Doris Fischman


Where do you live currently?

405 North Ocean Blvd #804 , Pompano Beach , Florida 33062

Married Name:


Known In Hicksville High as:



Sanford ( Sandy ) Kassenoff (Partner)

Were you classmates at HHS?


Where did you meet? How long ago?

We met on a tennis court 22 years ago

Married How Long? Date Married:



1 Mine 2 Sandy's / 4 Grandchildren and a Great Grandchild


Phys Ed teacher / Pre-School Owner / Director / Corporate Officer

Education Beyond High School :

BS from Russell Sage College in 1965

Military Service:

No Military Service


Pilates / Aerobics / Condo Officer / Volunteer at Performing Arts Theater / Travel

Now, the hard one. Tell us what we need to know. Give us 50 years in the space below:

I attended Russell Sage College after graduation in 1961 and received a BS degree in 1965. Taught Phys Ed in the Herricks School system and was living in Hartsdale. I was married to Hank Roth in the late sixties. My daughter, Julie, was born in 1970. I was a stay at home mom until 1978. Pre-School teacher. Divorced in 1990 and moved to Florida . Pre-School Owner/Director. Retired in 2004. Sharing the good life on the beach with Sandy for the past 21 years.

Finally, if you had to do it all over again, I would not change a thing!!!