Joe Milich 1968 

 My Memories of Hicksville, Long Island and its Schools

It all started in the summer of 1955 when we moved from W52nd Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan, to 15 Albany Street in Hicksville.

Albany Street was in close proximity to the  High School on the west side of Newbridge Rd. This was a great place for 5 and 6 year old kids to grow up. The neighborhood backed up to the old cemetery on Old Country Road and the contractors were still building. There were lots of places for a little boy to explore.
I went to Old Country Road Elementary School and remember having to walk to school.

I do remember walking in down pours and snow storms, the kind of snowstorms that in the world of today would find school canceled. This was a great time with a Bohack Shopping a few blocks away on the corner of Old Country and Newbridge Roads.
Almost everyone in the neighborhood knew one another and I had a lot of friends. Back then we had block parties; remember when the police blocked an entire street. All the neighbors and their family and friends came to enjoy the company of others, to eat food and the kids would play until dark?
Around 1962 it was time for Junior High, I remember walking through the High School

parking lot to get to the old Junior High on Jerusalem Avenue. This was a time for me to zone in on sports. It is said this should have been the time for the introduction of girls into my life. It was but I was very shy and I guess sports was a substitute for the ladies.
I played just about every sport but Lacrosse was special. I remember Mr. Bryan introduced the sport to us in 9th grade. Lacrosse was invented by American Indians and we had to play other Long Island high school with Indian names...Mineola (
 It was in 1858 when this land was named after an Algonquin Indian Chief, Miniolagamika meaning, "Pleasant Village". The name was later shortened and altered to "Mineola".) Massapequa (A 19th-century writer identified Massapequa as one of the "13 tribes of Long Island," but additional research had shown that they were a band of Lenape the Algonquian-speaking people) and Sewanhaka (The school's sports teams are known as "The Indians" and the team colors are purple, gold, and white. The school's name translates to "Island of Shells" in English). I don't know if Mr. Bryan thought we could beat those lacrosse teams that had years of experience that Śwe lacked. Even though we lost every game, I wouldn't trade a moment of it for another experience. Those years were the best of times for me!
Between 9th and 10th grades there was a world of change. New friends, new experiences and, of course, new girlfriends.
I worked at Wetsons Hamburgers on Old Country Road where Levittown Parkway ended at Old Country. I think of the Parkway Diner referenced in one of Billy Joel's songs. After that I worked at Floyd's Food, Shop Rite and Waldbaums.
Yes! Who could forget Ed's Hamburgers? How about cutting class and eating at the Rexall Drug Store Soda Fountain. I remember cutting one time and hanging at the Soda Fountain when, all of a sudden, everybody started running out the back door. I thought the place was on fire then saw Mr. Jaworski!

For me, Mr. J. was the most under rated vice-principle of the several we had.
Junior and Senior Proms , nights on the beaches (north and south shores), cruising Hempstead Turnpike and Mid-Island Plaza. It all seems like it was yesterday!
I left in 1968 to join the Air Force, but the memories I have of Hicksville are etched in memories that will never be forgotten.

Thank's Lorraine Heitshusen 1968 (RIP), Ken, and another Ken, Louie, Loretta,

Mike Sarluco 1967 (RIP)

Paul Schultz 1967 (RIP), Eddie Adams (RIP),Tom, and another Tom, Lisa, Debbie, Dave and all of my other friends that made my memories of Hicksville very memorable indeed.