Patricia Kratzel Caparole

Class of 1960



    Pat Graduation                          Pat & Grandson

After graduation from Hicksville High, I attended St. John's University in Queens .  I graduated as a permanently certified teacher in NY State.

I taught in the Commack district for 7 yrs as a third grade teacher.

My husband's name was Ron Caporale.  We were married for 38 yrs and then he suddenly passed away on Christmas night. We were driving home from my son's house after a family holiday dinner.

I continued to teach and presently teach part time at a private school in Northport NY .

In my spare time I take care of my daughter's son, Johnny. The daughter is a full time Kindergarten teacher.  I also belong to a gym, walk with friends and play with my dog Frankie.

I would like to take a yoga class but I have to find the time.  I love to travel and have been on 7 cruises.

Additionally, I toured the Canadian Rockies and visited San Francisco , Seattle and Colorado .

I am thrilled to have recently re-connected with 2 friends through Classmates.  There are many more out there I would like to reach.