Diane Annucci

Class of 1961

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Diane & Irene Annucci


1961 - Graduated Hicksville High School .

1961-1964 Attended Hofstra University .
1964 - Graduated from Hofstra with a B.A. in English.

1964 to June 1968 substitute teacher

at Hicksville High.

For several years, I was undecided about what I wanted to do. One thing embedded in my mind was a desire to get out into the world and do something more adventurous.
I gave serious consideration to joining the Peace Corps. I also considered teaching within the military so I could take advantage of my years of schooling.

1968 August - Finally decided on joining the Air Force that was actively trying to recruit women. Went to Officer Training School (OTS) at Lackland AFB in San Antonio Received my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant.  Then was assigned to Air Defense Command (ADC) at Duluth   International Airport  with the 343rd Support Squadron as Base Administration Officer.

A female Tech Sgt and I were the only military women on the base during the first year, although a few more officers followed, and, later, a squadron of enlisted women.

1971 - I was sent to a small off-base radar squadron

at Homestead AFB in Florida . My billet was Squadron Administrative Officer.  I was the

only military woman there for the entire year.

1972 - Was assigned to the 6903rd Security Squadron, USAFSS (Security Service Command) at Osan Air Force Base, Osan , Korea again as Squadron Administrative Officer. This was another first for the Air Force. I was the first and only woman ever assigned to this squadron. However, there were a number of other military women and civilian employees on the base. Since this was a remote, unaccompanied tour, there were no spouses and families.

1973 - My final assignment was at Kelly AFB in San Antonio . This was where USAFSS Headquarters was located as a tenant unit. I was the WAF Squadron Commander - so women surrounded me.

1974 July - After six memorable years in the Air Force, I finally decided to separate and go home to Hicksville .

1976 - I persuaded my family to move to Fort Lauderdale . We have been there ever since.


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Irene, Diane & Linda heading to Europe

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