John Bagley


In high school, I was known as John or Jack.

After graduation, I moved to Florida. I found a job in Orlando. It was there I met Suzy and we've been together since our marriage in 1969. It has been 41 years and now I'm looking forward to our fiftieth reunion in 2011.

Suzy and I have two children. My son, John, had two children, and we love our grandkids. John passed from cancer. One of my hobbies is the grandkids. I also enjoy traveling and am into photography.

Prior to getting married, I entered the air force and did a four year stint. After discharge, I got involved in the insurance industry working at loss control. That first endeavor prompted me to learn auditing. That was my career and I finally retired as a Premium Audit Manager in April of 2010.

If I had to do it all over again, I would keep John covered with sunscreen.