Biographical Sketch

Paulette Paul Murphy

In Hicksville High Also Known As  (AKA):Paulette Paul


Were you classmates at HHS? No

Where did you meet? How long ago? Aetna Ins. 46 yrs

Married How Long? Date Married: 45 yrs.  

Children/Grandchildren: daughter and son

Where do you currently live?: Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Favorite Subject in High School: biology

Name of my Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Beam

Favorite Place to meet Friends Outside of School: neighborhood 

Favorite Non-Academic School Club or Activity: sports night

Occupation/Trade/Profession: variety of jobs

Education Beyond High School: Associates in Biology, Real Estate license 

Military Service: 

Hobbies/Pastimes: reading, painting 

One thing that no one knows about me is: I collected butterflies and moths.

Now the hard one. Tell us what we need to know…50 years in the space below: I’ve had a lucky life.  Without sounding like Pollyanna, I’ve stayed healthy and had a good husband, family and friends.  We raised our children in Tolland , Ct. and retired in NC. I had a variety of jobs from time study analyst to realtor and volunteered in community and church. I’m currently working on a sense of humor for all the phases of senior living.  I’m looking forward to the reunion and hope my memory kicks in. 

Finally, if you had to do it all over again, I would… continue my education.