The D’Antuono Family

Diana, this is a great photo of you and your siblings that was taken 60 years ago. I want to post in a future issue of HixNews and was doing some investigating and now I’m totally confused. Two Diana’s, one graduating in 1964, and another in 1969. Two Michael’s, one graduating in 1966 and the second in 1969. A Carol in 1972 and Joe in 1973; and I could not find Toni in any graduating class. Bring me up to date on who’s who???

Thanks… Buffalo Bob

LOL. Bob! My father was one of nine children. My grandparents’ names were Michael and Diana D’Antuono. Following Italian tradition, honoring grandparents, most of the nine children named the first-born girl “Diana” and the first born boy “Michael”. After our parents got that out of the way, they could name the remaining kids whatever they wanted to!

This photo is my grandparents with their 9 children. They lived on East 78th Street in the Yorkville section of Manhattan . My grandfather delivered ice to people’s homes (before refrigerators) and all the brothers worked in that business after school; years later they opened up a grocery store.
Top Row Left to Right:   Luke * Nick * Willie * John * Mike

Bottom Row Left to Right:   Jennie * Pop * Dom * Joey * Mom * Theresa

As my uncles were growing up, some of them got “lazy”, as my grandfather said, and they stopped using the apostrophe in our last name, thus the differences between the D’Antuono and Dantuono names. My father and his 6 brothers all worked for Coinmach Industries, which serviced coin-metered laundry equipment throughout the five boroughs. One by one, five of the brothers settled in Hicksville , with most homes in walking distance of each other.

Luke & (Pauline) Dantuono - They raised their family in Hicksville on Layton Avenue . Luke and Pauline are deceased.

They had three children:
Michael, class of 1966, is a retired pharmacist living in Scottsdale , Arizona . He has three children and two grandchildren.
Carol, class of 1972, is a Movie Executive, living in Los Angeles , California .

Luke, class of 1975, is a retired business executive living in Scottsdale , Arizona . He is married to Laura and they have three children.  

Nick & (Demi) D’Antuono
- They raised their family in Hicksville on Bethpage Road . Anyone who knew him will tell you Nick was always the life of any party. Nick and Demi are deceased. 

They had three children:
Diana, class of 1969, is a retired Dental Hygienist who is working as a Dental Office Manager in Roslyn. Diana, who lives in Hicksville , is chairing an upcoming reunion, the 50th, for the class of 1969 that will be held in September of this year. In 2009, after three longs years of hard work (and close to 2,000 photos), she finally
finished a DVD set comprised of 3 disks of family history dating back to 1902 when the family patriarch, Michael D’Antuono, emigrated to the United States alone at the age of 12. All family members have a copy of the DVD set to pass on to future generations, and the set is on display in three Italian-American museums in the United States . Diana is married to another ’69 Alumni, Bill Henne. Together they have five children and two grandchildren.

Antoinette (Toni), class of 1971, is a Funeral Director and lives in West Hempstead . She is married to Joe; they have three children and her first grandchild was born this past June.

Michael, class of 1975, is a General Sales Manager for Van Buren Hino/Isuzu Trucks and lives in Plainview . He is married to Vicki; they have three children and five grandchildren.

William & (Lucy) D’Antuono Raised their family in Roosevelt . William and Lucy are deceased.


They had two children:
Diana, who lives in Washington .

Michael D’Antuono, who graduated from Stadium High School ( Seattle , WA ) in 1966. Retired President of Parson’s Engineering Construction Company and now working as a consultant. He lives in Altadena , CA with his wife, Susan.

John & Grace Dantuono raised their family in Hicksville , (first on New South Road and then on Cecil Place ). John and Grace are deceased.

They had t
hree children:
Diana, class of 1964, is a special education teacher for the Office of Mental Health and a yoga instructor. In 1992 she was honored as a Hicksville Hall of Fame recipient for “Overcoming physical limitations, she has received certification as a Special Education and ESL teacher.” Diana lives in Commack , NY

Diana receiving her Hicksville Hall of Fame award from then Superintendent, Dr. Catherine Fenton; and standing beside the Hall of Fame plaque in the HS lobby.

Michael would have been the class of 1966 but joined the Navy, did a tour of duty in Vietnam , and sadly passed away in 2006.

Jimmy, class of 1974, is retired from the Nassau County Sherriff’s Department living in Hicksville . He is married to Barbara; they have one daughter and two granddaughters.

Mike & (Mary) Dantuono - They raised their family in Hicksville on Jerome Avenue .  Mike and Mary are deceased.

They had two children:
Michael, class of 1969, is a practicing attorney living in East Williston . He is married to Mary Ann; they have three children and eight grandchildren.

Joseph, class of 1973, who is truck driver/trainer @ Werner Enterprises in Pennsylvania living in Schnecksville , PA. He is married to Janet; they have three children and five grandchildren.

Dominick & (Patricia) D’Antuono raised their family in Hicksville on Layton Avenue , across the street from Luke and Pauline.  Patricia is deceased and Dominick is living in Florida .

They had four children…

Lori Ann, class of 1981, is an Executive Assistant for a consulting firm in Manhattan living in Massapequa Park . She is married to Rob and they have two children.


Dominick, class of 1983, is a Cardiac Surgery Physician’s Assistant and Owner/Partner at Advanced Cardiothoracic Surgery Medical Group in Los Angeles , CA., living in Altadena , CA . He is married to Rose and they have two daughters.


Michael, class of 1986, is a Battalion Chief in FDNY living in Seaford . He is married to Margaret: they have two daughters.

Timmy, class of 1988, is an Executive Chef in Boca Raton , FL , living in Boynton Beach , FL. He is married to Christine and they have three children.

Jennie & Bill Lorusso raised their daughter, Anna in Brooklyn . Jennie and Bill are deceased.

They had one child, Anna, a licensed clinician social worker in private practice. She is also a professor of psychology, a consultant for the MS society, and served in the NYS Trauma Team during 9/11. She lives in Marlboro, NJ with her husband, Sal. They have two daughters and two granddaughters.

Theresa & George Bishop raised their family in Manhattan . George is deceased. Theresa is living in Staten Island .


They had two children.

Barbara Ann, is living in Wayne , NJ . with her husband Mike; they have two children and two grandchildren. Theresa Marie, is living in Staten Island with her husband, John; they have two children.  

 Joe & Lois D’Antuono raised their family in Queens . Joe is deceased.

They had two children: Marie and Diana.

The photo below shows many of the aunts and uncles in 1995. BOLDFACED are the D’Antuono/Dantuono siblings, their spouses are in regular typeface.

Standing L to R: Mike, Mary, Demi, Grace, George, Pauline, Pat and Dom

Seated L to R: Nick, Luke, John, Theresa (holding her granddaughter, Colleen)