Robert Lucania Biographical sketch

Name:  Robert Lucania

Graduation:  Class of 1973

In  Hicksville  High Also Known As:  Bob

Spouse:  Ursula Schneider - Lucania           

Were you classmates at HHS: No

Where did you meet:  Ramstein-Miesenbach , Germany

How long ago:  27 years ago            

Married how long:  25 years

Date married: 1995 (on my 40th birthday)  

Children/Grandchildren:  2 cats (children with fur)

Where do you currently live:  Germany   

Favorite subject in high school:  Sociology

Name of my favorite teacher: It's a draw between Mr. August Alfieri and Mr. Kenneth McGinness, actually all the teachers were cool in their own way

Favorite place to meet friends outside of school:  Hicksville Movie Theater

Favorite non-academic school club or activity:  Battle of the bands       

Occupation/Trade/Profession:  Last three professions: Air Force Commander 2007 - 2010, Director Army Bavaria Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Program 2011 - 2018 and now retired working as researcher, author and speaker on leadership topics    

Major education beyond high school:   A.A. Nassau Community College , B.S. New York University, MPA Troy University, Fellowship Human Resources Air Force Institute of Technology and Air War College Air University    

Military Service:  Active Duty United States Air Force 1974 -2010

Hobbies/Pastimes:  Travel, photography, writing and guitar   

One thing that no one knows about me is:  Umm, I'll pass

Biographical Sketch:  I attended Old Country Road School enjoying baseball and Boy Scouts. In junior and high school I enjoyed writing and daydreaming, which became my strength...visioning. After graduation, I joined the Air Force (AF). I served in security forces and the elite AF Honor Guard in Washington D.C. I was later commissioned and led several AF medical units. I applied for a German loan and my beautiful wife was the loan officer. I was promoted to colonel and commanded the two largest AF medical squadrons and served as Chief Consultant to AF Surgeon General for Physical Medicine. My three most memorable awards were the AF Legion of Merit, HHS Hall of Fame and Ellis Island Medal of Honor. I retired and directed the Army's Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Program in Bavaria , Germany . I completed the assignment in 2018 and we live in Germany with our two cats Oliver and Smokey.

If you had to do it all over again would you have left Hickville:  I love Hicksville and Long Island ; however, I'm grateful for the opportunity to leave, serve our country, learn from other cultures, experience adventure, help people and save lives.

Cutting Air Force 60th Anniversary cake with Jay Leno

Addressing HHS Class 2009 as Hall of Fame Recipient

Bob and Ursula Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Bob and LGen Flynn Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipients

Bob Lucania and Gayle McGovern CEO Red Cross

Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipients

Battle of bands Hicksville playing with Hitchcock Railway 1970

Security Forces Plattsburg AFB New York 1974

Inspection before Whitehouse approval USAF Honor Guard 1976

Discussing Brain Injures Armed Forces Radio Europe 2017

Promotion picture to colonel 2007

Smokey and Oliver 2019

Bob and Ursula Venice 2017

Presenting Research paper on Health Effects on
Leadership Decision-Making Germany 2019