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Dear Editors, 

Below is a photo taken at Hicksville High School Shop Class - 1944.

Back Row:   (1.)  Eddie Coleman   (2) Tony Miraval

Middle Row: 1. ___2, Paul Divan   3.  Irwin Botto 4. ____5.___ 6. _  7.  Bobbie Watson 8. ___.

Front Row:   Teacher Ralph Thompson and E. H. LeBarron, Supt. of Schools.

I hope there is someone reading this article that can fill in the blanks.

I started at East Street School and graduated from Hicksville High School 1945.  There were about 80 students that graduated in 1945.

My wife and I are retired in a small-gated golf community in Orlando, Florida.  My wife, Margaret Reimels Divan, was born in East Meadow and graduated in 1945 from Hempstead High School.  She had relatives (Reimels and Erb) attending Hicksville High School in the 1940's.

I have been in touch with Jim Valentine and his wife Bernice Lehman Valentine and Emery Postenrieder.  Also Edna Giese Rusch, Jean Goettelman LaPointe, Karen Kreib Kaleita & Richard Kaleita live in our community.

My brother, Charles Robert Divan (deceased), his wife Jean Shepard Divan, and my sister, Norma Divan Bischoff (deceased) also graduated from Hicksville High School.

We attended the Florida Hicksville High School Reunion on February 15, 1998 at Ft. Pierce, Florida, arranged by John Uss.

Keep up the good work.  We enjoy reading the HixNews on our Computer.  Hi to the Class of 1945.

Paul Divan, Class of 1945



Dear HixNews...

I enjoyed reading Bill's bio and it brought back a fond memory to me.   I used to work in the office delivering the absentee lists to the classrooms.   Of course the inevitable had to happen and it did.   One day Bill was absent and his name was spelled with a "k" instead of the "h" it has.   It caused quite a stir among those of us who had a chance to read the list for that day.

Maddy De Louisa '60



I am a graduate of Hix High and would like to become a member of HixNews.  I don't see any place to apply on the site, so could you please tell me how to go about joining?

Chuck Hodgman '65

Editor Note...check out the photo gallery for pictures of Chuck!!!


I am looking for Cathy Sorrentino, class of '64 or '65, as is another classmate. If anyone finds her, can you please let me know?


Sheila Cohen Klein '74



This is Stu Orton, graduated in the class of 1954.

I am living in sunny California.
Would love to hear from classmates.

I wrote several times over the years about reunions, never got a reply....

Great newsletter!

Editor Note...there was a multi year reunion awhile back.


Hey gang,

I sent an invitation to Billy Joel to join the newsletter! I told him what it is about, and directed him to the newsletter. Don't know if he will join, but it would add a little flavor to have him as a subscriber!

Bob Gillette


Attaching four class pix, '52, '53, '55 and '57. Somebody tried to identify former students. Can you please help identify those shown???

Anonymous from anonymousville

Editor note...please check out the photos on the photo gallery page...


When I email to, do I give them my email address and ask them to give it to the person I'm looking for?  Or do I just write a note personally to the people I want to contact and then the editors put it where it goes in the Newsletter?  (I'm not on Face book or Twitter or any of those things, so not sure how this goes.)
Linda Faraone Connelly '60

Editor can do it either way. We will take care of the rest.



Sorry if this is not where I'm supposed to be, but I have gone through every page in the Sept. newsletter, trying to connect to  Wherever there's a highlighted url of, I click on it and nothing happens.  I want to be able to contact a couple of people whom I saw in the "People Looking for People" column.  How do I do that?  I'm on my computer every day and, although I'm not an expert, I can navigate pretty well.  But I don't understand why, if you've highlighted the URL, it doesn't go through.  Please HELP!

Linda Faraone Connelly ('60)


Hi Linda,


I'll be glad to help; you've come to the right place.


The problem is caused when your own computer won't allow your own system's email program to be launched automatically via a hot-link on a website.


All you have to do in such cases is to launch your email program yourself, and then type the email address for the editors in the "To:" field. That should do it. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to figure out why not.


Regards, Henry



"Hi Bob,

I just got signed into Face book yesterday so I am trying to learn this new program.  Thanks for giving my message to Lew Fenigstein last month; Lew and I have been emailing regularly since that time.  Today I bumped into Dennis Naso and we talked for about an hour; we live near each other in Port Jefferson; Dennis is having trouble with Face book so he wants people from HHS to know that he is NOT ignoring them on Face book - and -that he is NOT a SNOB; he just cannot use Face book.  Hope you are well.  Best regards

Olivia Lepis Schmidt '61


Bob Casale

This is a recent photo taken of me, winning a blue ribbon for my" dogwood tree "specimen, at the Riverhead Garden Club Show in June!


