Lois Chaber


My roller coaster life post-HHS began when I picked up an unsuitable husband at Ithaca College. We moved west and resumed studies at UCLA. Subsequently, we did graduate studies at University of Virginia, where we divorced and I collected husband #2. After obtaining Ph.D. in English, began teaching at SUNY-Albany, where I became an ardent feminist & dumped AC-DC husband #2. Husband #3, NZ architect and project manager, was third-time lucky (34 years!), but we've had many travails as well as mind-blowing world travels. In Tehran, taught in women's college; first child Sybil born during the Iranian Revolution; next in Qatar, my second child born and husband Neil framed in Sharia Court by villainous sheikhs, and I had ups and downs at the sex-segregated university. 1986: Settled inadvertently in London (fantastic city!); did scholarly research until starting part-time teaching at private American University (1997-2007). 1990s recession forced Neil to work alone in Nigeria for 3 years, while Sybil succumbed to severe mental illness and tragically took her life in 1999. Published family memoir The Thing inside My Head (Amazon). Daughter Molly a free-lance photographer; Neil directs school building projects; I divide my time between literary research, Quakers, mental health voluntary work.