Ellen Gorenstein Kamil

It's been very interesting finding out who we've become. Aside from turning older, that is.

I won't be able to come to the reunion, but did pull out my yearbook from the Senior Trip.  What a trip that was! I'm (still) married to a college professor and we're about to embark on our last sabbatical before Alan retires.

I went through a few careers - medical technician - nuclear medical  technician - and ended up doing case management at an Area Agency for Aging in Massachusetts while Alan taught at the University of Massachusetts .

When we moved to Nebraska in 1990 I started volunteer work.  Hospice, and Lincoln Literacy Council, helping Afghan women adjust to life in America .  Many of them are now speaking English with my N.Y. Accent.

My daughter and the 3 grandchildren live near Seattle , my son lives in Brooklyn .

For sabbatical, we'll be in Seattle Dec. to mid-March, then mid-March through June in Kyoto .  Learning Japanese is akin to pulling teeth, for me, but I hope to be able to put my tutoring to good use as well as learn some interesting weaving techniques to share with my guild.

By the time I return home, I'm going to be very short on both money, and energy.  I'm already vertically challenged.

Have a great reunion.