Patricia Battersby

I got married in 1964 and the marriage lasted until a divorce in 1981. My ex and I had three children.

I worked as an account executive but retired after 19 years when the company was sold. A benefit of the employment is that I had continuing health benefits until I was 65.

Being single, I am associated with many singles and church groups. I do have the privilege of being part of the Hicksville Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary for the past 45 years. I currently serve as their county delegate.

I am so happy to have the task of watching my 12-year-old grand daughter.

I also indulge in part time activities that include working part time for the school district and for working part time as a proctor for Civil Service exams.

I am blessed with 6 grand children and 3 great grandkids!!!

Today's economy makes everything a little harder to accomplish but I still consider myself luckier than several others in my situation.

Life is good!

I still get high when involved in my pastimes that include bowling, golf and dancing.

When asked what I would change about my past. I don't think I would change a thing because I've been pretty lucky and have great friends, "new and old."