Judy Marcus Shivers '64

Editor Note...check it out at

There is another photo taken in the 1990's. It's a picture of Judy and Richard with the World Trade Center in the background.


Dear Editors:

This is just to let you know, that although I think your new policy of putting the yrbook photos of all writers to HixNews on the newsletter, you got it wrong when you put my picture (correct) next to that of Barbara SUE Cohen from the yearbook; my close friend of then and now was Barbara ANN Cohen from the same year; it actually confused Denny Tillman who was trying to get in touch with the latter.  If you could possibly print this plus the correct pictures I'd be gratified. 

Plus, please continue to publicize the fact that Linda Zuckerman & Kathy Millevolte are looking for people interested in a 50th reunion of class of 60 for next year & send any interested parties to the appropriate email addresses.  I'm keen for it, but can't make the arrangements from London!

Thanks for doing a great job again,

Lois Chaber '60

Editor Note....the correct picture now appears in the September issue


Sorry--I didn't realize that Linda Zuckerman herself was looking for a reunion linkup

Also, only just got to finish the newsletter entirely.

Just to say I enjoyed the reminiscence about Leon Galloway, and interested to know that he was from a Quaker background!! (myself a recent Quaker attender).

Finally, I saw that Toni Martin knows sister of Pat Brindley.  I would like to get in touch with Pat, if possible, but as I live in London, I can't ask her to call me!  But if Toni can get me Pat's #, I can call HER using Skype, which is not very expensive, even to call a landline; or, alternatively, if her sister uses email, perhaps you can get me in touch with her sister & I can send an email to Pat through her sister that she can pass on.  Incidentally, I remember Pat's little sister though I can't recall her name..... 

Thanks very much--please do give my email address to Toni at your soonest convenience.


Lois Chaber '60



Thanks so much for the lovely card.

It means more than you know to get mail or e-mail when you live by yourself.  It was a lovely way to start my morning.  I'm even more grateful that it only had one candle (laughing), and not the full total.

Thanks again,

Pat (Meehan, Kelly) Welles '58


Dear HixNews

Thank you very much for the lovely birthday card!!

I appreciate everything you guys do at the Hicksville High Newsletter month after month.  My life has been just great, still working part-time and putting those retirement years behind me.


Dorothy Drago '50


Dear HixNews

How clever. Thanks so much. Great card and laughing and smiling all the way.

42 years and adding - not bad!!
Pat (Appelman) and Peter Levitin '62


Dear HixNews

Thank you, thank you. We had a wonderful celebration for our 39th Wedding Anniversary. The greeting is appreciated.
And thanks, too, for the birthday card to Santo. It's always good to be remembered even if the years keep adding up

Peace, Joy...

Santo & Jeanne Carfora '64


Dear HixNews

Thanks a lot for the beautiful birthday card!

After being cooped up in my home for three weeks, then going to the doctor Monday because of my foot, your card lifted my spirits.

It made my day!

Best regards.

Shelly Heyman Baron /61


Hi Bob...

Thanks so much for the card.  It was the 1st one we received!  How is everything going with you?  It seems like time is going by so fast, a sure sign of getting older I guess.

Karen Hubner Jenkens '62



Did you ever get the picture I sent? What did you think?

Your friend here at home.

Chris Andersen '67

Editor note....check out the next note...



Hey Bob...

The photo appears to be circa 1958 or 1959 at a Prom?

Band members from right to left:

Arthur Romeo (accordion), Kenny Wolfe (trombone), George Perifimos (drums),


          Artie Romeo                              Kenny Wolfe


       George Perfimos                     Dick Bankowsky


     Danny Schoemmell                    Joe Rondone


                                 Stan Bryer


Dick Bankosky (trumpet), Danny Schoemmell (sax), Joe Rondone (clarinet), Stan Bryer (trumpet). (Lost touch with Kenny Wolfe, Dick Bankosky and Joe Rondone.  E-mail active with others).

Stan Bryer '60


Thanks for the ID. Tell Stan I appreciate it. Did we ID the dance yet?

Take care.

Chris Andersen



I just heard back from Art Romeo and he thinks the photo is circa 1958, he says we looked pretty young.  That would be age 15 years.

 The band was put together in 1957 by Art, he and his Dad provided the music arrangements.  We practiced in rotation style at each member's house.  I remember we did a show at Jerusalem Ave Jr. High in '57; with a battle of the bands with both groups on stage.  The bands were us and the other group was Joe Galipoli and the Fairlanes.  Joe's amplified guitar was a big hit.  

We played a few jobs even with a limited repertoire, local church and synagogue dances and a Republican Beach Party at Center Island. 

