Francis DeCabia

decabia fran graduation.jpg  anglim mich with fran decabia and billy schrimpe.jpg
                                                         Fran     Bill Schrimpe   Mickey Anglim

Class of 1960

In Hicksville High Also Known As (AKA): Fran

Spouse/Partner... Joanne

Were you classmates at HHS? No

Where did you meet? How long ago? The Rye Golf Club   38 yrs.

Married How Long? Date Married: 35 yrs March 22, 1981

Children/Grandchildren: 3 children; Robert, Lisa, Michael

                                             2 Grandchildren; Nicole 24, Evelyn 5                       

Where do you currently live? Larchmont, NY

Favorite Subject in High School: Gym

Name of my Favorite Teacher: Mr. Bowers

Favorite Place to meet Friends Outside of School: The Sweet Shop

Favorite Non-Academic School Club or Activity: Football/Baseball

Occupation/Trade/Profession: Self Employed, Private Sanitation

Education Beyond High School: Univ. of Tampa / CW Post

Military Service: None

Hobbies/Pastimes: Golf, Cooking

One thing that no one knows about me is: I still have a crush on a certain cheerleader.

Now the hard one. Tell us what we need to know...50 years in the space below:

I'll make it short.

I played college sports, baseball and golf, excelled in golf and played on some mini tours, tried the PGA but it cost a lot and the reward was too little, and playing against the likes of Nicklaus, Trevino, Weiskoff etc wasn't easy so I came back home and went into the family sanitation business. The business grew and when my father retired we liquidated the assets. I had an opportunity to work at a small Wall St firm specializing in government and corporate bonds. I did fairly well and moved up to Senior VP of International Finance with a client base in England, France, Geneva and Rome. I moved to Westchester in the early 1970's, met my wife Joanne, have 3 children, 2 granddaughters, I am in fairly good health, just turned 75.

I often tell my kids and grandkids the best days of my life were my high school days. We were in between wars, rock & roll was in full force, things kept getting better and we all respected each other. Sad those days are gone.

Finally, if you had to do it all over again, I would...Not change a thing. I had some bad times like most but the good times outweigh the bad and I'm happy