November 2004
Volume 5 Number 2

From the Editors

Dear Friends,

The position of editor is still open. I have been copying and pasting for 4 years and think it is time for a fresh perspective. If you are interested, please let me know.

Pat Koziuk Driscoll, 1956

Dear Alumni...
Tucked somewhere in your brain is note or a story or something special about Christmas past.

I know I can always bring up a humorous anecdote when we get together as a family during the holidays. It usually happens when we are sitting around the table having turkey dinner...with a mouth full of food...and someone says, remember the time.... Pity the guy sitting opposite me.

Why not take a moment and write a little story about Christmas...and it
doesn't have to be funny. Something nice about a special moment. Like when the kids saw Santa Claus on the roof next door... or when they heard the reindeer making funny noises....or when your sister walked into the Christmas tree that was sitting in the corner next to the brick wall near the bathroom in an original Levittown Ranch House...and I'm not saying what sister that graduated in 1959 with the first initial E.

Bob Casale
Class of '61

November Birthdays and Anniversaries
Welcome to Our New Readers
In Memory
News, Notes and Memories
Feature by Bob Casale

Favorite Teacher


November Birthdays


Joan Komar Langlois, 1961 (FL)


Ellen Boos Bruwer, 1954 (L.I.)


Lorraine Tully, 1967 (HX)


Linda Frimmer Whitlock, 1958 (FL)


Dawn Casale (GA)


Bonnie Kiernan Fogelberg, 1961 (VA)
Pat Appleman Levitin, 1962


George Ritzler, 1957 (PA)


Joan Perduto Koudakis, 1957


Madeline Bianco DeLouisa, 1960 (NY)
Hank Chupka, 1955 (L.I.)


Caroline Kolff VanOosterwyk Kelly (need new email address


Tony Genovese, 1961 (FL)


Noel Horowitz Heinz, 1958


Chet Nichols, 1958


Valerie Herold Chavez, 1977 (NM)
Paul L. Korman, 1968



Cecelia Schwarz Horn, 1944 (CA)


November Anniversaries

11/1/???? – Phil and Diane Anselmo, (MD)
11/2/1980 – James and Angela Carpinone (NY)
11/5/1966 – Joanne (Picari) and Tom Skelly (SC)
11/8/???? – Judy (Topliffe) and Sam Brumit (CA)
11/11/2002 – Vicky (Penner) and Roger Whitaker (IL)
11-24-???? – Chas and Lorrie Brooks (L.I.)

Belated wishes - 10/13/1963 – Bonnie (Kiernan) and Bill Fogelberg (VA)

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Welcome to Our New Readers

  • Ann Celentano Walker, 1962

  • Bob Griffen, unknown grad year

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In Memory

FUNFGELD-Arthur L., of Wading River (formerly of Hicksville), suddenly on October 18, 2004. (Member of Operating Engineers Union Local 138). Beloved father of Christian. Dear son of Harold and Josephine Funfgeld, and Mary Funfgeld. Fond brother of Jeffrey and Thomas. Loving uncle of Maureen, James, and Katie, Farran, Pamela and Eric. Also survived by many aunts, uncles and cousins. The family will receive friends at the Beney Funeral Home, Inc., of Syosset, 79 Berry Hill Rd., Syosset, 2-4 PM and 7-9 PM. Religious Service, Friday 8PM at the funeral home. Funeral, Saturday 9AM. Interment, St. Margaret's Cemetery, Plainview.

Published in Newsday from 10/20/2004 - 10/22/2004.

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News, Notes and Memories

  • Bob Steedman, 1958, is still trying to build a roster of HHS alumni. You can send your info to him at: Please contact him directly with any questions you may have about this database.

  • I took some pictures at the Mega Reunion and created a web site with them
    and some old class pictures I had.

    Take a look,
    Steve Peck '68

  • Thanks again for a wonderful newsletter. I was just reminiscing about the Class of ‘59's wonderful 40th reunion 5 years ago tomorrow - 10/01/99. It was a very special evening and I just want to wish my classmates a happy 45th wherever they are. I hope all our classmates in Florida survived the recent hurricanes with minimal or no problems.

    Eileen Walter Toscano and Tony Class of ‘59

  • Mid Life Crisis will be at Classics Sports Bar corner Hempstead Tpke and Jerusalem Ave., Sat night, Nov. 27th from 10:00 on...this place is extra big and all brand new inside!