Careers that followed music performance and/or teaching.  Art Romeo Huntington Schools music teacher.  George Perifimos professional music, Dan Schoemmell Winchester, Virginia music teacher.  

I'm sure that Art Romeo  would be happy to add his recollections since he was the leader.


Stan Bryer '60



Thanks for the update.

I emailed Artie Romeo directly. I grew up two houses down from him on Smith St.

Did we ID the girl at the piano as Pat Kelly?

It most probably is her.

I'll talk to you soon,

Chris Andersen '67

Editor note...I thought it looked more like Sue Birosh!!!


Could be.

I got the pix from the Kelly family though, which leads me to believe that's why they had them.

Pat's father may have even taken them.

Chris Andersen '67


 Please check the attached to see if the pictures are readily visible.  I'm still working off my laptop and they look very small.
 the buff



The pictures do come out small. When you click on them, you get moved to Face book with a profile on the person. There the picture gets a little bigger.

When are you getting a new, huge, state of the art computer system? It must be cheaper down there than up here.

Hicksville is turning beautiful now.

The weather is cooling and you can feel fall, the best season of the year, coming.

Homecoming weekend is Oct 24 this year. That's late. They used to have it in late October but after year after year of rain and miserable weather they moved it up to late Sept or the first two weeks of Oct.

Did Bill Schrimpe grow up on Bloomingdale Rd.?

Take care



HI Hix News,

My name is Naomi Groont Doudera.  I graduated Hicksville High 1973. I was wondering if they'll be a 40th Reunion of our class? Sure would love to see everyone!!!!! 

If anyone wanted to know:

Dr. Rita Altobelli is passed and buried at Holy Rood Cemetery in Westbury. Chuck Arnold is alive and well, retired in Colorado, He's 77 yrs. young, and is a male model. Steve Goldstein, also a chorus teacher and graduate of Hicksville High class of 1966 just turned 61!!!!!!! August 22. Go Steve GO!!!!

Yours truly

Naomi Groont Doudera '73



I noticed the name of John Ennis........was he also the typing teacher at HHS? If so I'd love to email him and let him know how much I think of him and the important skill he taught so many of us. do I get back in touch with people directly after all these years? I was dear friends with Judy Marcus '64 and Carol Miller '64 and had many sorority sisters like Jackie Masciello '64. 

Let me know when you can,


Peggy Maier '64 HHS


Thank you........I've been in touch via email a few times w/Judy already and just emailed jennis.........thanks so much!

It's so nice to be in touch with grads of yesteryear!!!



Thank you very much for the anniversary card. It's hard to believe but where did those 53 years go? I guess we're doing something right!!!!

Barbara (Fellows) and Charlie Cava


Hi, Bob: 

Jack and I just wanted to thank you and all the other editors for the thoughtful and beautiful anniversary card you sent to us.  Our 47th anniversary is actually today:

09-09-09 (we won't see that date again).  We told each other this morning that we would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  We have a great son and two beautiful grandchildren.  We're retired - live in beautiful, sunny Orlando - and golf every day.  What's not to love?? 

Jean (Goettelmann) LaPointe '59



Hi Bob,
Thanks for your note.  In response to your question about when you'll see me again on TV, you can catch me sometime in October in the new Biography Channel show, "Celebrity Ghost Stories," the Rue McClanahan episode. However, I never really know exactly when something will actually be shown.  I played the mother of Rue's dead boyfriend. If anyone would like to see some of my past work, (lots of "Grandma" roles), they can go to my website at
Thanks for asking!
Harri Molese, 1956



Hi, hope everyone is healthy and happy.
I've found out when the Rue McClanahan segment that I'm in will supposedly air. It's supposed to be the second segment in the hour show. However, we never really can be sure of airdates so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  Here's the info:
Celebrity Ghost Stories
Biography Channel
Saturday, Oct 17 @ 10pm 
Harri Molese, 1956


Dear HixNews
Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

Maureen Hanifan Olsen '66


We saw each other at the multi-year reunion in Westbury (I think it was two years ago), but there were only a handful of 1960 graduates there.  It's good to know that there are several people interested in organizing a 50th reunion.  Please either let me know whom to contact to pitch in or let them know that I'll do what I can to help if they contact me.  Please feel free to pass on my email address.

Also, it was good to see the email from Gene Yetter.  Gene, I hope you're doing well.

Thanks, Bob.

Jack Gould '60

p.s. Does anyone know where HHS 1960 graduates Howard Goldstein, Joe Green, or Arnold Hecht are?  If any of you are out there, I'd love to hear from you.


