Jim (James A.) White

In Hicksville High Also Known As  (AKA): Jimmy/Mouse

Spouse/Partner...Linda, Deceased, 2001

Were you classmates at HHS? No

Where did you meet? How long ago? Met in March of '69 at work.

Married How Long? Date Married: Married June 20, 1969... 32 years

Children/Grandchildren: Son Matthew, Daughter Tanya, Grandsons from Matt: Nathan 8 and Thomas 1 1/2

Where do you currently live?: Saint Petersburg , Florida 33707

Favorite Subject in High School: Physics with Munch

Name of my Favorite Teacher: Munch

Favorite Place to meet Friends Outside of School: That corner diner across from um... ah... that Hamburger Joint (CRS - Can't Remember Shit!)

Favorite Non-Academic School Club or Activity: Pickin' up girls

Occupation/Trade/Profession: Electronic Engineer

Education Beyond High School : 2 semesters at Stonybrook (Loan Program Canceled)

Military Service: Drafted 2 weeks after I left Stonybrook, 2 years Army, 18months inVietnam

Hobbies/Pastimes: R/C Aircraft, Computers, drinking Vodka, driving my Vette

One thing that no one knows about me is: I like Listening to Barbara Streisand, HATE her politics

Now the hard one. Tell us what we need to know...51 years in the space below:

Although it has been sold a few times and changed its name many times, I have worked for the same company for 45 years... started in 1969 as a Technician and now I am Chief Engineer.  Married for 32 years.  I believe in long relationships.

My times at HHS are very fond memories.  It's sad that I'm not in touch with many of my old friends.  I had a brief reunion with Vince Braun and his wonderful wife when I moved to Shirley.  He lived nearby.  Then the company moved to Florida and I couldn't turn down the opportunity (no State tax J).

Finally, if you had to do it all over again, I would... have married Nancy Human.