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October 2000
Volume 1 Number 1


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Society News
Contribution from Steve Dziegelewski, class of 1964
In Sympathy
From Linda Piccerelli


Society News

Let's get started with some SOCIETY NEWS:

  • Those Olsen sisters sure did a lot of traveling this summer. Ruth ('56) and husband Den Collins ('53) have been to Atlantic City, the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a family reunion and then celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary sightseeing in Europe. June ('58) and her hubby, Ed Cullen, visited the home of the Olsen ancestors in Norway. Tom Chupka ('70) sent an e-mail from Cortona, Italy. Said they were on their way to Orvieto then Rome and Greece.

  • Best wishes to Vicky Penner Katz ('58) on her forthcoming marriage. Does
    anyone know how to throw a virtual bridal shower?

  • I don't know if they had a prize at the mega reunion for the person who traveled the farthest but Loretta Lorenzo Shields ('56) and husband, Andy, must be in the finals. All the way from California.

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Steve Diegelewski

Our first contributor is Steve Dziegelewski, class of 1964.
Thanks Steve.

There are so many things to write about. Hicksville has changed a lot, not only in size but people. We have a section now called Little India, Broadway because of all the Indian shops and storeowners. The Hicksville movie is now an India only movie. The Mid Island Plaza is now called the Broadway mall all closed in with Sterns store replacing Gertz!

The Westbury Drive-In is gone replaced with a Multi-plex indoor theater.

The High School is the same except there is no student parking lot anymore; they built an Administrative building there. They used to place a chain across it so the students wouldn't leave during school time but we would drive our cars thru it and break the chain at lunchtime.

We were called the "HOODS" back then because we turned our shirt collars up!

We would drag race in front of the school…we had girls with checkered flags to start the race. I once blew my transmission of my car in front of the school racing?

One of my sad memories was that I was drafted into the Viet Nam war after High School in 1965 and a friend who also lived on 9th street (Dave Wilenski) was killed there in 1968.

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In Sympathy

Gloria McKeever on Sept. 16, 2000. Resident Division Ave, Hicksville since 1953. Beloved wife of the late William, Mother of Gloria McKeever HHS Class of '69, William McKeever HTHS 1970, Jackie McKeever Turtell HTHS 1979, loving Grandmother of 3. A helping hand and a smile for all her neighbors in the Allied Development.
(Editors note: HTHS stands for Holy Trinity High School)

I received the following from Linda Piccerelli Hayden ('60) and received her
permission to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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From Linda Piccarelli

Went into town today and as I drove there noticed the leaves were changing. A beautiful day, sunny, clear and crisp. I heard the sound of several car horns, thought it was a wedding. No it was a parade of kids heading out to the high school for today's game. Horns were honking all thru Main St, cheerleaders were hanging out of windows with their pom-poms, and other students packed into cars were doing likewise. I smiled.

Decided to drive down to the high school football field and see if things had changed in 40 years. The parking lot was a sea of excited students, the other team's buses, and some of the students were just riding around the parking lot trying to outdo one another with how loud their cars were. The Vice Principal and Guidance Counselors were trying to make the "loud cars" either leave or park. I smiled, walked over to the stands and the teams were already on the field. Don't know much about football, never did, just wanted to see! Well the cheerleaders were cheering their hearts out. The band sounded really great echoing off the mountains that surround the school. Coaches and players looked really serious, as did some of the parents. The fans were all screaming and chanting and having a great time. I smiled.

The real show was at the Stands. There some girls were eyeing the players as if they were movie stars, some of the boys in the Stands were eyeing the same girls but being very nonchalant about it. You know, sideways glances. The fellows that we called "hoods" in our day wouldn't sit in the stands. If they were not in the parking lot making a racket with their cars, they would stand by the Stands and be cool. You know, nice to some kids, but mostly kind of insulting to others. Nothing has changed. I smiled.

As I walked back to the parking lot I thought back to Hicksville High 40 years ago. Division Ave. was not only a street, it was a drag strip. The parking lot looked just as it did today and the characters were the same - only the cast was different. It transported me back. The enthusiasm, hope and energy were all the same. For this afternoon, as far as these kids were concerned, all was right with the world. I smiled.

Hope all is right with your world. Linda

Pat Koziuk, Florida
Linda Piccerelli, New Jersey

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