Dear Editors:

I see that Gene Yetter ('59) and Dianne Gunnigle Burkhardt ('68) both wrote notes to the Newsletter.  I wanted to tell both of them that I, too, lived on Dartmouth Drive and I remember both of their families.  Then I was Linda Faraone ('60) and my brother Eddie ('63) and our parents, Clarice and Ed, lived at 249 Dartmouth.  The Steinmetz and Barcellona families lived across the street and the Merkels, Grace and George, lived next to us at 247.  I'd love to hear from them if they remember my family.  Dartmouth Drive was a great street to grow up on and Hicksville High was the best!

Thanks for the terrific job you guys do on the Newsletter.

Linda Faraone Connelly ('60)


[Reply to LINDA CONNELLY, submitted to HixNews on behalf of Ellen



Hi Linda 

My cousins, Rochelle and Susan Garb lived on Dartmouth Drive...they're both in California now. I don't know what year they graduated but Rochelle, (aka: Shelley), is around 59 years old I think and Susan is 54 or 55. I lived on Thimble Lane and went to Fork Lane and graduated HHS in 1981.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Ellen Finkelstein '81

(sister of Lee '75 and Steven '78 and twin sister of Eric, also '81!)


From: Dianne Burkhardt
To: Ellen finkelstein
Date: Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 12:40 PM

Subject: Re: Dartmouth Drive

Hello Ellen,

I went to HHS with Rochelle (68)  We not only rode the bus together, but we were in homeroom all through school. She was on Dartmouth, but around the bend from where Linda and I lived.  Dartmouth Drive was a long, sort of J shaped block.  Rochelle should remember Steven Peck, Kathy O'Donnell, Debbie Gossy, and Maxinne Frimmer.  Please give my Regards to Rochelle.  The Barcellona family from Dartmouth Drive also live in California.  They moved there in 1967.Any more Dartmouth Drivers around? Please contact HixNews.

Best regards,
Dianne Gunnigle Burkhardt, (68)


Hi Bob:
Just wanted to thank you for the lovely anniversary greeting. We enjoyed watching it and can't believe that we are married 51 years....where did they go??? You guys do such a great job; keep up the good work. Thank you again.
Dolores & Rudy Frey


Hi Bob,

Many thanks for the birthday wishes from the Newsletter Gang!!!  It is a very thoughtful thing that you all do.  I really liked the card...thanks again.

We are really doing well in Florida.  Love it here.  We have met some really fun folks...of all ages, we are very busy with our chosen activities, the weather, though hot sometimes, is really delightful 95% of the time.  What's not to like?  The distances from our children, however, I have learned, "If you send them tickets, they will come!"

My husband, John, and I will go to Disney World tomorrow as Florida residents get in free on their birthday.  We are staying overnight in the park on Tues. and then on Wed., we'll go to Epcot and have dinner there.

The Newsletter is fantastic...thank you and all the crew for all they do.  Stay well - you never know when Augusta will be on our itinerary!


Barbara DiBella Dowd


The leaves have already started to change up here on the mountain. The date is September 7th. It will only be about another month before the snow starts to fly up here in beautiful Dannemora.  We had no summer at all with the exception of 3 warm days (85).

Hope you're all doing well,

The Geek '61

                         Welcome to Dannemora


             Aerial View of Dannemora and the Prison


                     Dannemora Fire Truck


Thank you Bob and the gang at the Hixs Newsletter for the wonderful birthday card!!!!

Bonnie Scharr Papes


Ginny & Jack '63


Thank you for the Birthday card. It made my day.

Eileen (O'Halloran) Holmes '61


Dear HixNews Editors:

In the People Looking for People column dated August 21, 2009, Milton Shoob was looking for Philip Pignataro.  They are both class of 1937, which makes them 90 years old.  Philip Pignataro is my father and we tried posting a notice to the web site but have had no response from Mr. Shoob.

I would assume that you have an email for Mr. Shoob and was hoping that you would aid us in our efforts to make this connection.  Would you be kind enough to give Milton Shoob my email address? It would mean a lot to my dad to get in contact with his old buddy.

Thank you for your consideration,

Beth Kealey

Editor Note...we are in the process of getting Milton and Phil together.


Hi Bob,

I had been receiving HixNews for about six months but for some reason I did not get the September, 2009 issue.  I got a copy via a Goggle search.  I did not graduate from HHS but I was listed as a 'friend, 1960'.  I really look forward to every monthly issue and have recognized many names of old friends.  Keep up the good work.

Very best regards,

Bill Glod

Denton, Texas


Hi Bob.

I want to thank you for the great job you did with the photo's I sent to you.

Also, I misplaced your address.

I want to send you an obituary notice on a Kevin Smith from Hicksville.

Do you think you could send me your address again.?

This time I'll write it in my book! 

Judy Marcus Shivers



I'm glad to be able to do that and we've already had almost 1,000 views of the photos that were posted on websites and that would be your album and the one from the class of '67 birthday bash.

