Joan Siegl Rudolph
Class of 1961


I never dreamed that I would fall at work and be disabled for life. I was at a good stage in my work and was going to be promoted and given a higher job when it happened.
It wasn't that my life was without heartache. I had polio at nine years of age, but it didn't stop me from much. There were several exceptions. Wearing high heels and running fast were at the top of the list. However, I danced a lot and was able to ride a bike.

Then school was behind me and I was living the good life. Fell in love and got married.

Before I knew it, I was pregnant. Being a mother was great, I loved being pregnant and was anxious for my children to be born. The early years from birth until about 8 years old were very happy years and I loved those years. Then it happens...the fighting begins.

I was blessed with two children, a daughter, Dawn, who still lives in Bay Shore on Long Island with her two children. Dawn's son is fifteen this month (May 2010). Her daughter will turn seventeen in October. I miss my grandchildren so much.

My other daughter, Debbie, had been living in Florida for a few years but couldn't find the job she wanted. She wound up returning to Long Island and her old job.
girls have totally different personalities.
One is very easy to get along with while the other one is too much like me and we fight because we both want control. We are still there for each other but just can't live together. lol
Hated to leave Long Island, but taxes got too high, so husband wanted Florida so here we are. We love Floral City . The community is so nice and quiet and the houses are at least an acre away from each other. Didn't appreciate the closeness of the houses on Long Island . Living too close to your neighbor and being able to hear arguments was not fun.

Favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas, but love the spring and fall weather. We miss the snow but not the ice.

Had another surgery that prohibited use of the computer. Now finally starting to type again.
My husband loves the quiet, fishing, going out on his boat, and sightseeing. We have been on a few cruises ( Hawaii and Tahiti ) and loved them. Of course saving up for Tahiti and Hawaii took us thirty years, but it was our dream vacation.  Now we plan on going on smaller, less expensive cruises in the future.
My mother lives on Edison Street in Hicksville .  My two sisters moved off the island. One lives in Beverly Hills , California and the other in Dunnellon in New Jersey . My brother lives in Michigan .  He used to work with the Sheriffs Department but is now retired working at a school with teenagers.

My husband, Fred, is five years older than me, so, he remembers more people than I do. Fred used to hang out with John Donavan, Bob Henfling and Dave Sailor and many others. Unfortunately I cannot remember their names right now.