Newsletter for the Alumni and Friends of 
Hicksville High School   Hicksville, New York

The Editors:

Buffalo Bob Casale, '61 David J. Rubin, '82 Valerie Pakaluk, '51
Contributing Editors:  Bob Gillette, '61 & Walter Schmidt, '65
Systems Manager: Henry Lichtenstein, '59
Webmaster:  Roger Whitaker
Founding Editors: 
Pat (Koziuk) Driscoll, '56 & Linda (Piccerelli) Hayden, '60

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We have an organized online spreadsheet that presents our current membership: available by clicking here
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We have an organized online spreadsheet that presents our current list: available by clicking here.
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Class of 1962 "50" Year Reunion
Saturday, October 6th, 2012

7PM -12AM  HOLIDAY INN, Plainview , N.Y.
Please be sure Karen Hubner Jenkins has your current e-mail address ( )

Our Reunion Website

Hicksville Community Council hosts its
42nd Anniversary Dinner Dance and Installations

The event takes place on April 4th, 2012 at the VFW Hall located at
320 South Broadway, Hicksville from 7 to 11 p.m. This year's honorees include

Newsletter Editor, Val Pakaluk, who will be receiving the President's Award for recognition of her many years of community service. Each year a group is also honored with the Community Service Award. This year's recipients are the William M. Gouse Jr., Post 3211 for their invaluable contributions. Charles I. Montana, Jr. will be receiving the Dick Evers Award. Many remember Dick as "the" Hicksville historian who passed away in February of 2010.

In addition, the new officers and directors up for re-election will be installed by the Hon. John Venditto, Supervisor Town of Oyster Bay. President: Joel Berse; First Vice President: Stan Kobin; Second Vice President, Tom Bruno; Secretary: Subodh Batra; Treasurer, Richard Althaus. Directors: Janet Bergholtz, Nick Brigandi, Lionel Chitty and Nick Sarandis.

The Community Council's goals are to promote and exchange information and ideas, to inform members of current events, promote a sense of community and to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations.



Class of 1977
"35" Year Reunion
 Date & Place To Be Determined

Contact: Eileen Goldstein Scherzinger

Hicksville Vietnam War Era Memorial - PROJECT UPDATE

As of the end of March our list stands at 1,774 names of Vietnam War Era Veterans.  We believe we are close to completing our search for new names and our research emphasis is now turning to filling in missing data for the names we already have.  As a HixNews reader, you can be of significant help to this effort by clicking on the list of names near the bottom of this month's UPDATE that appears in the Honoring Our Veterans section of the newsletter.  Please look the list over to see if we are still missing any Veterans you know of and also let us know if you have some of the data we are still missing for names already on the list.

Our objective remains to not miss anyone who meets the qualifications and deserves to be included in the Memorial and you can still help make this happen. 

On behalf of The Project Team,

Joe Carfora, HHS '62