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Jean LaPointe '59 Bob (Gleason) Wesley '61 
Webmaster:  Roger Whitaker Henry Lichtenstein '59
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We are asking that anyone with a yearbook they don't need, or if there is an extra one lying around, would you please donate it to the Hicksville Newsletter.
As we edit documents that are received, we enjoy putting pictures of the graduating student at the end of the note. We have been scanning using available yearbooks. Buffalo Bob has 1960, 1961 and 1963

Naturally, there are many pictures, other than the graduating alumni...i.e. Sports Shots, Various Clubs, Senior Play, Student Council and many others that we would like to put into the photo gallery. Please take a look at some of the shots in the current month photo gallery.

We would ask, too, that if you can, when you send a note to HixNews, attach a picture of yourself from graduation and a current one.

One final note...who out there would be willing to scan some documents from their yearbook to send to HixNews?

The editors

Save this date: October 3,2009

For The Class of 1959


Place: The Holiday Inn at Islip Airport
3845 Veterans Memorial Highway
Ronkonkoma, New York
Telephone: 631-585-9500
Fax: 631-585-9550

The Reunion Committee includes Joyce and Mickey Anglim, Mike Anselmo, 
Joan Gabriel, Ghyll Owen Simoneschi, Carl Probst, Mike Sherin and Eileen Toscano.  
For information
write to Carl or Joyce.

See ( and help find some missing alumni)


When: October 10, 2009 from 7-11pm
Where: Holiday Inn, Plainview (215 Sunnyside Blvd, Plainview).
Cost:  $118.00 per person.

Make checks payable to "Reunions of America" and write "Hicksville High School, Class of 1969" on the envelope as well as on the memo section of the check.

Mail To: P.O. Box 618, Melville, NY 11747-0618.

They also accept Visa or Mastercard.  Ladies, please include your maiden name with your check.

Alumni can contact Reunions of America at the following e-mail address:  and include any addresses you might have for other alumni. Alumni can contact the committee at the following e-mail address:

Committee members are Diana (D'Antuono) DePalma-Henne, Bill Henne, and Mary (Mansfield) Mollineaux.

We are hosting a breakfast the next morning at the hotel's restaurant; a block of rooms are available for those who wish to stay overnight after the reunion.

Contact the Holiday Inn directly for reservations... Tel: (516) 349-7400

*35th Reunion - Class of 1975* 
July 24, 2010
7 PM - ?

Sheraton Long Island Hotel
Hauppauge, NY

$75 per person; early bird rate of $67.50/pp by October 31, 2009
Send your payment (checks payable to HHSReunion75) to
POB #154, Kings Park, NY 11754

