Biographical Sketch for Paul Bady (Badu) class of 1962


My journey through life after high school includes being a hippie in the 60's, taking a shot at being a movie producer (The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers in Gone With The Weed) in the 70's, committing my life to God in the 80's, discovering the true meaning of Jesus' sacrifice and God's grace in the 90's, and making a mid-life career change from marketing, advertising, and sales (I had started editing and publishing a local monthly Business Journal in 1996) to the alcohol and drug treatment field in 2003.
After living continuously in northern California since 1975, where I most recently worked as a certified substance abuse counselor, in 2008 I relocated to my ancestral home on Acre Lane in Hicksville to assist my parents, both of whom have since passed away (mom in 10/08 and dad in 4/09). My plan now is to take care of the "estate" and return home to California to be near my family and go back to school.
Currently, I am single (divorced from my second wife in 1999). I have four children, the oldest was born in 1968 and the youngest in 1984, all of whom are married. I have seven grandchildren.
I enjoy making music (I play guitar and sing) and watching movies. One of these days, I hope to continue working on a recovery-related sci-fi novel that I began writing several years ago.