Love yah bob

Bobby Flanagan was a friend of mine. He owned a house in Hicksville on Newbridge Road across from the shopping center where Wickers is on the corner of Old Country Road and Newbridge...I think it was 109 Newbridge Road. I rented the rear apartment from him and lived there for almost a year.

Plus, he owned TJ Courtney's restaurant that was located on the same spot that used to house the Shady Maples Bar on Route 107 (Hicksville Road). The place burned down years ago and Bob opened a smaller place on the corner of Hazel, South Street and Hicksville Road. I think that place is now a dog-grooming studio.

He popped into my store about two years ago but never came back.

Thanks Bob.

It's a very small world.  I haven't spoken with Bob in about 25 years. I am not sure where he is now or if he ever married. It sounds like he lived just a few blocks from my old house on Albany St. I'll send you the info on Kevin Smith who just passed away. I am sure someone knows and remembers him. 


What a beautiful birthday card and an equally wonderful surprise.
Enjoy the fall.

Gail [Fraser] Hagstrom


Marty Cohen (view profile)


Robert Casale


September 16, 2009 04:11:01 PM


Hi, from Marty!

Hi Bob:

Remember Mr. Goleeke and the Boy's Glee Club? It's been a lot of years.

We can match each other in the amount of hair we have left.


               Marty Cohen  

This should be labeled "The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent!"

Actually, the names are screwed up...the first row reads from right to left, with Jim Szymanski on the far left. 
The other rows same scenario...Bob Ramistella is on the far right in the 2nd row and Harry Butcher is on the far right in the top row.


A note to George Lien...

Hi, it's Lorraine Kirwan Cheeseman, Skip's sister. We are all living in Texas. Have been for many years. Skip, aka....JOHN, retired from the Army. My husband, Bob retired from the AF. John and Robbie live about 2 hours north of us. Bob and I are closer to San Antonio. I remember you brothers and especially the kindness of your mother. The 'A' section of Hicksville was a great place to grow up.

I sent photos to HixNews last year, and you were in at least one!



Hi Bob,

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading the Hicksville Newsletter every month!  However, this month I did not receive the notice from the editors, so here is my email address again just in case it was erased.
I tried sending this email to but it wouldn't go through!!
Thanks to you and the staff at the hixnews.

Have a great day.

Linda Listort Carlucci



Hi HixNews

My name is Arlene Andersen, class of '63. I live in NH. Please add me to HHS alumni.



Dear HixNews

Thank you for a wonderful birthday card!!!

Shelley Lauer-Bader



I advised the Newsletter of my new email address back in May and I did receive one newsletter at this address.  I haven't received June, July, August or September.
I hope I'm contacting the right email address to be reinstated to receive the Newsletter... I really enjoyed keeping up with what is going on.


Sandy Brindisi '66

Editor Note...Hi Sandy...we have corrected the mistake in entering your email address in our data base, and you will begin receiving monthly email announcements again. Thanx for your continued interest in HixNews.

Best Henry Lichtenstein


Dear HixNews...

Would you please resend the September newsletter. Somehow it was deleted from my inbox (couldn't have been my fault!)


Tony Bellacera '66




I was looking at your website and see that you'd like an email for Debbie Moorhouse McGregor.  She's on Facebook and her email is listed.  I'd also like to subscribe to your newsletter. I am married to Steve Anderson. Our anniversary is March 27th. We currently live in Austin, Texas.

 I'd also like to put a notice on the newsletter for the 35th Reunion of the HHS Class of 1975.  We've been on Facebook and Classmates and have been advertising there as well, and have a Facebook class site, "Hicksville High School Alumni Class of 1975".

Are you who I would send an announcement to?  In what format do you want it?


Diane Harvey Anderson '75  

Hi Bob,
Thanks so much for the great card and birthday wishes. I'll be busy this week helping to plan a walk-a-thon to benefit homeless children.
I can't think of anything I'd like more for my birthday than to help make a difference in the life of a homeless child. Please go to my web page, at:
Read about what we are doing and then simply click the "donate" button and you are on your way to partnering with me to give children and families hope for a healthy future. No amount is too small.
Best regards,

Tina Gardner Kwiatkowski


Hi editors!

I am Crystal (Demas) Robbins and I am looking for Pat (Thompson) Dumas. I see that she posted that she is looking for me.

I graduated with Pat in 1975. Please let me know how I can contact her. I was unable to find her on Facebook. Thank you for posting these searches!

Crystal Robbins

Editor Note......this is great. I posted notes at classmates on  August 30, 2008 and  October 29, 2008, but the notes were never read. I'm glad we finally got the two of you together.

