Gerry Barnett


              Graduation                       Hicksville 1961 Fifty Year Reunion Sep 2011

Graduated high school in 1961 and was married in 1962. My first wife and I had three children. I started a business in 1965 that was successful and functioning into 2011. It was time for me to take a back seat in 2010, so I sold my interest and began working as a consultant and that capacity continues today.

I used to hang out at Peppercorns. This facility is now a restaurant and used to be across the street in the same location as the Marie Street Firehouse. It actually was the first firehouse on Marie Street . As Hicksville expanded, so did the need for a more modern structure, so the brick firehouse was built. However, what gets done with the old wooden structure? Let's move it across the street and that was done.

I met Lynn Olson (class of 1963) at Peppercorns in 1997. We dated for many years and finally we married 17 October 2004. Lynn had one child when we married and now our menagerie of children have blessed us with 7 grandchildren.

Never served in the military and presently enjoy Golf, Boating and Fishing.

I still maintain friendships with many of my neighborhood classmates and we get together for dinner and drinks.

As far as making any changes in my life since high school I wouldn't change a thing! Lynn and I currently live in Islandia , New York .