Antoinette Colascione


Where do you live currently?

585 Plainview Road in Plainview

Married Name:


Known In Hicksville High as:





I have two children and six Grandchildren


Court Reporter, Special Reporter, Singer

Education Beyond High School :

Associates Degree - Court Reporter

Military Service:

No Military Service


Singing, Reading and Babysitting

Now, the hard one. Tell us what we need to know. Give us 50 years in the space below:

I grew up working in a family restaurant while in school. After graduation, I went on to working outside the family business. Got married and had two children. Went to school to become a court reporter. Worked for a few years. After one plus years, I was divorced. Changed jobs and was fortunate to be able to put my children through college. Retired and joined New York State Idol & Senior New York State America (Singing Groups). I sang for both groups doing shows all over Long Island . 

Finally, if you had to do it all over again, I would...not change a thing and do it the same all over again. I've had a wonderful life filled with family and friends.