Buffalo Bob Casale


1969 - day of the Lunar Landing found me quite a nervous wreck.  You see, I was the first woman to work on the LEM with such notables as Dr. Werner Von Braun.

Sperry-Rand loaned me to the team to take all the notes for the specifications of the LEM. We were sequested for two months - had to beat the Russians to it.  We worked til midnight every weekday and 2 am on Sat - Sunday everyone slept.

My case of nerves came as the team consisted of Engineers from Switzerland who spoke Swissfrench, Swissitalian and Swissgerman, as well as Engineers from the US.  The foreign members would get so excited they would forget to speak English and I thought if I get these notes wrong, we have a problem.   Dr. Von Braun spoke English and had a great sense of humor.

The Swiss Team went home one 4-day weekend each month.  When they came back they presented me with a huge box of candy - gummie bears.  Had never heard of them in the early '60's and thought they were a box of erasers!

I missed the landing as I had my eyes closed.  I could not watch.  When it landed my Husband said to me "well it didn't fall apart, so I guess you took the right notes".

Many fond memories of my experience with that team.  When I got back to my Sperry Engineers they had so many questions about what they called "The Brain Trust Team".  I will never forget my time spent with them.

Linda Piccerelli Hayden 1960


Dear HixNews... 

Below is a photo of 5 senior girls from the class of 1959.  The date, November 8, 1958.  We were given the privilege of modeling at the Arnold Contstable store.  We are all decked out like grown up ladies and our job was to walk around the store, for what reason, I cannot remember?!

We are: Jeanette Martello, Peggy Cornelius, Barbara Beck, Francine Frankel and Sue Krex.  I surely did get placed with some fine company, didn't I?

 What this photo reminds me of the most is Ray Rusch, who I admired tremendously.  Back then, he was teaching Social Studies.  I was taking the Jr. class as a senior because I didn't pass the year before nor did I pass the class in summer school.  My teachers were terrible.  But it was a different story with Mr. Rusch.  He was a part time assistant principal.  One of his jobs was to locate kids who were cutting class.  That's where I came in.  I always smiled when he found me at lunch when I was supposed to be in class.  I was always hungry!  A problem arose when I consistently did well on his tests.  He even asked me how come I got such high grades and seemed to answer the questions exactly how the book was written (in other words, how was I cheating?).  I had to tell him the truth.  I liked the class so much, I just memorized everything. 

He made the choices for the Arnold Constable assignment.  I was flattered, especially to be chosen with these other beautiful girls.

Jeanette Martello Lupis '59

                       Jeanette       Peggy          Barbara      Francine      Sue
                       Martello    Cornelius        Beck          Frankel      Krex


Hi Jeanette, thanks for the photo!

All of you girls looked great, so I don't know what you are apologizing for, as you certainly belonged in that group! Your note caught me, because I too thought most of my teachers were terrible, except for Frank Mulzoff, who was great, and went on to become head coach at St Johns. Also Mrs Beam, my 6th or 7th grade teacher who was an old woman but taught me great math! I too had a few subjects I failed which kept me out of the class of 60, and so when I turned 18, I joined the Air Force which turned out to be the best choice for me! In your description of the girls, I assume the names correspond to the photos, left to right, is that correct?

For the editors,
BoB Gillette


To The Editor Hixnews:

The class of 1975 is making preparations for their 35 year reunion.  The event will be held on July 24, 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel on Motor Parkway in Hauppague, which is on the grounds of the old Colony Hill, where our senior prom was held!  See our website,, for more information.

Thank you,

Doug Munch

(on behalf of the reunion committee)


Dear HixNews

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the beautiful card. What a wonderful surprise.
Enjoy the fall.

Gail [Fraser] Hagstrom '63

              Gail Fraser


Just wanted to say that I have been a member for a while.   I told my friend Stephen Krown about your site and now see my name on the new list. My wife, Nancy I were married on October 18, 1980.

Thank you very much for everything.

Living now in Boynton Beach Florida.

Regards and Good Health,

Dr. Jeff Kaufer '74


Please pass on a hello to Helen Luna from Joe Platania "63. Saw her note and picture and brought back some fond memories. Have recently joined as friends with "Chip" Jaworski, Pete DeRosa Hal Smith, and Arlene Andersen this very week. The sudden rush of great memories has been overwhelming. Thanks HiX news for making all of this possible. If Helen wants to say Hi, please pass on my email address. Thanks

Joe Platania '63


People Looking For People

Bob Goldmacher 1973 is looking for Nancy Galkowski 1974


Dear Editors,

I would like to add my brother's name to the Viet Nam era veteran's list. Robert Charles Tillman was 6 years younger than me, so he probably graduated

from HHS around 1966 or '67. He went right into the Navy and served on and off different ships. Bob died five years ago in a Veteran's Hospital in Nashville

of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Cancer. It was really the cure that killed him, he said at the time.