    Anton Mure, 1968

  • Hey guys: I just wanted to pass along that Allison and I were blessed this past week with our third grandchild. Aiden Gene Bell was born on Sept 27th to our son Howard III and his wife Jennifer. This is their first child and our first grandson. Both mother and son are doing well and the proud daddy was able to receive pictures of his son only moments after the birth due to
    his father-in-laws trusty phone camera. (Technology is a wonderful thing). Howie III is currently serving his second tour of duty in Iraq. He is a medic serving with the 2nd Marine Recon Battalion stationed in Fallujah due home sometime in April.

    Howard Bell (class of 68)

  • Hard to believe, but our EIGHTH grandchild was born this morning (10/4) to our son, Doug, and his wife, Tiffany. It's a girl, Allyson, who joins her five-year-old brother, Tanner! That gives us six girls and two boys (five five-year-olds, one 11 year-old, one one-year old and one one-day old!)

    Vicky and Roger
    (Vicky Penner Katz Whitaker, 1958)

  • I ran across this and thought you and your readers might enjoy it.

    Gary Nadell 1965

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Feature by Bob Casale

By Bob Casale

So many people are fooled into believing they have poor memories. Such is not the case. Anyone with average intelligence can remember almost anything with amazing results. The only requirement is for you to learn to use the mind to your advantage. The trick is to have a basic idea of rules to follow.

The first rule…”Keep It Simple.”

There is a simple game you can play called association. Association is using a gimmick to remember another thing. For instance, most of us are stereotyped. We do things the same way, day after day. Like getting dressed in the morning. Every thing is usually laid out in assembly line fashion. First the shorts, then the shirt, then the socks, then the shoes, then…and it goes on, the same, every day. You simply go through the motions. But, what if you needed to remember to take out the garbage…but you usually forget. What if you were to take your shoes and put them next to the garbage can because you needed to take out the garbage? Now, when you go to put on your shoes, they aren’t there. Then you remember. I have to take out the garbage. But what if your dog was a retriever and he retrieved your shoes and put them where he knows they should be. Then what. I guess the garbage doesn’t get put out.

How about the wife who is diligent about preparing dinner? If you have a roast in the freezer that needs to be defrosted before dinner, but you can’t remember to take it out. Why not put your lipstick in the freezer…that’s a sure fire way to remember to get that roast. But what if one of the kids wanted some ice cream and found your lipstick in the freezer, and being the good kid, puts the lipstick back on your dresser. I guess then you’re having McDonalds.

If you’ve ever been embarrassed because you couldn’t remember a name, take heed. Rule #2 deals with observation. Remembering names is fun and can be reinforced through combining details. No two people are alike in physical features and mannerisms. Use these features to cause an automatic memory response. Hair color, nose size, the shape of the mouth and ears are signals. Physical dimensions are equally important. If you observe these features closely, and assign arbitrary terms, you’ll never forget a name. First, make sure you hear the name. If you’re not sure, ask the person to spell the name. People are vain and the sound and spelling of “their” name is music to the ears. You also reinforce the name in your memory. Mrs. Arrow has pierced ears and a long slender body. Mr. Brighton has white, shiny teeth and is overweight (though he doesn’t weigh a ton). Professor Glassman wears spectacles and he is a man. These are simple examples and not hard to remember.

How about Mrs. Rutherford with the jovial, abundant face of a Hereford Cow and the wrinkled brow that looks like ruts (RUT….HERFORD). Mr. Grzylowsky with the full beard that reminds you of a Grizzly Bear. He is small (low) and not too close to the sky (GRIZZLY…LOW….SKY). As silly as it sounds, it works. Remembering names is now a fun game, and you’ll be amazed at the added respect you now command when you’re able to say, without hesitation, “it’s so nice to see you again Mrs. KINDERNOOKAROWSKOWBERG.”

There are no steadfast rules in remembering, only basics. Follow a few simple rules and use your acute sense of observation for very gratifying results. There is no need to stop now that you’re an expert. Carry your new found strength with you wherever you go, and improve on it. No matter what systems you employ, the desire to commit something to memory is paramount. Your first test is to recall what you just read. “

Now, what was it he said?”

