Joan Sabatella Plock


I met my husband, Harry, thirty-nine years ago at Smithtown General Hospital. We were married back in 1974, 36 years ago. We have two boys, Michael and Cory. We are very anxious for the arrival of our first grandchild very soon.
When we got married back in 1974, Harry and I moved to Connecticut. We settled in Ridgefield. I spent five years as Chairman of the Board of Education and for the past nine years have been a Selectman.
In most New England towns, the adult voting population gathered annually in a town meeting to act as the local legislature, approving budgets and laws. Day-to-day operations were originally left to individual oversight, but when towns became too large for individuals to handle such work loads, they would elect an executive board of, literally, select(ed) men to run things for them. These men had charge of the day-to-day operations; selectmen were important in legislating policies central to a community's police force, highway supervisors and other officials.

I am involved in running a family consulting business.

If I had to do it all over again I would probably wait longer to get married and have kids and I definitely would finish college. I did have two years of further education at Suffolk Community College.