That's Bob with our mother.

We were six Tillman brothers, three of us graduated from HHS. Me in 1960.

My three youngest brothers moved to Florida when my father retired from

the NYPD in 1968.

Denny Tillman '60


Newsday reported that Billy Joel was awarded his HHS diploma at the Class of 1992 graduation. He failed gym and English as a senior. They waived the gym and credited him with English based on his published works.

At our recent 60th birthday party for the Class of '67, I got a laugh when I pointed out that, because the 1967 graduation on the football field was rained out, in fact, Bill Joel was the only member of that class to have actually graduated. 

Ken Marcus 1967


Hi Bob,

   Enjoyed reading the August Newletter.  I don't often get the time as I am busier now than when I was working.  It was fun seeing the picture of you and I, signing in for the "Mega Reunion in 2007, (seems like yesterday). It was a very nice event.  I am still singing and am doing a show for the Veterans in Northport in September.  I've done a few shows for the Vets and I love singing for them.  I did a show for them back in May and sang my new song that I wrote, I think I sent it to you but if I didn't here it is YouTube - I've Got A Smile - DivaAnnFisher -  Besides singing I am taking care of my daughter who had open knee surgery and her three babies (youngest is 4 months).  I work at St. Edward's church part time at night, and all of that has taken up most of my time.  I have two children and six grandchildren who are all the love of my life.  Life is busy but really good!

I still have my best friend from Lee Avenue School, Anita (Foster) Zino.  I am also very good friends with Tommy Farrell's widow Kathy. It is so nice to see the people from Hicksville and follow there stories. I spoke with Linda Piccerelli not too long ago and enjoyed our conversation. Thank you so much for putting all this effort into bringing all our classmates so much enjoyment  My hats off to all of the editors.

Hope to see you all some time soon. Let me know if anything is going on locally and thanks again.

Best Wishes

Ann Fisher (Antoinette Colascione) '61 


I just read Ann's note to you and am interested in contacting her regarding helping us with a fund raiser for the Hicksville Vietnam War Era Memorial Project.  Tommy Sullivan (Brooklyn Bridge) has already offered to entertain at this yet to be planned event and I'd like to line Ann up too, especially since her note, reprinted below for the Team's benefit, shows she's been entertaining Vets for some time.

Can you please send me her email address, so I can contact her?  If not, please pass this on to her, so she can contact me if she'd like.


Joe Carfora


You are looking for the e-mail for "Chuck" Coffey...'67 Hix High....his formal name is John Coffey and lives in Albany, NY.

You can tell him Jim Rubins '67 ratted him out....

And, by the way, he is married to the former Patty McNeely also of Class of '67 Hix High


Dear Editors

Please tell Volena to send me her contact information so I can give her Kathy (Lyman) Kelly's contact information


Jimmy Szymanski


People Looking For People

Hi I am also looking for Cathy Sorrentino'64 please post this.

Sheila (Klein) Cohen class of 74 is looking for Cathy Sorrentino class of 64 or her sisters or cousins

Last that I heard she was living in Florida and divorced...


If possible, please add my personal e-mail address to your mailing list. The current address you have is my business address, and with our company planning a major move in the not too distant future, I want to make sure I continue receiving the newsletter that I look forward to reading each month.

Hillary (Reda) Van Scoy '63


My thanks to Walt Schmidt's explanation of what is and isn't factual about the proposed health care reform.  It is nice to know there is someone around who can objectively separate fact from fiction. Thank you, very, very much.

Joe Platania '63


I appreciate all the posts I've been receiving. Many old friends have surfaced lately, apparently not knowing I've pretty much made a living since high school in the music industry. Well, this Saturday, the 5th, is the 20th "Boatride to Oblivian" out of Captree Boat Basin on the Moonchaser. This "Concert on the Water" is a highlight event of the year for my Long Island Hall of Fame award winning band, The Jim Small Band, and is not to be missed by music lovers of our generation. Tickets are available at Hope to see you all.

John Boyle Class of '75
John Boyle and "Rockin' Blue"
The Jim Small Band/Shakedown
All Music/All the time!


re: Jacci LaSalle Gallucci   "59

I spoke with her this evening and related the message about her not accepting the newsletter.  She says that AOL cancelled her account due to confusion with Blackberry acct. which is why she never got the notice.  Please try again to send her the newsletter.  Thank you

Jeanette Martello Lupis


Dear Jeanette,

Since you say AOL cancelled her account, and you haven't provided me with her new email account, I can't subscribe her myself. But she can easily subscribe herself. All she has to do is send an email (from her current email address) to:  

That's all there is to it.

Best regards
Henry Lichtenstein


Hi Bob!

