While creating the list, it was discovered that at least sixteen former students were killed in Vietnam . If you know of any additional alumni that died in Vietnam , please let me know.

1940 James Raymond O'Neill, (Vietnam February 6, 1953)  
1954 Kenneth Johnson, (Vietnam, November 28, 1968)  
1956 Robert Ernest Rausch
(Vietnam, October 9, 1973)  
1960 Ralph Schiavone (Vietnam, October 3, 1968)  
1961 William Chomyk (Vietnam, April 22, 1968)  
1961 Paul Douglas Walkowski (Vietnam, May 21, 1966)  
1962 Stanley Wilenski, Jr. (Vietnam, April 19, 1970)  
1963 Joseph Mark Mazzone (Vietnam, September 22, 1968)  
1963 Paul Sawtelle (Vietnam, April 16, 1971)  
1964 Allan Robert Giannelli (Vietnam, September 14, 1968)  
1965 Edward Henry Jackson, Jr. (Vietnam, February 16, 1967)  
1965 James Edward Stolz, Jr. (Vietnam, November 18, 1970)  
1965 Stanley Robert Tomasovic (Vietnam, October 28, 1966)  
1966 Donald Walter Hollenbach (Vietnam, November 22, 1967)  
1966 Carl Noel Kozma (Vietnam, February 22, 1969)  
1968 William Arthur Aldag (Vietnam, February 24, 1970)  

The list of those wounded is growing each week as more former military personnel submit information about their military careers. If your name appears on the following list, please write a sketch surrounding the circumstance of your wounds.

1961 William F. Kuhlmann  
1962 Robert Ordon  
1962 Robert Pietras  
1962 Kenneth J. Strafer  
1963 Alan Aker  
1964 Henry Fischer  
1964 Dan Hawxhurst  
1964 William Jansen  
1964 John Tranchina  
1965 Tom Cara  
1965 Paul Chernauskis  
1965 Michael Cullen  
1965 Tom Daur  
1965 Bob Eggermann  
1965 Michael Kennedy  
1965 George C. Lang  
1965 Michael M. Melody  
1965 Michael Patoka  
1966 Jimmy Dykman  
1966 Michael Ferrara  
1966 Allen Frawley  
1966 Michael Gregg  
1966 Phil Heilman  
1966 Wayne Ithier  
1966 Robert Jusza  
1966 Harold May  
1966 Joseph Motylenski  
1966 Ron Sterner  
1966 Terence Wallace  
1967 Steven Anderson  
1967 Thomas Mulvahill  
1967 Robert Pelcher  
1967 Thomas Saurer  
1967 James Searles  
1967 William Squire  
1968 Robert Dethlefsen  
1968 Bill Devoe  
1968 Gary Porcano  
Pat Alia (Elia) ????  
Ed O'Hare ????

One former student, Bill DeVoe from the class of 1968 had a heroic tour of duty in country back in 1970. Within several months, DeVoe was awarded two medals for valor, the Silver Star and the Bronze Star. His story follows...

                           Vietnam -   "Hostile Landing Zone"

Sergeant Devoe distinguished himself by gallantry in action while engaged in military operations involving conflict with armed hostile forces in the Republic of Vietnam on 22 March 1970 while serving as a squad leader with Company C, 4th Battalion, 12th Infantry, 199th Infantry Brigade

On this date, Sergeant Devoe and his squad had just been inserted into a hostile landing zone when the helicopter was destroyed by a rocket-propelled grenade. Sergeant Devoe and his squad then came under intense enemy fire. Immediately, Sergeant Devoe maneuvered through intense hostile fire to direct the fire of his men. Sergeant Devoe moved over the rocks that separated his squad from the remainder of the Second Platoon to retrieve a radio. Finding that the radio was still in the helicopter, he ignored the hostile fire and returned to the burning helicopter to retrieve the radio.

He then returned to his squad and initiated radio contact with the rest of the platoon. As another flight of helicopters approached the landing zone, his machine gunner was wounded. Sergeant Devoe took the machine gun, collected fragmentation grenades from his men, climbed to a strategic position and engaged the enemy.


His suppressive fire forced the enemy to seek cover and permitted the men on the incoming flights to move to covered positions.

Sergeant Devoe's actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.