For more information:
Or visit their web site at

People Looking for People
As Of September 20, 2009

Ronnie McCarthy Quigley (75) is looking for Josie and Terry Dzieniewski
Bob Goldmacher (73) is looking for Nancy Galkowski (74)
Sheila Cohen Klein (74) is looking for Cathy Sorrentino (64 or 65) 
Claudia Allen (65) is looking for Wesley Aldag (65), Tommy Manascalco and John Duggan (64)
Linda (DeRosa) Sulyma ('71) is looking for Marsha Anker ('71)
Alberta (Hunt) Bolettieri (59) is looking for Elizabeth Berning
Eli Mallon is looking for Nora Griffin (65?)
Susan Weber-Fishkin ('69) is looking for Edith Alferi ('68) & Joel Berman ('68)
Rich DaCosta looking for Paul or Bernice Cavalluzzo and Jim Clarke
Gene Zonis (63) is looking for Tony Baglio (63)
Nancy Johnsen Kaye is looking for Elaine Sotis & Carol Krumenacher
Lois Chaber, '60, is looking for Nancy Sherman, Patricia Brindley 
Mitch Egan, '60 is looking for Neil Lensky '60
Kathleen Trant Adamo, '66, looking for Maureen Oliva, '66
Diane (Angell) Keil is looking for Bobbie Kaplan, class of 1963
Vickie (Berk) Maas, '72 is looking for Bob Jones, class of 1972
Sandy (Sandler) Wolfe, '60 is looking forTommy Sak
Volena Henningsen (class of '61) Howe looking for Kathy Lyman
Carol Christopher Fox is looking for Linda Proise Carlucci class of 1960
Kathie Sumrow is looking for Linda (Lee) Buch both class of 65 and bandmates
David Koburger, '73 is looking for Laura Marlow, '73
Kevin McGuinness is looking for Delores Diak '68, 
Judy (Brandfon) Greenfield class of 1974 looking for Carol Zaza class of 75
Frances G. Kosinski Class of 1969 is looking for Ann Bonarrigo Class of 1972
Myrna (Hessel) Greenberg, '60 is looking for Judy Niemy
Judy (DeVincentis) Morgan,'58 is looking for Marion Brennan,'59
John Ebbecke '72 looking for Denise Heller from class of '72
John DeLuca,'77 is looking for Jimmy Florio,'76
Al Frost and Bill Cashel are looking for Billy Tufts, '65
Frank Scarangella '55 is looking for Maureen Werner '57
Charlie Alesi, '68 is looking for Linda Sucarino, '68 and Elaine Cloke, '69
Richie of Key Food is looking for David Skrownski, 1969
Peter Arena is looking for Debra Schoenfeld,'73 and Michelle Lax, '75
Pat (Robertson) Falk '65 looking for Virginia (Buscarino) Glaser/Robertson '65
Ronnie (Ron) Smith '73 is looking for Denise Bonsang '73 & Paul Cecery '73
Naomi (Groont) Doudera class of '73 looking for Neil Singer class of '74
Sue Voelbel Dalton '65 looking for Kathy O'Conner '65
Joe Kochanski is looking for his Vietnam buddy, Bill Schmidt, '64
Ron Palmer,'63 is looking Henreitta Kawolski and Tom Nelson
Tommy Burns (61) and Herbie Pearce (62) are looking for Pete Gillette (62).
Ralph Powell, 57 is looking for James Bruce,'57
Bob Gerrets,'66 is looking for Belle Miller,'66
Karen Kelly,'69 is looking for Fran Barber, '69
John Connelly is looking for Jennifer James,'90
Bob (Gleason) Wesley,'61 is looking for Jeff Foster,'61
Susan Spector,'62 is looking for Loretta Noce,'62
Ann (Krex) Friedman,'65 is looking for Laura Krakoff,'65 & Lynne Cohen,'65
Mike Linihan,'65 is looking for Terry Sheehan,'64 & Charles Dohrenwend,'65
Beth (Halper) McFall,'65 is looking for Judith Lapiner,'65
Marty Winkel,'62 is looking for Cathy Sorrentino,'64
Cheryl (Woods) Newell,'69 is looking for Penny Thompson,'69
Elaine (Grecz) Libert '62 looking for Danny Van Cise
Lilian Giller Gordon '59 looking for Stanley Blassberg, class of '58
Jan Greenberg ('74) is looking for Patti Tesoriere ('75)
JIM RERISI ('61) looking for Barbara Rudin ('61) Donna Sohaski ('61)
Judy Topliffe Brumit ('65) is looking for Deborah Ravdin ('65)

If there's someone you're looking for, just send your request and we'll be happy to add it to the list.

If anyone knows these folks, send an email to: 

Come see Tommy Sullivan in concert Sunday November 1st at  2 PM at the Hicksville Public Library on Jerusalem Avenue.

A Hicksville High School graduate, Tommy is a founding member of the original Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge and an inaugural inductee to the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

In the late sixties, Tommy started the first rock band in the U.S. Army (which included three other HHS classmates!) while serving in the West Point Band. Tommy has long ascribed his success in the music business to the excellent music education he received in the Hicksville Public School system... and is dedicating the show to the memory of Charles F. Gouse, who was the head Music Administrator in Hicksville for many years.

Friday's show will feature Tommy on keyboards, guitar and sax, and singing songs from the Bridge, fifties and sixties classics, an amazing Beatles tribute, even some jazz stylings and new original songs.

You'll also hear some inside stories about the many legendary performers he's worked with over the years.

Come join us in welcoming home Tommy Sullivan!

The Hicksville Public Library

The Dynamic Sound of a "Band of Renown"
Featuring the Scintillating Voice of Anton Mure

Future Appearances: 

Watch for other appearances