My thanks to you and the other editors for the nice birthday card.  It's amazing how you folks manage to keep up with the entire HixNews readership!

Best regards,

Joe Carfora '62


Hi Bob,
YOU have put the biggest smile on my face...THANKS!
Loved the card!
Susan Weber-Fishkin '69

I also lived at 121 Dartmouth Drive from 1952 till 1959.

Judy DeVincentis Morgan (58) 



Hi, please add my name to the list for The Hicksville Newsletter.   I graduated in 1964 and have now live in Anchorage Alaska.

Thank you,  
Tony Petrone



Hicksville Vietnam War Era Veterans Memorial

The List of Names now totals 448! With 23 new names added in September, following 27 in August, the past two months have been our slowest in terms of name growth in quite awhile. 

So once again, for your part as a HixNews reader and HHS Alumnus, please see our update in the Honoring Our Veterans section of this newsletter. Qualification requirements appear just before the complete List of Names. Please look over the list and let us know the names of people we are still missing.

In addition, you can also help by letting us know information we are missing and by clarifying uncertain information for a number of names we already have (shown in red with question marks).

Since we estimate there could be between 2 and 3 thousand Veterans with Hicksville ties who served our Armed Forces around the world during the Vietnam War Era, the Project Team still feels it has a long way to go to complete this effort. Your help is needed now as much as ever before!


Joe Carfora, HHS '62

My name appears on your list of missing emails...  Karen Palmese Grappone (class of 77).

You can use this email address.... *******************  I suspect you have my work email and they have started to get kicked back (I did not get a note this month). Feel free to contact me if you need anything else.

Thanks very much.


Dear HixNews

Thanks very much for the great birthday card.
I am having lunch with George Fillipone this week.

Harry Berkowitz '60


Hi Bob;

More info on the Tempos band.
The only really interesting thing about that band is that we had an audition with the Ted Mack show.

We didn't get on because we weren't unique enough.

It was exciting at the time to go into the city and play for those people. My father and I took the Count Basie arrangment of April In Paris off the record and wrote it for us.  I've had a pretty interesting music career which is still going.

It's interesting to me and my students and I don't know how interesting it would be to anyone else not involved in the business.
It was good hearing from you, let's keep in touch.

Art Romeo '60


This is pretty neat, and so are the related files on U-TUBE

Joe Platania




People Looking For People

Dear HixNews

Could you please add me to your list.   
I am looking for Josie DZIENIEWSKI and her sister Terry
I went to Hicksville High School class of 1975.
Thank you.

Ronnie McCarthy Quigley


Try this............... But No Cheating . . . . .





How are you? I am so thrilled, Pat has reached out to me on facebook now and I am sure that we will speak shortly.  I guess it's been 30 years since I have spoken to my best friend from high school  This is so exciting. I can't thank you enough!

Crystal Robbins '75

The Senior Trip Photo for the Class of 1959
Have a wonderful reunion!!!

Thank you for the anniversary e-card.

Vivian Goodman McCraw '62

Dear Bob,

Thank you for the beautiful birthday card. I am officially on Medicare! 

Hope all is well with you and yours. 

Tom and I are well, and enjoying our grandchildren ; one of whom is now playing football and lacrosse at  Hicksville High School.  Weren't we just going there? It brings back a lot of memories when we sit in the stands rooting for the Comets again.

Janice Breeden Manaskie

Editor Note...It's hard to believe we have been out of school three times as long as when we were students. I would do it all over again as long as it was in Hicksville. We had so much fun as students and I still cherish the friends I had...buffalo bob


Thanks Bob and HixNews.  That was a great Birthday card.  I will have to try that site for birthday cards.
Bill Canham '61 


 Dear HixNews

Please add my name to your mailing list. I am a graduate from the class of 1969. Currently live in Hobe Sound, Florida.

Denise (Eisele) Felipe


Hello Bob,
Just wanted to drop you a note to say that although you and Ted did not make it to Maine, my best friend from High School, Aileen O'Campo Dixon and her husband Steve will be docking in Portland Oct. 3. They arrive on one of the largest cruise ships to come into Portland Harbor. I read that it can accommodate over 3,000 people.

When cruise ships dock at the Maine Pier they dwarf everything in site. It makes my ferry look like a toy. Buses and taxicabs line up to take people to L.L. Bean and to the various light houses in the area.

I plan to be Aileen's taxi. We will spend the day touring lighthouses, eating lobster, visiting my island and enjoying Hicksville memories. I am so looking forward to this day. I have been trying to get her here for a few years, but family obligations prevailed. I have the feeling she will want to come back.

We will send photos to the newsletter. It will truly be a "micro-mini" reunion.
Carol Makowski Kinney