Photo Gallery



East Street School  Kindergarten 1952

East Street School First Grade 1953

East Street School Third Grade 1955

East Street School Fifth Grade 1957


Antoinette Colascione                                           Maureen Uss Bensen



   Ann Krex  1965                      Ann Krex Friedman       

     Graduation                                 Recently




  Carolyn Wood 1963      Carolyn Wood Imbrie        Michael Lepp

       Graduation                        Recently                     class  of  1956



                                           Chuck Hodgman

                                            Back in the day

After High School I went to college, graduated and went to work for Nassau Health Department. I retired after 31 years, and now do consulting work in the Environmental Health field. I like to kayak, ride motorcycles, and go fishing. I'm married (Angela Camarda) with 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren and 2 dogs.



 Gary Sanossian      Gary Recently

  Class of 1961


    Rosemary Collins 1962       Rosemary Collins D'arcy


                           Buffalo Bob Casale and Ginny Dalia



Bob Casale & Bob Katcavage

      1946 in Philadelphia


Chris Heidt - Bob Katcavage - Eileen Casale - Pat Casale

                       Bob Casale and Kathy Kapsol

                     Edgewood Dr, Hicksville - 1960

Bob Katcavage was drafted by the National Football League
in 1962.  Bob's brother, Jim Katcavage, at the time was #75
Defensive End for the New York Football Giants. This was
the first time we had seen each other in many years. Bob was
6'4" and weighed in at 260.