March 4, 1954 - June 28, 2008)
Joe Rybak (August 19, 1954 - March 8, 2000) 
William Schulman (July 8, 1954 - January 3, 2018)
Anthony Shubert (March 2008)
Donna Schuman McAllister (October 16, 1954 - March 9, 2000) 
James Sedden (May 15, 1953 - May 2, 1983) 
John C. Shannon 
Patricia Sonneborn (February 25, 1954 - November 22, 1978)
Phil Spalletta (November 19, 1954 -November 5, 2015)
Glen Urschel (January 30, 1954 - January 22, 2018)
Anthony Vanacore (June 25, 1954 - April 10, 1989) 

Class of 1973

Ton Bergin (2018)
Herbert Bradensten (2021)
Dennis Calma (Sept 1980)
William Champouillon (July 27, 2021)
Mark Ferdschneider (6-22-2015)
Matthew Fitzner
Noreen Hilton
Stephanie O'Sullivan Hannon (12/9/1987)
William "Bill" Heale
Karla Jurgelevich 
Mark Knott
Nancy Kreyling Woodcheke (May 10, 2003)
Diane Lobel (08/14/2013)
Jimmy Lynch
Lucy Loukas (1992)
Al Mathon (8/ 27/2016)
Steve Meier (07/19/1988)
Deborah Murray
Lori Nadelman
Gary Olsen (12/23/2000)
Marc Potack (1/14/2014)
Anita Robilotto
Steven Sussman
Kathy Wallace
Alex Wasiluk
Mark Zimmerman (3/14/04)

Class of 1974

Mark Asam B: March 17, 1956, D:January 23, 1996
Debbie Berg
John Boesenberg B:March 17, 1956, D:May 17, 2017
Bonnie Brigandi
Vincent Campanello

Dave Cheslock
Bob Colangelo
Helena Coletta
Dina DeLape
Rosemary Effinger
Terry Farrell B:March 10, 1956, D:Sept. 11, 2001
John Fippinger
Kevin French
Karen Forte
Diane Jean Garcia B:August 16, 1956, D:Oct. 18, 2011
Thomas Gavin 2020
Helaine Gottesman (November 5, 2006)
Joseph Grams
Gail Gray
Mark Greenberg
June Gutekunst
Artie Johnn
Danny Koebel (September 4, 2005)
Ronald Kraft
Bobbi Layne
John Logoskiy
Robert Loechel
Steve Montovani
Salvatore Pagano (June 3, 1996)
Tommy Quinn
Valerie Richards
Susan Rizzi (2002)
Gary Schwab
Debbie Sigillo
Jim Skelly
Linda Sluder
Joanne Spinella
Matt Toich
Glen Urschel
James Wheeler (June 13, 2006)
Maura Walker Wolowski (2006)
Cathy Wilson 

Class of 1975

Daniel L. Arena (11/08/2016)
Ronald Bellan
James Bennett
Robert Buckley
Ed D'Amico
Helena Coletta
Tony Dinardo
George Emmel
Paul Forman
John Freeman
Cynthia Gingras Marmora
Brendon Guastella
Lynelle Killmeyere Mahtocigala
George King
Deborah Kochman Levy
Kenneth "Kenny" Luniewski (07/27/2004)
Uwe Maldener
Ronnie McCarthy Quigley (May 2014)
Virginia McGowan
John Roddy Rice (6-30-1975 construction accident)
Robert Romeo
Robert Schuman
William Shannon
Patricia Sherwood
Robert Silverman
William Stine
Mary Ellen Talento
Kevin Wilson
Loreen Zahn
Christine Zounek

Class of 1976

Paul Bellacera
William "Bill" Dow (January 6, 2016)
Evangeline Econ
Ron Kerwin  Lieutenant / FDNY &
Chief Levittown FD   9/11/2001
Dorothy Barrett Russo, March 24, 2022 in Florida
Kathryn Serrell
Janice Strow
Frank Volpe September 17, 2015

Class of 1977

Abuhoff, Scott
Bashan, Wendy
Bayersdorfer, Lee
Collins, Michael
D'Antonio, Julia
DiMarzo, Donna
Duperron, Larry
Erhart, Laurie
Esposito, Robert
Evans, Sandra
Ralph Forte
Gesslein, George
Gries, James
Handwerk Melissa
Harvey, Peter
Hayes, Keith
Horton, Terri
Maietta, Laura
McAvoy, Joanne
McCann, William
Miller, Kevin
Parisen, James
Phelisse, Phillip
Powell, Jeffrey
Riscica, Joe
Saur, Barbara
Seif, Patricia
Smart, Nancy
Smart, Susan
Spitzer, Roberta
Sweeney, Robert
Toth, Richard
Tromsdorff, Linda
Vaccaro, Richard
Joseph Waldinger
Whelehan, Robert
Julie Bannon Wilicki

Class of 1978

Kevin Drummond
Phyllis Quigley Greiner (January 11, 2020)
Helene Field Hoffman
Rocco Marciano
Ellen Schnebel
Charles Wayte

Class of 1979

Rev. Ellen Mary (Coakley) Di Trolio

Class of 198


Pete Franco
Evan Golub

Class of 1983

Mike Berrios died while we were in high school. 
Danny Burke
Barbara Esposito Ryan  April 2010
John Larkin  October 16, 1982.
Patricia Spacey Santaniello, Oct. 8, 1999
Anthony Spinosa  January 14 2010. 

Class of 1986

Suzanne Arnett Willner (September 11, 2021)

Class of 1989

Thomas Pedecini (Cantor Fitzgerald - 9/11 victim)
Walter Weaver (P.O. NYPD ESU 3 - 9/11 victim)

Class of 2000

Adam Daniel Bruckner (2006)

Class of 2005

Matthew Cummings
Thomas Mantello

Class of 2007

Anthony Geslak (8/5/2017)

Class Unknown

Williams Mary Romano


William O'Doherty HHS 

Madeline Wicksel Dutch Lane
Last Residence was Syosset, New York
Born 7 July 1923
Died 25 August 2010