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The following appeared in a previous issue of HixNews

Fond Memories

By Bob Casale

When you're 13, maybe 14 years old, your priorities are different.

For the boys, there was more emphasis on basketball, baseball and intramural sport, and not so much on having a date with the Prom Queen.

For the girls, there was more emphasis on school related items, like field hockey, or cheerleaders and not a date with that cute guy down the block

What did we do for excitement??

We, Tommy Farrell, Jimmy Thompson, Bob Casale, Eddie Caesar and other Hicksville High School Alumni, went "Roller Skating" Friday nights in Levittown .

It was a diversion from the hectic pace we experienced in high school and a time to meet some neat people from other schools. The kids we skated with came from various parts of the island...East Meadow, Franklin Square, Westbury, Oceanside ...and points East.

The skating rink was adjacent to Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor on Hempstead Turnpike, just a little east of Newbridge Road . We arrived early because we hated standing in line waiting to get inside. Being first in line meant you would get inside faster, get a good choice of skates, and get onto the skating floor before the crowds rolled in.

After skating for several months, we became part of the regular crowd. Some of us even bought our own skates and had a carrying case that was many, different colors. We could watch cars pull up and see some of the kids that became our new "Friday" night friends arrive. Parents dropped kids off, and then picked them up. It was a special time of my life, and there were many friends I'll never forget even though I've never seen them since leaving high school. We skated and made arrangements to meet in Jahn's afterwards to have a Banana Barge or some other, sinful treat.


I remember one night getting a phone call at home from Melody Priceman. She was at a meeting in a Jewish Center close to Wantagh Parkway and Carmen Avenue in Westbury. We had an ice storm and her Mom didn't want to drive to get her, so my dad picked her up and took her home to 52 Alpine Lane (how can I remember that 40 some odd years later?? ((and I'm suffering from CRS)).

Who remembers going to watch a football game then going to the Sweet Shop for a soda.

How about getting ready for prom night and decorating the boys gym??


Then going to the Casa Allegra for a slice of pizza and a soda.

To this day, I remember Paul Carbe dancing with Jackie Travers


who was selected  Senior Queen for the class of 1961 at the prom with the strange name, "Ramayana!"

The variety show, The Good Old Days; the senior play, Romeo and Juliet;  and of course, South Pacific. Sal Mistretta, who starred in many shows throughout high school is still involved in theater and was on TV last year.

I remember my first job when I worked at King Kullen at the West Village Green...and my supervisor was Gladys Stermer, (Bobby Stermer from the class of 1959 and his sister, Barbara's Mom).

I remember working at Newberry's during Christmas because they needed part time help. I think I was paid $1.00 per hour. Wow!!! Had a chance to sell stuff I knew nothing about.

Who remembers Girl's Sports Night...the Orange Team...the Black Team???

The Orange team captain in 1961 was


Volena Henningsen and the Black team captain was my wife, Joyce Gabrielsen. Some of the leaders were Vicki Krasner, Joan Brandt, Joy Edelstein, Kathy Kapsol, Bonnie Scharr, Judy Yanof, Alice McIntosh, Lois Werneberg, Pat Kocher and Aileen O'Campo.

This winter has been one to remember with the extreme cold and snow. Why is it I remember big snows back in the late 50's and early 60's.


I recall one big snowfall when


       Rob McCotter                          Mike Goldsmith                            Billy Cook



                      Nick Quatrone, me          and                   Rod Clements

walking south in the middle of old Newbridge Road (when it was one way in each direction) with not a car in sight...the snow was deep and falling at a steady rate.

My "2nd" last year in high school when I worked at the Cross Island Oil Terminal that was located down near the old Farmer's Market on Broadway (Steve and Stu Blust's father hired me).

The Farmer's Market was a great place to get a variety of pickles. Oh, those old Garlic Dill were the best.

I think when the place burned down, that was one of the biggest fires we ever had in the area...


or maybe it was Henshaw's on the corner of Hempstead Turnpike and Jerusalem Avenue (or maybe it was the Christmas tree bonfire in January of 1958 in the middle of the potato field that is now Trinity Diocesan High School ).


I went into the navy shortly after high school. When I was home on leave, I remember going to Shady Maples to have a couple of beers. Shady Maples eventually was turned into TJ Courtney's and was owned by Bobby Flanagan (Class of 1964???).

I seem to remember a lot of Hicksville kids hanging there, playing pool and just being sociable. I think that's where I bumped into Carol Marsh and her husband Denis Roussillon one night. And perhaps Helen Luna.

I'm sure that what I'm saying is similar for everyone who ever went to school.

I have special memories, too, of those from the old neighborhood near Fork Lane School...Mike Heanie, Mike Rosenwasser, the Fenigstein boys, Ira and Louie, Jack McCarron (he moved to Florida), Chris Polanski, Jeff Muller, Bob Gillette, Charlie Lantay, Charlie Gemuendt (and his lovely sister, Mary Jane), Ann Cassesse and Candice McGloughlin  Priscilla Yvonne Jeanette Liddle. And I almost forgot Dottie Brooks.

I just love Hicksville and the many fond memories and it's fun to share with everyone.

Why not take a moment and jot down your own recollections of what it was like growing up on in Hicksville and Long Island . It would be great reading for us all...