Alan Schwartz

Class of 1967

Spouse/Partner...Jan Teer Schwartz

Were you classmates at HHS?  NO, she is a Texan.

Where did you meet?   Pasadena , Texas   How long ago?  39 years ago

Married How Long? 38 years    Date Married:   December, 1977

Children/Grandchildren:  2 Children, Julia, married and living in Winter Park , CO ,   and Andrea, married and living in Santa Clarita , CA , with a set of 3 year old twins.

Where do you currently live?:  Golden, Colorado

Favorite Subject in High School: Lunch

Name of my Favorite Teacher:

Ms. Evelyn Samonowitz, English 11th Grade



Retired doctor of chiropractic

Education Beyond High School : Sullivan County Community College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Texas Chiropractic College

Military Service:  I worked hard at staying out of the draft!

Hobbies/Pastimes:  Living in Colorado , we hike, travel, and I attempt to play a ukulele.

Now the hard one. Tell us what we need to know...50 years in the space below:

After graduating HHS at the age of 17, I left Hicksville and never looked back.  I attended college in upstate NY.  From NY, I moved to Pasadena , Texas and attended Texas Chiropractic College .  I left Texas with a chiropractic degree, a wife, and a beautiful daughter. 

Our family relocated to Newport , Rhode Island , where I practiced chiropractic for 6 years, and we had a second daughter.  Our next stop was Orlando , Florida , where I practiced chiropractic for another 30 years.

Upon retirement, we relocated to Golden, Colorado . 

We are still happily married after 38 years.  One daughter lives close by in the mountains of Colorado , and my other daughter lives in California .  We are grandparents of a set of twins.

I have a sister living in Syosset, which brings me back to Hicksville every now and then.