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  • I missed the last class of ‘57 reunion due to a death in my family. I would like to start the ball rolling on planning another reunion in the next 6-12 months. I can dedicate lots of time to the project and would welcome help from any of my classmates.

    I would appreciate any help and direction from the editors, as well as a mention in your next newsletter with my (email: home address: 121 Aldean Dr., Sanford, FL 32771, telephone #: 407-328-7154.

    I've been away from the Hicksville area since 1957; obviously I'd need a lot of help in selecting a suitable place to have the reunion. The majority of my classmates are in the 64 to 67 age group. Our age group, for the most part, are either retired or planning their retirement in the next few years. Let's get together and have the best reunion possible.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Steve Goldsmith
    Class of 57

  • Any one who wants a DVD of the 2004 reunion held in May at the Holiday Inn,
    Plainview, New York, contact…

    Gary Holstein
    3620 Fiddler Lane
    Bethpage, NY 11714
    email: : (Please note new email)

    The following are comments from some of our students who recently viewed the wonderful DVD. It is awesome… Just the Nite Rider sequence is worth $25.00...
    Bob Casale


    Received the DVD of the May reunion on Thursday and watched it that night. Enjoyed it very much. Nice job, Gary.

    Bob Backa


    The reunion DVD is wonderful. Bob, You were right, Gary Holstein did a great job (creating the DVD of the
    reunion). I'm glad I ordered one. I'm looking forward to a mega-reunion in the future.

    Carolyn Imbrie


    Hello Gary…
    I received the video of the Class of 1961 Reunion in today's mail. I must say you did a FANTASTIC job of putting this video together. It really captured what the reunion was all about. Again, thanks for all your hard work to make these videos for all our classmates.

    Mike Bisaccio


    (The DVD), it is simply fantastic

    Eileen Greenberg Ingala (61 - the year I graduated and surprisingly my age)


    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you what a GREAT job you did. Oh, the memories. What an awesome thing to have and I have sent everyone I e-mail to let them know they need to buy this if they didn't.

    Lillian Ramirez


    I received my DVD last week, and haven't viewed it yet. The cover is so professional looking, so the DVD itself must be very, very good. Sometimes you CAN tell a DVD by its cover. Neat! Meant to write you Gary, and thank you for your efforts. Will get back to you when I've had sufficient time to view it. Looking forward to viewing it over, and over again, and recalling happy memories. I'm betting the DVD is even better than its cover. Thanks for all your hard work. Thanks again, guys,

    Bonnie Fogelberg

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Favorite Teachers


I am sending this email to you to tell about two teachers from HHS.

Edmund Parlow... He was a history teacher in grades 10 and 11. Above and beyond the normal studies. He gave of his own time to teach me golf and chess. We played together for several years after graduation.

Hester Easer... She was a junior English teacher. I still remember her rules (English). I quote her often on how to write, speak English.

Mr. Giambalvo... An excellent math and shop teacher.

I hope this helps.
Arthur Isaksen, 1959

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Thanksgiving Trivia

Thanks to “Butterball”

Did you know that...

Turkey Tidbits

• Turkeys were one of the first animals in the Americas to be domesticated.
• Turkeys are first documented over two thousand years ago in Central America and Mexico.
• Benjamin Franklin called the turkey "a true original native of America."
• The turkey was nominated to be the official bird of the United States but eventually lost out to the bald eagle.
• Domesticated turkeys cannot fly.
• Male turkeys are called "toms" and female turkeys are "hens."

Thanksgiving Timeline

• The Pilgrims first celebrated their feast of "thanksgiving" in 1621. It lasted three days!
• In 1789, George Washington proclaimed a national day of Thanksgiving.
• The state of New York officially made Thanksgiving Day an annual custom in 1817.
• In 1827, Sarah Josepha Hale began her campaign to establish a national day of Thanksgiving.
• President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving an annual national holiday in the United States in 1863.
• The annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade tradition began in the 1920's.

Thanksgiving Facts

• An estimated 690 million pounds of turkey were consumed in the United States during Thanksgiving in 2001 (National Turkey Federation).
• Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November.
• Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday in October.

Pat Koziuk Driscoll, 1956 (FL)
Linda Piccerelli Hayden, 1960 (NJ)
Bob Casale, 1961 (HX)

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