Stephen Ragusea

Class of 1965


Your Name: Dr. Stephen A. Ragusea

In Hicksville High Also Known As (AKA):  Steve Ragusea

Spouse/Partner...  Kathleen Fox Ragusea

Were you classmates at HHS?  No

Where did you meet? How long ago?  We met in 1970 when I was teaching in Dayton , Ohio .

Married How Long? Date Married:  50 years, since 1971

Children/Grandchildren:  Two children and three grandchildren

Where do you currently live?  126 Victoria Lane , Lewisburg , PA   17837

Favorite Subject in High School:  Theater

Name of my Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Weber

Favorite Place to meet Friends Outside of School:  The Sweet Shop

Favorite Non-Academic School Club or Activity:  Theater

Occupation/Trade/Profession: Clinical Psychologist

Education Beyond High School :

Doctor of Psychology degree from Baylor University

Military Service: None

Hobbies/Pastimes:  Gardening

One thing that no one knows about me is: I'm an open book.

Now the hard one. Tell us what we need to know...50 years in the space below:

After Hicksville High, I majored in theater at Nassau Community College (AA) and Bowling Green State University (BS) in Ohio.  I did some work in professional theater and TV but became a teacher for six years where I got more interested in kids and psychology than in show biz.  I became a clinical psychologist who specialized in family therapy, neuropsychology, and forensic psychology.  I taught at Penn State , Harvard Medical School , and other locations.  I was president of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and was appointed to the Board of Psychology by Governor Tom Ridge .  If interested, you can see my background on my webpage at  I have two highly successful sons, three wonderful grandchildren and a lovely wife I've been with for 50 years.  We've lived in Ohio , Pennsylvania , Iowa , Texas and then Key West for 15 years before recently moving back to Pennsylvania .

Finally, if you had to do it all over again, I would... be much more confident about myself and my ability to help make the world a little better.  I would have taken school a little more seriously and appreciated more while being less critical in general.