Biographical Sketch of the life of

Helen Penner Ackerman
             Class of 1956
        Helen & her Floral Painting                       Grandsons Jacob and Matthew

In Hicksville High Also Known As  (AKA):Helen Penner

Spouse/Partner...Ross Scott Ackerma

Were you classmates at HHS?  No

Where did you meet? How long ago?  Ross and I met at Hofstra College in 1958.

Married How Long? Date Married: We were married for 44 years before his death.

Children/Grandchildren:  I have two adult children and three grandchildren all living in Florida .

Where do you currently live?: Plantation , Florida ( Broward County )

Favorite Subject in High School: Art and Chemistry

Occupation/Trade/Profession: Psychologist and artist

                           Pink Hibiscus                              Scissors of Life Paper Show

Education Beyond High School: Bachelor's degree from Hofstra College, Master's degree from George Washington University, Doctoral degree from the University of Maryland and post-doctoral degrees.

Hobbies/Pastimes:  artist specializing in acrylic painting and jewelry creation.

Now the hard one. Tell us what we need to know...50 years in the space below:

After leaving Long Island in 1960 we lived in Maryland and Europe for a number of years where my husband worked for the Red Cross.  In 1968 we moved to Plantation where we raised our family and made Florida our home.  Besides being a practicing psychologist I have been involved in numerous community activities and have been recognized as a "Broward County Pioneer" in 2013 as well as other awards and honors including being the "Woman of the Year" in 2014 from the GFWC Plantation Woman's Club.  My first book "Therapy with Women in Jail" was published in 1988 by the American Correctional Association.  I have shown my art work in local galleries.  I enjoy year-round gardening and physical fitness training.  I applaud your new efforts to have an active alumni association and present scholarships to deserving students.  That is what makes the difference between a high school and an outstanding high school.  I hope my classmates from the 1956 graduating year have had fulfilling lives.  I have attached the September 2015 picture of my two grandsons, Jacob and Matthew, along with myself at Jacob's Bar Mitzvah rehearsal.