Bio Sketch

Henry Landau class of 1960


Shown above at graduation, a high school reunion and with Joyce

My wife Joyce (Van de Merlen, Hicksville High class of 59) has informed me that if I submit a completely true biography she will not attend this year's reunion, at least not with me. So here is an embellished version of my life after Hicksville High School .

I finally finished college after attending 8 institutions. I am very popular with alumni associations in New York , Connecticut , Indiana , Washington  and Brazil

Between colleges I worked on a dam construction project in a remote area of Brazil . Somehow my draft board found me, loaned me a 45-caliber pistol and sent me to another exotic land.

Not many jobs were available after returning from Viet Nam in 1970 so I went back to school. We next moved to Washington   State  where I finally got a job with a pay check sufficient to take up climbing and cross country skiing and resume my interest in sailing.

After 9 years at the same job with little chance for advancement I started a geotechnical and environmental engineering company. The company is now under new management and is doing very well.

I haven't held a full time job in over 13 years. The governor recently fired me from my part time job as chair of a State Science Advisory Board. She said it was part of her austerity campaign, but since I never received any pay I'm not so sure.

In recent years I have become a Northwest "tree hugger" and taken up long distance kayaking and bicycle riding interspersed with hospital visits to repair damages from bicycle riding. I now host a generous assortment of artificial body parts and have a greater appreciation for the important things in life, especially family and friends.

Some clients are still willing to pay me for engineering consulting. When not working for pay, traveling, or enjoying our grandchildren, I volunteer with several community, environmental and human rights organizations. We split our time between Edmonds , WA , the beautiful San Juan Islands (WA), and Ocean City , NJ .

Somehow Joyce has stayed with me for 45 years. Largely due to Joyce's efforts we have three well-adjusted children and 4 really great grandchildren, all of whom bring us much happiness.