Robert Berger



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I met Ronnie, my future wife, 51-years ago while still in high school. The chance meeting was while I was visiting Plainview . I've lived on Long Island all my life with the exception of five years. After Ronnie and I were married back in December of 1964, we settled into a temporary situation in Queens . Ronnie and I have two children and two grandchildren.

I have a Bachelor's Degree (BBA) and a Master's Degree (MBA) in Business Administration. My profession for all those years was as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

We moved back to Long Island in 1969 and ultimately wound up in DelRay Beach , Florida in October of 2009 and currently work as a semi-retired CPA. I make a bi-monthly trip to New York and spend a week.

My spare time is filled with automobiles, tennis and Poker.

I am fortunate. I have a great life, wife and family. The only thing I would do differently...go into the navy right out of high school, then head to college.