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Volume 2 Number 2

November Birthdays


Dawn Casale, GA


Caroline Kolff VanOosterwyk Kelly, VA


Valerie Herold Chaves, NM


Happy Anniversary to Vicky (Penner) and Roger Whitaker, IL

To All Our Subscribers...

We have added additional pictures for your enjoyment from a few of the Hicksville High School Graduating Classes of years gone by...
To view these pictures log onto Once there, log on as a guest to

The albums are self explanatory...HHS CLASS OF 1956, HHS CLASS OF 1960, etc.

Bob Casale has additional albums there that you can view should you care to see some history of his family and friends over the past 40 years. There are some pictures of A.F. LIBERTY Plumbing Supply, a Hicksville business that Bob and Ted Swedalla (Class of 1964) started in October of 1977.

Our intention is to add more pictures but we require your help. If you have a scanning capability, and you have a yearbook, select a few photos, scan them, then save as a .jpg file. Send an email to with the photo attached. I will create an album for the year indicated, and will add the photographs. Let's have some fun...

Hicksville Memories



  • Hi Pat, Linda and Bob,

    I own a promotional products business so scanning photographs is a daily thing for me, no problem. My 1975 yearbook is handy, and I can scan whatever you need. '74 and '73 are... I think.... relatively close at hand as well. I'll just have to remember which hand it's closest to. <grin>
    Pat Thompson-Dumas, class of '75
    Pat Thompson-Dumas
    1st Impressions
    Ad Specialty Printing

  • G'day one & all in Hicksville & all over the USA.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful newsletter. I really enjoy reading everyone's stories. Some make me cry, some make me laugh, others are just wonderful to read. Thank you everyone! It's great to hear about Hicksville after being away for 32 years. I left Hicksville to move to Australia with my family in 1969. I was in grade 6 at East Street School and I am still trying to find classmates who I went to East Street School with back in the late 60's. I have a photo of my 1st grade class and it would be great to find out whatever happened to everyone.

  • If anyone remembers me, it would be great to hear from you. My email address is:

    Best Wishes to you all always!

    Patti Rees (formerly Patricia Hickey)

  • Can someone please let Bob Casale know that I have a yearbook from the Class of 76 and can scan and transmit electronic pictures...

    Frank DiGiorgio
    Class of 76

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  • Don't know if you know, but I recently learned of the death of Andy Shields. He was married to Loretta Lorenzo-class of '56(?). I believe it was the weekend before the tragedy in N.Y. and D.C. Loretta is the older sister of John ('57) and Charlie ('60) Lorenzo, who are both deceased. Our families have known each other forever. Charlie was in my brother's class, John was in mine, and Loretta and her sister Marilyn knew my sister. My sons knew Loretta's mother as "Grandma Lorenzo."

    Loretta and I keep in touch by email fairly regularly. She is going to be visiting on L.I. next month (she lives in California) and I'm going to take the ride from Connecticut to see her, probably over the Veteran's Day weekend. We haven't seen each other in almost 40 years!!!

    Take care for now.
    Phil Fulco, 1957

  • Hello to the class of ' 61

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to the classmates of ' 61.
    On Oct.06, 2001 Tom Woodruff died from complications due to a lung transplant that he received in Nov.2000. He spent most of the past 11 months in the hospital.

    Tom and I first met in 6th grade and had been friends over the past 46 years although we had lost contact for a while. We were in the sea scouts together, had many of the same friends and smoked our first cigarettes together at age 12.Tom had a difficult life and things never seemed to go his way. Even his passing was not easy. Now he is finally at peace.

    Although you have only been gone for a few days I already miss you. Good-bye Tom, I love you.

    Dan Knieter class of ' 61

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Hicksville Memories

By Robert Cazares, Class of '74

Although I don't live there anymore or have any family there, Hicksville is still my hometown. I lived there for 19 years before moving to Flushing, Queens, then Manhatten, then back to Queens, then to Seattle, WA in 1985. I don't get back often enough. I do miss the beaches as I was a beach baby. My Mom took me there quite often. I think she was a beach baby too.

The following are some early single digit random memories that I have of Hicksville;

The non-elevated trains, a few potato fields (heh!), a two lane Broadway, the Whelan Brothers Drug Store and Gertz Department Store with their wonderful cherry or chocolate topped ice cream in the warm glasses with the long spoons. On Broadway the 5 & 10 store (sure do miss the ambiance and odor of that place), they just don't make them like they used to. At the northeast corner of Hicksville the Near U Cafe where my Mom worked as a waitress, near the Jack In The Box.

The Labor Day Parade and the Fire Department Competition.

The Westbury Drive-In, now gone and replaced with a Multi-plex indoor theater.
My Great Aunt and her family used to run the concession at the Drive-In. When my Mom and Step-Dad used to take me there they would send me to the Concession Stand for the soda and snacks - free of course. What a treat that was.

I haven't thought about that for years but I still remember the starkness of the Concession Stand and the odor it had as well as the harsh fluorescent lighting.

In my twenties and thirties the memory of riding to the Drive-In in the back of my parents car, at Dusk, would come flooding back to me. I remember laying across the back seat watching the sky and clouds, listening to the radio as the wheels turned, and remember my anticipation of getting to the Drive-In. Don't know why that struck in my head for many years.

We lived on Kramer Street, next to the Cusano Family (Nancy, her Husband, April and June, their two daughters. Colin York and his family lived about six houses south of us. I was perhaps four, five or six years old and having as good a time as any single-digit could be having.

Robert Cazares Image Archive

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