A few weeks ago I was thinking about HHS and old friends.

As to personal history:

A little Biographical sketch on the life of


1.    Married Sue Douglas (class of 62) in 1963 and moved to CO

              a) Had two kids - boy and girl

              b) Son was killed at 5 years old

c)       Sue and I divorced in 1966 and I had custody of our


2.    Joined Nassau County Police Department 1966  - retired in 1987 with a couple of degrees including a Bachelors and a Law degree.

3.    Married Mary Gillette (class of 63) in 1969

            a) Mary had a daughter 2 years younger than my daughter

            b) We raised both girls through college and marriages

            c) My daughter went to Brown and Harvard and teaches in Boston

            d) My step-daughter went to Quinnipiac and works in  Connecticut

            e) My wife Mary died in 1992 of cancer

4.    I had established a law firm in Hicksville early on and continued to build it.

5.    I also had several companies that I was a partner in:

            a) The law firm had 25 personnel

            b) Had a Travel Agency with 4 people

            c) Had a Real Estate office with 4 people

            d) Had a restaurant in Tampa/St. Pete with 30 people

            e) Had a construction company with 65 people

6.    I was doing well until 1991 when Mayor Ed Dinkins, NYC became Mayor and changed NY contracts.    My construction company did NYC school roofs.  Dinkins passed a law that stated NYC would only  "let" contracts to 'minority' firms.   Literally over night I lost 5 million dollars in work.  Within 5 months the banks repossessed my buckets, cranes, lifts, and seized my personal property.

7.    I had purchased twenty-two Levitt houses over the years through my real estate company.  But everything I owned was also collateral for millions in loans and credit lines for the construction company and for the restaurant.   The restaurant in FL was big - 225 seats.   But, it was run 'absentee' as I was in NY.

8.  Within 8 months in 1992 I went bankrupt.  Total was 12.4 M

9.  By now it is about 1994 and I met Connie Ramistello (class of 67).  Remember - Richie Ramistello?  Connie is his sister.  Well Connie was divorced and had two young boys, ages 7 and 10.

10.   Connie and I married in 1995 and moved to FL.   We raised the boys who are now 27 and 30 - married - and the older one just had a daughter our first granddaughter!

            a) The older boy went to college in NY at Stony Brook and got his Masters in
               Biology. He now teaches HS at Sachem HS.  His wife also teaches

b)    The younger one went to college here in FL at UNF and his degree is in Banking. 

13.  Connie and I started an "Eye Wear Company".  It grew.  We went national with large accounts.  I sold the company, because I was building homes and log homes in FL and in NC.  

14.  Then Sept. 2007 and the housing market goes in the tank.  We have limped along for two years.  We bought a piece of commercial property with a self-storage business on it that has carried us.

Well that should be enough to start a conversation between us!  I really do miss all of my HHS friends.  We had some good times and laughs. 


PS:  The one female that I wanted to get in touch with was Donna Sohaski.  Do you remember her?